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Kaibutsu GDA
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Eastern Air Temple

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Eastern Air Temple

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Book 2: Earth

Kaibutsu is a large Lion Dog that was found chained up in a cage.


Kaibutsu was born and respected in the Eastern Air Temple. He grew up as a god towards the nomads. But at one point Jerome found him and had kidnapped him, taking him from his homeland.

Book 2: Earth

Kaibutsu was found by Weed and GB in a cage. Kaibutsu nearly kills GB but was stopped by the bars in his cage. Weed comes back to him later that day. He felt guilty when Weed got in an confrontation with GB. Weed finally goes in his cage and speaks to him. A bit of time of conversation went by and a crowd started to form. He insists that Weed simply leaves but Weed ends up helping him escape. Thanks to a speech from Smith, he was free to go. He shows up later and gives Weed a token of gratitude by handing him a special Eastern Air Temple medallion. He said that if Weed ever needs anything, he will help In anyway he can.

Book 4: Air

This promise was fulfilled two arcs later, during the Air arc. when he makes a supriseing return to save his old friend and savior from Rocket and the boa brothers. He makes a deadly threat to eat them if they ever try to hurt Weed again, though he didn't really want to. With Weed and GB's permission, he went back with them both after he got back their stolen fish bags.

After some understanding, Kaibutsu became the main mode of transportation for the human members of Team Avatar. They made good time until Violet cause him to become sick. But he recovers and they make it to Ba Sing Se.

Later on he was seen during the escape of Ba Sing Se, fighting and killing other fire navy soldiers. As Team Avatar joined in the Frey, Kaibutsu was getting overwhelmed with the amount of soldiers coming at them, but continued fighting until Aang came.

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