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Water Tribe girl
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Southern Water Tribe


15 (100 AG)

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Light Blue

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Katara, Sakuma, Southern Water Tribe


Fire Nation

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Broken Promises in Eyes of Katara

Kaibi was a childhood friend of Katara from the Southern Water Tribe. She's a bit quick-witted and ready to crack a joke, but adores the innocent Katara very much.


Kaibi, Katara and Sakuma were a tight trio; the closest of friends in their youth, each sharing no familial relation to the other. Unlike Sakuma, she adored Sokka's sense of humor. Though Sokka wasn't close enough to be considered a part of their trio, she would often spend time with him, jeering about the latest happenings together. However they were known for getting in fights a time or two, landing Kaibi stern punishment whenever she would deck Sokka for saying something she deemed out of line, even if it wasn't, to either her or Katara.

She held great adoration for Katara, but often teased her by referring to her as a goody-goody. When word spread that Katara had destroyed a portion of the village's ice wall, she couldn't help but burst laughing at the irony of the news.

The day of the Fire Nation raid, Kaibi cowered in fear, having never experienced battle firsthand before. The shouts and cries of the warriors and soldiers clashing shattered her rough exterior, remaining close to her mother for shelter in her home. Only upon hearing her best friend's, Katara's, shouts did she break from her mother's arms to peer out their doorway. Her mother pulled her back, though she had seen enough to assume something bad had just happened in Katara's home.[1]

The following events led to nothing but heartache for everyone, including Kaibi. Upon her family deciding, with others, to uproot and move to form a new village in hopes of avoiding any further Fire Nation activity, she adamantly voiced her desire to stay in the Southern Water Tribe with her friends. Her requests fell on deaf ears, forcing her to follow with her family and leave behind everything and everyone she had grown to love; Sakuma, Sokka, Katara, Kesuk, the loving community and supportive elders. It was enough to leave her wounded for years to come.


Kaibi is an extremely outspoken girl, ready and raring to vocalize herself at a moments' whim. However, despite her vigorous exclamations, she's usually more talk than bite. She's generally thoughtful of others, despite her teasing and ranting on various trivial aspects, she cares greatly for those she calls friend. Putting in her effort and will to learn, she crafted special-made beads for Katara's hair loopies.

However, there are exceptions, as she does carry a bit of a selfish streak and occasional jealousy. Following the discovery Katara was a waterbender, she actually grew envious that Katara, of all people, had waterbending potential. Why not her? She was astounded that such a sweet little mother's girl like Katara would learn this art, when she herself believed if she knew it, she would do so much more with it.


  • The name Kaibi originated from Kaibigan, which translates to friend. Thanks Water Spout!


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