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"I would do anything to see a happy face, anything to see a tear of joy, but all I see is horror and pain. And the Fire Nation calls themselves great after all this."
— Kaila to Mina
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Fire Nation


114 AG

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Hidden Blade, Hands

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  • Lingu (Martial Arts)
  • Lee (EKAP Secret Arts, Art of Stealth, Swordfighting)



5 000 gold pieces

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The Supreme Realm

Kaila is a sixteen-year-old girl born in the outer Fire Nation. She is a member of Team Rebel and a talented weapon specialist. Kaila was born to an abusive father and an alcoholic mother, which shaped her into being the rough, rebellious, yet friendly and motherly girl that she is today. Kaila always grew up detesting her nation's greed and power-hungry nature.

At a young age, Kaila learned martial arts and the use of weapons from her master Lingu. For rebellious behavior, she was sent to a Fire Nation Detention facility. She quickly bonded with a former slave girl named Mina. As they journeyed through the Fire Nation, they also met Avatar Chen, whom she developed a romantic interest in. Kaila and her friends subsequently traveled to the famous Rebel City, where they met young rebels Ray and Giu. The city was eventually also conquered, and Kaila and her friends were forcibly expelled from it.

Kaila specializes in the utilization of many weapons, such as swords, kunais, blades, daggers, and arrows.


Kaila had a horrible childhood; her mother didn't look after her and she was abused by her father. The time she loved most was at school. She formerly studied at a martial arts academy, the only beneficial thing her parents ever did for here. When she was old enough, she left and after some time, came into a village were the old custom of holding slaves was still used. When she saw a man hitting a slave with a whip, she recognized herself in the slave and attacked the man with moves she learned from the martial arts school. She was taken to a Fire Nation Detention Facility to learn respect.

Team Rebel

Meeting Mina


Mina and Kaila in the Fire Nation Detention Facility

After Kaila was locked up in the Fire Nation Detention Facility for disrespecting authority, she quickly adapted to the environment and gained respect from the other prisoners. One day, when she was walking in the hall, she saw The Fiends berating a new girl. She had always hated bullies, and yelled at them to stop. The Fiends quickly disappeared due to Kaila's reputation as a fierce fighter. The girl was in fact Mina of Zula Island, and soon became a fast friend of Kaila's. Kaila always had loved folklore and was good at telling stories, so she decieded to tell Mina the story of The War. She snuck into Mina's cell later that day, and after Kaila finished her stories, two guards appeared and took them to the Warden, Adgul. Kaila had a strong sense of hatred towards Adgul, and nearly stood up against him when he told that they were punished. Before she could act, a guard took her and Mina to a school, because of their age.


Kaila and her new friend Mina were then taken to a horrible Fire Nation School, in which the teachers were very abusive toward the children. Horrified by this, Kaila and Mina, along with a boy Jen, come up with a plan to allow every student to escape. However, the Class Snitch finds out about the plan, and informs the Mean Teacher of it. The students are all captured, though Kaila finds a piece of driftwood, and she and Mina escape on it alone, much to their sadness.

Meeting a New friend


Kaila fights the villagers of Ling Poo

When she and Mina are walking through a forest, Mina realizes she lost her precious coin her father gave to her and becomes depressed. Kaila is also upset by this and offers Mina some archery lessons. They begin to search for a practice spot, but suddenly a boy jumps out from the bushes, saying he's the crown prince and wants to join them. Kaila and Mina attack and defeat him, but the boy says he has abandoned his Nation, and the girls leave him behind.

After finding an open spot, Kaila begins to teach Mina with the skills she learned from her academy. Then, the boy re-appears, trying to explain. This time, the girls don't show any mercy and attack him immediately. Kaila wants to kill him, but the boy says he wants to free the world from his mother and the girls decide that they'll not harm him, but they cannot trust him either. Later, Mina asks if Kaila would really kill someone, to which she implies. Then, robbers ambush and defeat the two girls, leaving them disarmed and binded.

When all seems lost, the mysterious boy attacks the robbers, giving the girls the chance to pick up their weapons and defeat the robbers. After the battle, Mina and Kaila decide Chen can join, with not much joy from Kaila's side. When they walk out of the forest, they see a poster of Chen, saying he's wanted for betrayal.

Later, the trio stumbles upon a village, where only old and middle-aged people live. Kaila reveals her motherly nature by taking care of several villagers, while Mina and Chen discover the crimes of the village innkeeper. Mina and Chen get captured by the innkeeper by surprise, and then Kaila is also attacked because of the innkeeper claiming she and her friends stole gold from the village. Kaila is forced to fight her way to Mina and Chen, and she manages in defeating all of the villagers. They then leave the village more or less unharmed, but not before they actually steal some gold.

