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Kai Arlyn
Biographical information

K, Splashy (because of his bending)


Southern Water Tribe


Water Nation

Birth place

Southern Water Tribe


Ba Sing Se




235 AG

Physical description







100 lbs

Hair color


Skin color


Eye color

Light blue

Personal information
Weapon of choice


Fighting style(s)

Mixed Martial Arts, improvised attacks

Bending style(s)

His own style, Foggy Swamp style, earthbending inspired waterbending


Waterbending, healing, plantbending, bloodbending (full moon only)


Unknown Water Tribe members


Kenneth Baam

Chronological and political information

Outcast, runaway


Earth Nation


Himself, Earth Nation friends

Kai is a waterbender of the Southern Water Tribe and an outcast of his family and tribe. He is a main character in the Fanon RP story The Lost Avatar.


Kai was born in the Southern Water Tribe by two unnamed waterbenders, one a master of waterbending and one a regular bender. He began training exercises to increase his bending skills early on at age three, but he was considered one of the worst waterbenders in the tribe. He was bullied for not being able to control his water like a "real waterbender" and was nicknamed Splashy for that reason. He hated the original waterbending style of control and change, so he invented his own very powerful style utilising strong blows of pressurised water and became an expert in that style secretly without his tribe knowing. When he was seven, he met a firebending prodigy who visited his tribe in search of a master to train him. They never really became friends, since the firebender was training hard while Kai was rejected by the master because of his inexperience.

Kai later on had enough of his family's hatred for him and ran away as a stowaway on a cargo ship to the Earth Kingdom. He travelled to Ba Sing Se and trained there with some young earthbenders, one whom he eventually became best friends with, and whose family adopted him once they found out he was homeless. He became increasingly better at waterbending to the point that his water was like earth. He kept his Water Nation clothes to show he was a waterbender as he was mistaken for an earthbender before. He now is living in Ba Sing Se and attends the school there and is now age fourteen.


Kai has a scruffy appearance and doesn't care how he looks like, meaning he is always messy. He has dark brown messy hair and light blue eyes. He has a young face but generally looks annoyed except when he's happy. He wears a short sleeved white-ish grey T-shirt, light grey trousers with a light blue jacket tied around his waist (which he wears sometimes), and light grey shoes. He also carries two flasks filled/compacted with spare water attached to the outsides of his pockets like gun holsters for emergencies.



Kai's waterbending is unique and strong. It has the power to blast people away and can slice through metal. It doesn't flow much like normal waterbending and is more tough and messy. He can use it to blast himself into the air, slice things using pressurised blasts, push heavy objects, make huge water fists or kicks or ride waves. He can keep his water flowing for several minutes without losing concentration. Because of his intense training with earthbenders, his water is naturally more dense and stronger than regular water when he bends it. It can be as strong as the earth itself and can easily knock people out in single blows.

Ice and snowbending

Kai's ice and snow attacks are really well developed and are as tough as the earth itself due to its increased density and training. He has learned to raise a ball of snow/ice and kick it like earthbenders do to rocks and boulders. He can make ice bullets, weapons, armour or constructs. He enjoys ice and snow surfing and is good at weakening things by freezing them to extremely low temperatures.


Kai has learned this on the way to Ba Sing Se, when he met the Foggy Swamp Tribe of waterbenders. He has some experience and is quite skilled in it.


Kai has trained vigorously enough that upon reaching a certain level of anger, he can bloodbend without the aid of a full moon. He isn't that great at this bending form, but he still can use it to fight.


Kai has self-learned this ability to help him if he ever gets hurt. He learned it back at home by observing the Healers there. He isn't too great at it but can heal small wounds quickly.

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