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Kai is one of the many people among the world who suddenly became an airbender soon after the Harmonic Convergence. Orphaned at birth, he grew up and remained a cunning thief until later on, when he was recruited in by Team Avatar. He is also Jinora's boyfriend.

Book Five: Memory

When the battle with Kuvira ended, Kai continued his job to keeping peace and balance in the rest of the world, much like many of the other airbenders. As a part of that, he stuck around Republic City, where he gave a hand in helping rebuild the city. During this, he, Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo, went off to ask Korra to play a game of Capture the Flag in the Spirit World. During the game, Kai took point, and was very close to getting the flag when Korra blocked them off, making them lose the game. He and the other airbenders stayed in the Spirit World for a while longer until they were called back by Pema.

Kai continued on with his days for a bit, until he found out from Ikki about Korra's trip to the North Pole, being one of the people who decided to go with her. He remained with them through the whole trip, helping when he could, and agreed to let Ikki stay once she caught up with them again.

North Pole

When the group arrived at the North Pole, he went with the others right to Desna and Eska and heard of the main issue. When Korra's first attempt at driving off the Qishi failed, Kai went off with Asami and Ikki to deal with the problem. Kai himself tried it after Ikki's polite question didn't work, demanding that they leave. However, that just resulted in the Qishi beating him up before they went back. While inside the palace, the Qishi had come back, and Kai tried his best to help drive them away until Naga handled it for them.

Fire Nation

Kai had been mainly supportive throughout Team Avatar's time in the Fire Nation, lending a hand when need be. Soon after they arrived at the Phoenix Inn, Kai tried to help the others escape the Qishi attack. He came up with the plan to make a tornado to drive them off, which resulted in Naga's disappearance. He was quickly blamed by Korra for Naga's 'death' as their trip continued, though he recovered from the blame.

Soon after arriving at the Fire Nation Capital, Kai went with the others to the Spirit World in order to find out what to do with El Niño.

Book Six: Shadow

After everything with El Niño was done, Kai continued doing his own thing until he found out about the Voronon, being one of the group members to go with Team Avatar on the trip. He became a big help when they fought Gronihag, making the final blow on the beast to finish it off. Kai kept a good supportive role throughout the travel, until they were told about Korra and Ziyou's status inside Accuro. When they went back to save them, Kai fought Katayt and Koyot alongside Mako while the others tried to find out where Korra and Ziyou were.

After escaping, he went right to Ba Sing Se, where Korra and Ziyou were hospitalized. Kai waited with the others within the city during their recovery. During that, he found out about a beast running around and soon found an attack scene nearby. Kai and Mako followed a set of bloody paw prints for a while, until he found Liunovvix in someone's basement. When he and Mako left to tell the others though, they found the beast gone. He tried to find and defeat the Voronon for the next few days but was unsuccessful until the night of the fireworks event. Kai joined Mako, Bolin, and Kuvira for the battle and soon took the fight to the Voronon, proving successful.

When they left Ba Sing Se, Kai arrived at the Shadow Palace in order to fight Toroon. However, while they were there, Kai had to deal with Asami and Kuvira being cursed. When they got a plan going, Kai joined Jinora and Korra in order to handle the curse. When Korra froze them in place, Kai handled Kuvira's curse, mimicking the suffocation method alongside Jinora in order to release the black smoke from within Kuvvira's lungs and lift the curse.

Soon afterwards, upon arriving near Zorka's Observatory, Kai went with Asami and Kuvira in order to see Armophlli. While there, Kai ended up exploring the area when Asami and Kuvira gave the green light to them. When the group found the herd of Sky Cow, Kai thought right away that they were the Flying Bison back home, until Jinora proved him wrong. Afterwards, Kai agreed to go back after Asami explained why they should let Armophlli live.


Kai was once a rather mischievous kid, and often used acts such as swindling and thievery to benefit himself. After his time with Team Avatar, he'd grown compassionate and more helpful towards others in need.

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