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"I was born in the occupied world, and I'm going to fight until my last breath to set it free, with your help or without it!"
— Kain
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Kay (by Turkko )


Republic City, United Republic


Air Nomad, Earth Republic




184 AG

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Turkko, Darin, Tan, the Council for Security, Orah, Kim


The Spirit, Spirits Industries

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Airbending master


Anti-SI security team

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Kain is the eldest daughter of Jinora and the leader of the Anti-SI security team, traveling the world alongside Turkko, Darin, and Tan to find the Avatar and help The Council for Security defeat Spirits Industries. Kain is a master airbender but lacks the connection with the spirits her mother assures her she has. She also holds an interest in astronomy, and she revealed that she always wanted to be an astronomer when she grew up instead of inheriting her mother as the leader of Air Nation like she was supposed to.


Kain is a headstrong and resolute person. A natural leader, she always likes to plan things in advance and likes to have everything under control, causing Turkko to call her a control-freak. She is a very loyal friend and also has a softer side for the people close to her.

Kain will defend her beliefs until the end, to the point of openly defying Chief Desna when he stated that the Avatar was just a figure. Kain was part of the minority that still believed in spirits' power even after the takeover.

She always wanted to have a connection with the spirits like her mother, but she has great trouble mastering the spiritual side of airbending and fails to connect with the Avatar's energy and find the Avatar Spirit like her mother encouraged her to do.



Kain is an airbending master, taught by her mother. She mastered it by the time she was thirteen. She is able to use both gliders and air scooters, as well as performing various air blasts and swipes, skilled enough to defeat four bounty hunters by herself.

Other skills

Kain is an intelligent and well-read person, especially interested in astronomy and being able to name most of the stars on the northern and southern skies.

She is also able of driving a Satomobile, though she's not very good at it.

Relationships with other characters

Anti-SI security team


Kain and Turkko met shortly before the Project Anti-SI started. Kain and Turkko have a quite friendly relationship, though Kain generally considers Turkko immature and irresponsible, and they are known to argue. Turkko sees Kain as a 'bossy control-freak', though their relationship develops later in the series after Kain finds out about Turkko's past.


Kain and Darin met on the Project Anti-SI and mostly get along well. Kain can't understand Turkko's unwillingness to learn waterbending, and she even tried to teach him some of it herself using her books and scrolls. Darin holds a great deal of admiration for Kain after he saw her fight off the entire team of bounty hunters by herself.


Kain and Tan became friends as soon as they met on the Project Anti-SI, and they get along quite well. Kain is sometimes bothered by Tan's lack of organisation, but they work well as a team and usually team up for the missions.



Kain gets along well with her mother most of the time. Jinora was also Kain's airbending teacher and always encouraged her to develop her connection to the spirits, though Kain was unable to do so. Jinora raised Kain to believe in freedom and to resist Spirits Industries in any possible way.

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