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Air Nomads, Water Tribe




108 AG

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Dark Blue

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Aang , Katara, Tenzin, Vameira, Team Avatar



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The New Air Nomads

Kaddo is a character in the fanon Avatar: Energy Saga. He is a waterbender and the son of Aang and Katara. As the son of the Avatar, Kaddo grew up living at the South Pole and frequently traveled the world with his parents. His mother taught him waterbending and Healing.


Kaddo was born in 108 AG in the Southern Water Tribe to Avatar Aang and his wife Katara. When it became known that he possessed the ability to bend Water, he was taught by his mother, who also taught the majority of the waterbenders at the South Pole. He was an energetic student, but could also be a lot to put up with.

In the Southern Water Tribe

After his brother and sister had a disagreement about a glider, Kaddo went to learn waterbending from his mother. He was disappointed to discover that he would not be learning any combative moves that day and that he would instead be having a healing lesson. Kaddo snapped at his mother that he thought healing was "women's work". But after she threatened him with a Water Whip, he calmed down and they began the lesson.


Kaddo is abrasive and loves to poke fun at others. He takes himself very seriously and can be quite narcisstic and condescending. Although he hails from the Southern Water Tribe, he can act sexist regarding gender roles much like in the Northern Water Tribe. He argues with Katara and Vameira regularly. Although distant emotionally, Kaddo is kind at heart and is willing to do whatever required from him when the time comes.


  • Aang (father)
  • Katara (mother)
  • Tenzin (brother)
  • Vameira (sister)
  • Sokka (uncle)
  • Suki (aunt)
  • Hinko (cousin)
  • Hakoda (grandfather)
  • Pakku (step-great-grandfather)
  • Kanna (great-grandmother)


  • Kaddo will be featured in the upcoming collaborative fanon project Vortex.

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