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Capital harbor
Kingdom of Kalmar

(Kalmar Provinces)

Physical information

West-Central Earth Kingdom

Form of Government
  • Tribal Confederate Monarchy (De Jure)
  • Provisional Puppet Government (De Facto)

Kalmar Yuan

The Kingdom of Kalmar or Kalmar Provinces is a Kingdom largely composed of Firebenders, west of the Si Wong Sultanate and south of the Hu Xin Provinces. They seem to be largely a nation of traders focused on their economic growth.


The Provinces were first established as colonies from distant Firebending Nations. However, those nations soon were lost in a war, and the colonies forced to fend for themselves. Thus they unified in the name of a monarchy, with fairly autonomous provinces. They also hold some tribal mentality. Despite their limited coastline in comparison to other nations, they soon established a booming economy of traders, being close to the two main continents.

Not too long ago, the King "abdicated" and a new leader was proclaimed, one who allowed the movement of Song Troops within the kingdom. It is assumed that the Monarchy was couped by the Song Kingdom.


The Provinces have a unique location, that allows them to share a border (or be only a river away) from almost every nation, making them an iconic location for trading.


The Provinces used to be lead by a fairly powerful king, with Advisers, and a Council of Governors. After the "abdication" of the previous king, it seems the new king rules with absolute power.

Foreign Relations

Being the "center of the known world", the provinces have diplomatic relations with every nation, and are well versed in diplomatic ventures. However, after a rapid change in policy, it is unknown what lies in store for them.


  • The name "Kalmar" comes from the Kalmar Union. The Avatar liked the sound of the name, and realized that a nation of Traders (and Firebenders) would be ideal, like the actual nation.

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