Run from Enemies

While camping in the forest, Kaila and her friends are ambushed by Mitsuki, Tam Mee, and Quanlee. Chen tells the girls to run, but Kaila says they can take them. He is, however, quickly interrupted by a large fireball, shot by on of the girls. After this, the kids run away, being chased by the three girls. The trio jump on a nearby train, thinking that they're safe, but Mitsuki and her group are ready for them. Mina says they have to fight them, but the fight doesn't last long. When Kaila is paralyzed by Tam Mee, Mina runs to the control room and pulls the break, causing Mitsuki and her group to fall of the train, letting the rebels escape.


Kaila tries to talk to Chen unsuccessfully

After facing Mitsuki and her gang, the trio arrives at a large lake. When they go to that lake, they encounter a sick boy, who they take to the village next to the lake. The boy's mother, Puani, is very happy to see her son back and offers the trio a bed and a meal. The next day, Kaila and Chen are at the market and Chen asks Kaila if she wants some mangoes, but Kaila becomes angry and leaves Chen. Kaila, seeing Mina playing with the little boy runs to Mina and drags her away. She becomes mad at Mina for playing with the boy, but Mina can tell something else is wrong. Kaila explains abut her strange feelings and Mina suggest she's in love, leaving Kaila confused. That night, the boy is kidnapped and Mina follows him, only to see the horror at the dam. She wakes up Kaila and Chen, and together they destroy the dam and free the slaves. The next day, when Mina is asleep, Kaila thanks Chen, leaving him confused and Mina smiling.

Kaila and the team then stumble upon Mango City, to which Kaila falls in love with all the hustle and bustle. Wanting to stay in the city for a while, the team finds and dons Fire Nation disguises. They, however, find themselves found by General Yi, who was in fact appointed to kill them by Azula herself. Kaila finds herself useless in the battle, as she is extremely vulnerable to Yi's ability. To save her and a then tired Chen, Mina pushes them into the bay's river, and fights Yi herself. She eventually finds out how to escape his unique ability, and he is overpowered, while Kaila pulls her and Chen out of the river.

Kaila and her friends, however, are not away from danger yet. They accidentally come across an eerie village, in which a group of three evil spirits, called the Haizi, attacks and attempt to murder them all. Once again, Kaila is unable to fight much, though she does cut one them with her blade a few times. Eventually, Chen defeats the spirits while they're in solid form. That night, Kaila attempts to comfort a traumatized Chen, though he is too upset, only giving Kaila a slight blush.

Journey to Kein Forest


Kaila thinking about her previous master

A few days after fighting the Haizi, Kaila, along with Mina and Chen, comes across her old village, only to find out that, because of her revolt and close association to Chen, the village and all it's citizens have been burned to ashes. Kaila undergoes quick, yet deep depression over what she caused. She does tell Mina and Chen, however, that she does not show sympathy toward her parents, whom abused and neglected her. She tells them all about her life, and eventually, the comfort of Mina and Chen soothes her, and she is brought to peace when thinking of her martial arts master.

After leaving the village, Kaila is able to treat Mina and Chen to a nice ferry ride through the sea to a port. They find themselves on the less tropical part of Ember Island, filled with ships and boats. Kaila and the team negotiate fake tickets with a Seedy Merchant, in which Kaila fills her and the team's end of the bargain by destroying the Fire Flakes (Cabbage) Merchant's cart. The team rents a house by the bay, in which Kaila comes out with Chen on the beach at night. The two share an intimate moment, though they soon release what they are doing and retreat back into the house. The next day, Kaila and the team try to get the Seedy Merchant's fake tickets, though they instead find Mitsuki, Tam Mee, and Quanlee. Mina fights Quanlee, while Kaila fights Mitsuki, running away at first, though Mitsuki is able to catch up with total ease. The two eventually battle on the mast of a ship, and, though Kaila fights hard, Mitsuki gains the upper hand, and nearly kills her, though Momo saves her by pushing Mitsuki into the water. Kaila retrieves her friends, and the trio escapes on the ship, now with their new pet lemur.

