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"You bastards!"
— A common line heard by Kama
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Kama is the grandmother of Kambi and the mother of Marisolla. She is very old and senile, constantly forgetting simple things, such as people's names and her own name.

Following her and Marisolla's visit to the Rebel City, Kama decided to move in herself. During her visit, she was commonly seen aggravating Kambi, Avatar Chen, or Ray. In one incident, she proves to be Kambi, Ray, and Giu's lifesaver when she incapacitated General Yi with a grenade. After being stricken with a cold, Kama decided to return to the Spartan Islands and leave the Rebel City.

Kama's senility and her hyperactive personality is very amusing toward people, and she is used as comedic relief character.



Kama was born in the Foggy Swamp Tribe to a Waterbender as an only child. Sometime in her life, Kama migrated to the Spartan Islands, in which she married a rice deliverer who was originally born in the Southern Water Tribe, but migrated to the Earth Kingdom after the raids. In 159 AG, she had her first and only child, Marisolla. As Kama grew older and older, she began to have the desire to rebel against the Fire Nation, though only to a small degree. In 100 AG, her husband died, though her loss was replaced by the love of her third grandchild, Kambi. Kama was also greatly devastated when she learned of her first two grandchildren's deaths.

Finally, Kama hit her main point of senility in 120 AG and on, becoming very forgetful and delirious to a somewhat hilarious degree, and totally forgot her desire to rebel. Then, in the Spring of 130 AG, Kama visited the Rebel City, along with Marisolla, who forced her to stay hidden, both during the trip and the stay, so Marisolla could save money on traveling. After a quick visit, Marisolla, still thinking that Kambi needed a mother-figure with him, told him that Kama would stay with him.

Time With Team Rebel

While in the Rebel City, Kama consistently pulled ridiculous stunts on her grandson, Mina, Kaila, Chen, Ray, and Giu. She assumed that Ray was pregnant after she and Giu briefly dated, and also attacked Chen on a few occasions, mistaking him to be an enemy. However, Kama eventually proved useful when she defeated General Yi and saved Ray's life. Kama's reasoning for going out of her way to save Ray was to "protect the baby", again showing her senility.

Kama eventually left the Rebel City a few weeks later, after coming down with a cold. A misdiagnosis from the rebel doctor pinpointed her disease to be Purple Fever, which only had one cure. Kama left the city with Mina, Kaila, Chen, Ray, and Giu, only to be ambushed by Gian and thirty of his bodyguards. Mina was able to defeat the pompous socialite, and the team finally made it to the cure. However, Kama eventually revealed that she only had a cold, much to the kid's aggravation. And finally, she decided to leave the Rebel City and return to the Spartan Islands, softly telling the kids to make sure that Kambi knows she is alright, before humorously swimming away.

Following Kama's departure, the Rebel City was conquered in a successful conspiracy set afoot by Mitsuki. Whether Kama is aware of her involvement in the battle's turn of events or whether she even knows Kambi has been arrested is unknown.


  • For a period of time after her creation, Kama shared a name with the-then oldest living person in the world, Kama Chinen. Vaznock did not notice this until a few weeks before Chinen's death on May 2nd, 2010.
  • Kama is translated from Sanskrit as pleasure, sensual gratification, and sexual fulfillment. The translation, was, like the woman mentioned above, not discovered until after Kama was created.
  • Despite being created solely for the purpose of comedic relief, Kama had a major involvement in the conspiracy that would completely turn around the plot of the series. If she hadn't have gotten sick and had the team leave to get the cure, Mitsuki would have easily been exposed by her brother and the city would have remained unconquered.

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