Katara creates a waterspout By Midori122407 and FireAquaK.L.S.S Part of the Avatar Adventures and The Tales Of Time continuity.
Katara creates a waterspout
Kairi Lee
Biographical information

Water Tribe

Birth place

Northern Water Tribe


Air Temple Island




156 AG

Physical description


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)

Waterbending(northern and Southern)


Kana, Katana, Aya


Katana, The Green Spirit

Chronological and political information

Air Accolyte


Air Temple Island


Katara, Tenzin

First appearance

Book 2: Myths

Kairi's History

Kairi was born in the Northern Tribe, and her family moved to the Earth Kingdom. At 10 her siblings moved away to study their fellow arts, and Katana became a nomad. Kairi moved to their aunts and uncles. At a young age she wanted to be Air Acolytes but afraid to be teased of her love of Air Nomads, then at 13 when she mastered waterbending(sort of) she moved Air Temple Island, before that she was shy and bashful, now she isn't. She's good with animals and has a pet messenger hawk named Gyatso. She also been to the Foggy Swamp Tribe. She's considered like family to Tenzin's. This year she's been visiting her parents and worries a lot of about Katana and her future. Stubborn and sticks to what she believes, and a tomboy, has a crush on an Order of White Lotus member Lotus. She is also the newest addition to the group.

Kairi's Air Training

Kairi resides at Air Temple Island with Tenzin and his family. although she is a water bender she has always been interested in Airbending. she now follows the teachings of the Air Nomads And June Teaches her everything he was taught to him by Tenzin.

Kairi's Family

Kairi is one Of four sisters she is part of a set of quadruplets. They all dream of creating The Lee Sisters School of Bending Arts, Weapons, and Machines. She is the only water bender among her sisters. Her sister Ai is an earth bender and loves to bring up the fact when Kairi was 6, she shaved all her hair and added an airbending tattoo on her head. Her sister Aya is a fire bender, who studies in the best firebending school in the Fire Nation. Leaving Katana, a non bender, who is good with blades and machines. She always goes home to the Earth Kingdom to check in with her parents to See how her sisters are doing in their studies.

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