By Keitonashita Part of the Shoji's Journey continuity.
"We are as free as the wind!"
— Kai
Biographical information

Fire Nation (formerly)



Physical description


Hair color

Dark brown

Skin color


Eye color

Sky blue

Personal information
Weapon of choice

bow and arrow


Shoji, On Ji


Fire Nation

Chronological and political information

Yu Yan Archers

First appearance

The Yu Yan Archers (first)

Kai is a fourteen-year-old member of the Yu Yan Archers. She is skilled with the bow and arrow, friendly to those her age, and a kind spirit.


Kai's parents are unknown. When she was a little girl, Kaizuh found her in a forest. Iandao asked Kaizuh if they could keep her, and they did. Little did they know adopting Kai would give them another amazing archer.

Kai grew up among the archers. Determined to become one herself, she exerted herself learning how to shoot an arrow. She learned how to quickly and soon became one of the best archers in the group.


Kai is carefree, friendly, and spirited. She is trusting and kind, which one day may be her flaw. She likes being around others and doesn't appear to mind being the center of attention. She likes being around people her age, as the only other person her age in the Yu Yan Archers is Iandao, who is a lot more mature than she is, even though they are only a year apart.


Kai has several key abilities.


Kai is an ample archer. She can shoot arrows just as good as anyone, even a grown man. She is flexible and agile, allowing her full movement and unique angles with the bow most people have never tried.


In Second Act, Kai Waterbends On Ji's arrow, causing the tank to freeze when the arrow makes contact. However, it is unknown why she chose not to reveal her abilities.

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