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Qin Lee
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Kage was Ma-Tin's oldest friend and a member of the Royal Procession that guarded her.


Kage was born to a noble family. As such, he had the opportunity to meet Princess Ma-Tin, whom he immediately fell in love with as a child. A year her senior, he still hung out with her.

Imperial Firebenders of the Phoenix King

As a member of the Imperial Firebenders, Kage could stay close to Ma-Tin.

Knowing that his family's status was too low for him to ever get the chance to marry her, he kept his affections a secret and used his status in order to join the Imperial Firebenders. He was a skilled but young warrior and so was assigned to Ma-Tin's detail. Eventually, he was assigned to the Fire Lord's detail after proving a skilled warrior who saved Ma-Tin.

In the wake of the Fire Lord's death, he called for Rishu to help the mourning Princess. Kage remained on the royal detail as one of Ma-Tin's closest guards. Fire Lord Ma-Tin would travel to Republic for the first time in years to renew a trade deal with the city when the Red Monsoon Triad ambushed them on the docks.

Kage was amazed at her power but realized that she was going to be attacked from behind. True to his training, he sacrificed himself to save her. Shocked, Ma-Tin begged for her dying friend to live. He then confessed his love for her with his last words.


  • Kage is shadow in Japanese.
  • Kage was in fact a very powerful firebender on par with many of the world's most powerful.
  • Kage's firebending was inhibited so that he would instictively sacrifice himself. This was done by none other than the Sun Spirit, the Black Dragon, in order to move Ma-Tin towards a planned path.

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