On the ship, Kaila does not give in to all the luxury and fun the ship holds, as opposed to her friends. Kaila displays obvious anger toward Mina and Chen's laziness, causing Mina to deem her a sourpuss. Eventually, kaila loses her temper, and calls Mina and Chen fools for being such lazy slobs. Chen eventually loses his control, and tells Kaila to stop being a Bit**. Kaila is terribly hurt by this, and runs off the ship, crying. Chen goes to comfort her, and he apologizes for upsetting. The two finally forgive each other, and they both hug. They are interrupted, however, by Yi and his five men. A fight ensues, with Chen fighting Yi and Kaila, along with Mina and Momo, fighting Yi's men. Kaila defeats the two men she battled with no problem, with the same going for Mina. Chen also eventually defeats Yi (who wasn't able to perform his special technique). Kaila nearly kills Yi, though Mina is still against it, so Kaila simply pins Yi on to the ground. The rebels prepare to return to the ship, though they stare in shock as their ship sails off, trapping them on the island.

Kaila and the team then scurry the island they are on, getting money for Mina showing off her skills in archery. Mina's good luck does not last forever, however, and she accidentally shoots off a man's finger. The man, furious, challenges Mina to an Agni Kai, which Chen accepts. Kaila also offers to help Chen, though the fights starts too soon. Kaila and Mina at first simply watch, though the man soon takes them hostage. Seeing his friends (especially seeing Kaila) captured infuriates Chen, and he brutally attacks the man. Kaila and the team then flee the scene.

After a series of events after plotting a way to Kein Forest, Kaila admits to Mina that she can't swim. To Kaila's happiness, Mina offers to teach her. The two change clothes, asking Momo tom guard them. During the lesson, Kaila uses her natural physical ability to perform all of the basic moves correctly, and eventually the girls finish their lesson, only to find Momo and their clothes gone. The two look for Momo, being forced to walk through and entire village in their dorky swimwear. Eventually Kaila and Mina find Momo, Chen, and their clothes at an old woman's house. Kaila and her wet counterpart then chase the lemur around the house in a funny, cartoon-ish style.

After receiving a ferry ride from an undercover rebel, Kaila and the team finally set foot on Earth Kingdom territory. Kaila doesn't see the difference between the Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation too much, so she merely shrugs it off. Kaila and the team then quickly some across an odd gypsy woman. The gypsy predicts that Chen is going to discover something amazing about himself, and that danger is nearing close for the team. Kaila is the most skeptical of what the gypsy said, and simply disregards it. That night, the team sleeps in the woods. Kaila, along with Chen, has a terrible nightmare, though when she wakes up, it slips her mind. The rebels are soon confronted, however, by two Dai Li agents. the agents encase them in rock, but before the Dai Li formally arrest them, Momo knocks them unconscious with a rock. Kaila, Mina, and Chen then struggle within the rock, and surprisingly, the rock breaks. The children are amazed by this, and Kaila suggests that it may of been Mina. The team then flees the scene. In the morning, Kaila and her friends finally come across their destination: Kein Forest.

Now at Kein Forest, Kaila and the team all try to scurry to the Rebel City, though they are quickly confronted by Yi, his five men, and a massive mechanical tank. Kaila, with Momo by her side, tries to destroy the tank, while Mina and Chen fight Yi and his men. The three kids are nearly defeated, though they are saved by twenty rebels, who destroy the tank and capture all Yi's men (but not Yi). The rebels then escort Kaila and her friends to Kambi, the leader of the Rebel City. Kambi welcomes them warmly, and asks his assistant, Giu, to find the kids a nice room in the palace for them to sleep in. Giu then makes the terrible mistake of flirting with Kaila, in which she slaps him in the face.

Battle at Kein Forest


Kaila watches in shock as Chen enters the Avatar State

While in Kein Forest, Kaila seems to forgive Giu and even start bonding with him as well as the other rebels. When one of Kambi's scouts tells him of a massive armada of airships and warships heading toward the city, however, Kaila and the other rebels prepare for the attack. When the Fire Nation attacks, Kaila and Chen stay back at the city grounds, awaiting the soldiers. When there is a breach in the defense line, the soldiers head into the city ground earlier than expected, and Kail and Chen fight them as hard as they can. Eventually, Mina reunites with Chen and Kaila, though their reunion is cut short by an approaching Tam Mee and Quanlee.

While Mina goes to fight Mitsuki, Mina and Chen prepare to fight Tam Mee and Quanlee. However, when Tam Mee zips past them, Kaila ends up expecting Chen to help her fight and defeat Quanlee, though as Mitsuki plans, Chen is unable to fight Quanlee, his first friend. Kaila and Quanlee fight a long, vicious duel, each girl intending to kill the other. Kaila continually demands Chen's help, though he hesitates every time. Kaila and Quanlee keep dueling, and despite Quanlee's obviously better skills, Kaila is still able to hold her own against her.

