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Kalos Colored
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Southern Water Tribe

Birth place

Southern Water Tribe


Earth Kingdom



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Dark Brown

Eye color

Grey Blue

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Katana, Northern Water Tribe Spear

Bending style(s)



Weapons Expert, Waterbending


Team Kyoshi


Chin, The Earth King, Tris, Xiang, Coru

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Member of Team Kyoshi


Team Kyoshi


Loka, Myr


None yet

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Kalos, more commonly referred to as Kal, is a member of Team Kyoshi, and a character in AvataRPG. He is played by Wings.


Kalos was born two an important governor in the Southern Water Tribe and his wife. His dad being a governor, he never talked or communicated wit his father, except on select occasions. When Kalos was young, he loved to tinker with things (including his family's vacation igloo, but that is a story for later.), breaking them apart, then putting them back together, learning how they worked. His mother was amazed by his natural ingeniousness, and made a woman renowned across both Water Tribes for her strategic personality his master when he was old enough. With Sifu Loka, he learned how to fight with a sword, honed his logic skills, learned Waterbending, and even developed a strong, mischievous personality. For seven years, he learned from his wise godmother, chosen by Kal's mom because of their close bond. But then, tragedy struck. Kal's mother was placed on her deathbed. With her last breath, she told Kal she loved him, and to be strong, and do great things. She died a second after. Kal took her wish to heart, and tried as hard as he could to go on with life, without breaking down, like the things he pulled apart. So, just as he did with the things he pulled apart, he put himself back together, beginning life again. Loka acted as Kal's mother, taking care of him since his father couldn't. However, Kal still hadn't followed his mother's other wish: To do great things. One night, Loka planned a special occasion: Kal was going to make his own sword. However, Kal had his own plan in mind. Kal finished his sword with Loka, then went up to bed. He left a note on his bed, and executed his plan. He jumped out the window, running for the Earth Kingdom. Years later, after living in the Earth Kingdom for two months, he ran into Kyoshi, and a new adventure began, with new friends, including a girl named Sora, who immediately bonded with him. Now traveling with the Avatar, Kal was happy to have finally found something great to do.



Kalos has a mischievous personality.

Kalos is a kind, smart soul, yet he is very mischievous. He has a happy-go-lucky look on everything, despite a dark past, and is the life of Team Kyoshi. He is very kind to all his colleagues, especially Sora, something she seems to like, the reason unknown to Kalos.


When in battle, Kalos' skills go to a whole new level. His mischievousness is used to his advantage, being able to thwart any plan thrown at him. He has good teamwork skills, but he often leaves his allies hanging when he darts off after mumbling something. However, this usually is good, as it typically means that he has a plan, and is going off to begin. Among his skills, his greatest are his swords, Waterbending, and his mischievous, yet strategic, personality.


  • Kalos likes to be called Kal, as his name is a very regal name in the Southern Water Tribe culture. To Team Kyoshi, Kal is very fitting for him.
  • Firebender896 created Kalos' images.
  • Kalos was originally named Kallin. However, Wings realized it was too much like Kallik's, the main character from his fanon, The Hunter's Gem, and decided to change it to Kalos.

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