By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe II continuity.
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S.C.P Foundation

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12 ft long


1,000 pds

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Brown, black

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Kaibutsu, also known as SCP-P4, is one of the mutations found in the SCP foundation. He used to be a normal dog much like the others but the experiments done on him turned him into a monster. These experiments and mutations gave him the power to speak, have powerful strength, and is as fast as a quarter horse. However he isn't able to escape to the outside world due to all the security and because Slenderman is too powerful for him. His only real friend inside the SCP foundation is a few of the other SCP's inside with him, whom he sometimes is able to meet.

Avatar: New Universe II

Kaibutsu first appears soon after the teams were brought in. Toph was thrown into his cage and he became aggressive until Toube signals him that she's not someone to get mad over, so he steps back so Toph can meet Toube again. After Toube tells Toph his name, he goes on to say that the foundation literally has everything and anything there. He gives her a warning as to everything in the foundation has some way to kill her if she isn't careful.

Oddly afterwards, he appears when confronting Starfire. He lunges at her time and time again until he nearly shatters the viewing glass, cutting the test short and he went back to his chamber.

Kaibutsu didn't bother Toph much for the next few days, trying not to disturb her focus on returning her ultimate form. When Smile Dog and Ghost came in to take her away, he didn't bother to stop them since he knew there was nothing he could do.

The second time they took Toph, he didn't bother to help, but was intrigued when he saw how determined both Toph and Toube were at fighting them off. He still wasn't convinced until Toube told him that you can't fail if you never stop trying. That gave him new confidence and with his strength, broke out. He immediately went in and found SCP-682, knocking him to the wall. He threw the mutant aside and he, Toube and Toph, ran on out.

When they were outside, he had to carry Toph around to make a faster getaway. He was doing fine, but was worried for Toph in her condition. When Shuck came back, he made sure Toube didn't attack him on sight. He made it clear that he was friends with Shuck before they went off to the second caravan. Upon arriving, he was told by Starfire about her people's respects to him.

The plan the following day began with him. He went away from them and distracted the guards at the front gate. He ran off with them following and didn't go back until the others went inside, when he fights alongside Toph and Toube.

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