By Jall Part of the The Merry Adventures of Taketoki continuity.
Sinister Hama
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Kaede is a witch and the mother of Washizu.


Little is known of Kaede's history. She was fairly young when she gave birth to Washizu. Seeking to put her son on the throne, Kaede killed the child of Washizu's predecessor and put her child in its place.

Kaede came into conflict with Taketoki and his merry band when Washizu came to her for help. Kaede used her knowledge of the forbidden fire to cause trouble for Taketoki and his group. This resulted in her death when a Waterbender arrived on the scene saying that their destinies were intertwined and dueled her. Kaede lost and it cost her her life.


Not much is known of Kaede's personality.

On the stage she has been portrayed far more villainously than she actually was to the point of being a demon. By the time of Yangchen, Kaede had become a type of bogeyman used to scare Fire Nation children. Her legend has survived to the time of Korra and young children still fear the wicked Kaede.

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