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Avatar: Legend of Kaito - Azora

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Kaito, is the main protagonist of the Fanon Avatar: Legend of Kaito by AvatarBearcat.

He is the third reincarnation of Aang. It is unknown who preceded him as that Avatar was never heard of or possibly never discovered.


Kaito was the second child born to Kai and Sazana two-hundred and seventy-three years after Sozin's Comet. He is the third reincarnation of Avatar Aang and was born fifty years after the death of Avatar Korra. The previous Avatar, who was supposed to be born an Earthbender, was never discovered or possibly never born and part of Kaito's mission is to not only restore the spirits and peace to the world but to find out just what happened to his previous incarnation that resulted in the world being thrown into such disarray.

Kaito's parents were killed when he was very young. It's unsure how his mother died but it's presumed his father was killed by Zhang, a current Grand Lotus of the White Lotus Society and his father's old friend. Shortly before his death his father had informed Kazuma to run as fast and as far away as they could while he held off the small team of White Lotus members sent to investigate the claims of his son being the Avatar. Kai had instructed Kazuma to keep Kaito safe first and foremost and also to stay away from Benders despite both of his parents being Benders as well.

Kaito was raised by his brother Kazuma. After leaving Ember Island, the two brothers fled for the Republic State of Equality and upon arrival they 'settled' there. The brothers never stayed in one city for long but they did call the Republic State home, despite not being registered citizens. They chose not to register as citizens because they were orphaned and did not want to be separated by the State, this could have been a major factor to the constant moving.

Kaito's entire life he was forced to hide that he was a bender until he met Azora in a prison camp. He had ignored it because it only brought him and his brother trouble and had even grown to resent his abilities. Due to the suppressed communications between the spirits and physical world his sensitivy towards the elements was dampened. It also didn't help that the Republic State citizens still harbored extreme hatred towards Benders so it wasn't something to be proud of or to brag about so in a sense he was in denial.

Although he had never bent any element before meeting Azora there were a lot of strange coincidences and miracles that seemed to follow him and his brother. Once he finally had drive and a goal to accomplish, he gave up his fears and attempted to master his native element of fire.


Kaito is sarcastic, smooth yet insecure, and a dreamer. He is extremely intelligent and because of this he often wanders in thought which could be considered a weakness. Kaito feels as if his best quality is his impartialness. He can often see the big picture and thus can relate to either side of a story or argument. He is easily distracted and sometimes negligently inattentive but this trait is beginning to change as he learns the disciplines of bending.

Discipline in itself will be difficult to Master for Kaito. His entire life he's lived freely while constantly on the move traveling with his brother and hasn't ever explored his spirituality or his ability to bend so the entire concept of bending is new to him. In a world where Benders are loathed, it wasn't exactly convenient to be a bender not to mention a supernatural force that is hampering the connection between the real world and the Spirit World.

Kaito isn't overly hot-headed or rambunctious. He only fights when provoked and doesn't exactly relish in being the Avatar, but he will utilize force and the perks of being the Avatar when necessary. Kaito's inattentiveness, reluctance, and insecurities are often misconstrued as 'soft' by others but he is fiercely loyal to those he loves and his ideals. His personality is strangely suited for the situation of the world he must try to correct. He has to radically change himself in order to successfully change the world.

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