Finally, their battle reaches it's conclusion. Coinciding with Mina nearly falling to her death off Mitsuki's Royal Jet, Tam Mee steps in, and she and Quanlee quickly overpower Kaila. Tam Mee blocks her chi and Kaila falls to the ground, with a badly hurt Mina by her side. Chen then finally stands up for Kaila, and briefly attacks Quanlee to save Kaila's life. However, the rebels still seem to be the losers of the battle, as Kambi walks down the step of his palace to surrender to the Fire Nation. However, just before he does, a rogue soldier grabs Chen and angers him so much that he instigates the Avatar State! As Chen rises in to the sky, Kaila declares in amazement that he is the Avatar.

Kaila and the other rebels watch in shock as Chen rises up into the air and heads toward Mitsuki's Royal Jet, ready to fight and kill her. Kaila and the others watch Chen and Mitsuki's quick yet amazing fire show in the sky, while Tam Mee, Quanlee, and most of the soldiers escape from the scene. Kaila continues watching as Chen heads toward the ground and kills the remaining soldiers, and then watches as he faints to the ground from total exhaustion.

Time in Kein Forest

Settling In

When Chen awakens, Kaila and the others all greet him. Kaila hugs him, causing her to blush. When Kaila and the others try to comfort him, Chen angrily storms away. She then has a conversation with Kambi, Mina, Giu and Ray about Chen's abilities. After Chen accepts being the Avatar, Kaila comes into his room, and upon hearing him ask Ray to teach him Waterbending, she smiles.

Kaila, like Mina, begins to suffer from total boredom while Chen and Ray are off Waterbending. Because of this, Kambi decides to find Mina and Kaila masters themselves. Kaila's master, named Lee, appears to be an elderly man. Kaila underestimates him, however, and she is quickly defeated by him in battle. Kambi asks Lee to teach Kaila what he knows a few moments after his ambush. he accepts, but says that Kaila must drop her bratty attitude, which offends her. Later on, Kaila prepares to "duel" Lee, though she is temporarily interrupted by Chen, resulting in her defeat at the hands of Lee, which angers her.

Adventures Within

After Chen is kidnapped by Mitsuki and Quanlee, Kaila and Mina enlist the help of a psychic to find him. The psychic leads them to a large building on an island crossed between the Spirit World and the mortal world. They find Chen slightly bruised and alone in a metal room. Kaila and Mina escape with Chen. Before leaving, Kaila throws one of her Kunai's at a large container of blasting jelly, which destroys the building. They are stopped in their tracks by Quanlee, though she allows them to pass, which surprises Kaila as well as Mina. Kaila and her friends leave the island as smoke rises from the large building, where many soldiers lay dead. She questions Chen about his cut hair, which he says is "something from an old friend".

A few days later, when Ray, Giu, and Kambi leave on an important trip, Kaila and Mina are forced out of the palace and need to stay in a small uncomfortable hut. After being consistently tortured by Kama, Chen begs Mina to switch places with him (she takes care of the elderly Kama; he stays in the hut with Kaila). Mina refuses, as she knows the old woman is much worse than the small hut, until she realizes that leaving Chen and Kaila alone would enhance their chances of finally becoming a couple, to which Kaila is completely oblivious of. For the rest of the day, she and Chen share the hut.

After Chen takes advice from Ray, he decides to ask Kaila out. Kaila is speechless at first, but does say "yes". Mina drags Kaila over to an open area with Chen. The two sit down at a table, and begin talking. They seem to be enjoying themselves, until Kambi's nephew Saito shows up and tells Kaila that he loves her. Kaila is flattered by the little kid, and listens to his poetic lyrics. Finally, Kaila makes Saito leave by telling him that the beautiful Meijing sisters love little boys. Kaila and Chen then leave, deciding to find a quieter place. As the sun sets, Kaila rests her head on Chen's shoulder as a romantic gesture. The next day, Kaila is called over to Kama's room, where she finds the old woman very ill, apparently with Purple Fever. When Kambi says that the only cure can be found in Roki Forest, Kaila, along with Ray, Giu, Chen, and Mina, readily volunteers. They depart the next day, and Kambi bids them a temporary farewell.

Conspiracy of Kein Forest

Unfortunately for Kaila and the rest of Team Rebel, Mitsuki, Tam Mee, and Quanlee enter the city under a fake rebel persona immediately following their departure. As Mitsuki begins her conspiracy, an irritable Kaila and the other members of Team Rebel begin to become angry and tired on their long journey, with little to no water or food to satisfy their empty stomachs. Matters are made much worst when a man named Gian shows up at the scene, revealing that he was the one who had Mina taken to the Fire Nation Detention Facility. Kaila is shocked, though she, like everyone else, does not at all take Gian seriously when he says he is going to apprehend Mina. Gian, however, has a secret weapon against them: thirty highly skilled bodyguards.

