By Keitonashita Part of the Shoji's Journey continuity.
Iroh and young Lu Ten
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Kaizuh is one of the founding members of the Yu Yan Archers and an excellent leader.


Kaizuh founded theYu Yan Archers. He was good friends with another of the archers until they became a traitor, informing the Fire Nation of their whereabouts for wealth and power. After being enlisted in the Fire Nation's service, Kaizuh vowed to get free. He had one son, Iandao. Although his wife is unknown, she is presumably another of the archers.

When given the job to capture Aang, he led the archers. He was amazed by the cruelty of the Fire Nation people when he saw that his target was a little boy.

When given the job of capturing Shoji and On Ji, Kaizuh saw his chance to escape the Fire Nation along with the rest of his archers. Thus, after Kai shot On Ji and Shoji to a tree, the pair was allowed to join the archers on their trek to the edge of the nation.

Kaizuh's brains was shown when he made On Ji a member of the Yu Yan Archers. He realized that she had great potential, and he would not let that go to waste.


Kaizuh has many qualities that allow him to lead the Yu Yan Archers. He is strong and brave when needed, but can also be kind and generous. He is known to be stubborn, but has a soft spot for children. He is rather round in the stomach, but he is jolly. He is very smart, as shown when he allowed On Ji to join the Yu Yan Archers.


Kaizuh is a strong leader and a good arrow maker. It is unknown if he can use any weapons.

Appearances and References

Kaizuh appeared in The Yu Yan Archers and Fanon:Second Act (SJE).

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