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Biographical information

Fire Nation


May 2

Physical description




Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color

Deep Sea Blue

Personal information
Weapon of choice

Fire, Air

Bending style(s)

Firebending, Lightning, Airbending

Chronological and political information

Firebending Trainer


Order of the White Lotus





First appearance

Kaiab's Adventures


Kaiab is a thirteen year old Fire Nation girl. Unlike most Fire Nation civilians, Kaiab does not agree with conquering the other Nations.

Kaiab is very skilled with firebending. She learned Firebending at the Royal Fire Academy for Girls. She was so talented that the masters and teachers promoted her to be a trainer. Kaiab has been teaching Azula firebending. In fact, she has taught many people that are much older than her. She can also generate lightning.

Kaiab felt very unhappy throughout the years, so she ran away when she was 11. Before she left she wrote a message to her parents telling them she went on a field trip with her friends, so her parents would be distracted for a few weeks. However, Kaiab soon found out it was much harder living in the streets than in the Royal Palace. After two weeks of living off the streets, she decided to go back home. Kaiab did not tell her parents she ran away, instead, she decided to say that she felt sick and had to leave the trip early.

After two years, Kaiab was still sad. She had grown more and more depressed over the years.


Kaiab quotes to her parents and friends that she wants more adventure in her life. She loves the art of Airbending, and has secretly studied the people and culture over the years. However, she fails finding any archives of the actual bending art.

Another portion of depression is added to Kaiab's heart. Not only is she disappointed, but strangely angry for some reason... one word, war.

Kaiab becomes angry with her own people for what "they" have done to the Air Nomads. She now has a strive to find the Avatar, and help bring balance to the world.

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