Horribly outnumbered, Kaila and the others still fight, though it is not long before she, Chen, Ray, and Giu are all captured. Mina takes matters into her own hands, and, instead of fighting the bodyguards, attacks Gian instead. Afraid of being killed, Gian orders his guards to stand down. Chen and the others are released, and they immobilize the guards. A day after the battle with Gian, the team finally reaches Roki Forest. Kaila and the others are furious, though, when they learned that Kama only had a cold, and that she thought they were the same things. Kaila is clearly furious, though Kama is still unable to see the difference in the two illnesses. As the team prepares to return to the forest, Kama departs, saying she wants to return to the Spartan Islands. Kaila is shown to be saddened by this news.

When Kaila and the others return to the city, they are shocked to see that neither Kambi nor his officials are present. Still unbeknown to them, Mitsuki has arrested Kambi and all of his advisers by holding Kambi hostage, releasing the imprisoned Fire Nation soldiers, and by stealing the city's master-plans. They are even more shocked when they spot a small armada of airships heading toward the palace, led by Yi himself. Kaila, Mina, and Chen run out of the palace, while Ray and Giu try to find Kambi (to no avail). Kaila and the others finally realize what is going on when they see Mitsuki running up the palace stairs.

Thinking they have Mitsuki cornered, Kaila, Mina, and Chen prepare to apprehend her and end the conspiracy. Mitsuki, however, is able to manipulate Chen into attacking her, though, by stating that she had Quanlee killed in order to capture Kambi. Chen charges at her without thinking, and Mitsuki is able to hit him straight in the chest, shooting him back to Mina and Kaila. Kaila is clearly terrified, and tells Mina to take care of Mitsuki, while she stays with Chen. Unfortunately, Mina is outnumbered when Tam Mee, Quanlee, and Yi also show up.

To the team's luck, however, a group of rebels shows up at the scene, and Mitsuki briefly focuses her attention on them. Kaila, Mina, along with Ray and Giu (who have escaped from Quanlee's dagger trap) use the opportunity to escape on a river boat for Chen's sake. Kaila tries to comfort her friends, though she ends up weeping herself as she comes to the realization that they have lost.



Kaila is a happy-looking girl

Kaila has a complex personality, mainly due to her father abusing her at young age. She smiles a lot and is usually happy, but when danger is near, she shows her true nature: precise, trained and deadly. Kaila is also the most patient of Team Rebel.

Kaila's trust of people is somewhat torn by her father's abuse, but, because of this, she has developed a mother-like feeling to everyone who needs it. Because of this, she stopped The Fiends from bullying Mina, helped a town of old people, and saved a slave who was being whipped by his master, what would eventually lead to her meeting with Mina in the Detention Facility. Because of her life as a prisoner and a fugitive, she has become hard, independent and strong, and was feared by her fellow-members in the Detention Facility. She still, however, thrives for the happy life of a child that she never had. She doesn't shows this though, as when Mina says she never knew her parents, Kaila remarks Mina is "lucky".


Kaila is an expert at martial arts and a master of the use of a hidden blade, a weapon used only by experts. She has shown great acrobatic skills and performed amazing stunts that only Ty Lee and Tam Mee would also dare to do. Her fighting skills are quite impressive, as she was able to defeat dozens of peasants in order to free Mina and Chen. [1].

Kaila has shown great agility and coordination, understanding of various weapons, like Mina's bow and is shown to be a gifted strategist. Despite all these skills, she didn't learned to swim, but is now following lessons of Mina, slowly learning it. [2]

Non-canon Appearances

Kaila appears in the non-canon crossover, Clash of Worlds. She first appears in Part 2, in which she expresses the desire to smoke marijuana as Mitsuki apparently does. Later that day, after Giu disappears, Ray suggests he ended up in an alternate world, though Kaila shoot her down, despite Ray actually being correct.

Kaila also appears in Part 3, in which she and the other rebels are sucked up by a mysterious portal, and go from the Rebel City all the way to the Royal Palace in which The Phoenix Chronicles takes place. When Chen nearly instigates a fight with Avatar Mian, Kaila quickly scolds him, in which Chen replies, "Yes, honey." Eventually, the portal sucks up Kaila and everyone else back into the Spirit World.



  • Kaila's name was originally supposed to be Kah-la.

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