By The Parius Part of the Avatar: Darkness and Light continuity.
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Fire Nation



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White Scythe

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The Leaders, The Remnants


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Number 2 among the Remnants


The Remnants


Kaane is a master of his scythe. Being number two in the Remnants, the only person Kaane takes orders from are the Leaders, and Parius, who he doesn't listen to anyway. He is very sadistic, and enjoys torturing his victims. Kaane has short, white hair, and brown eyes. He wears all white, and his scythe is white also, earning him the nickname the White Reaper. Kaane is one of the only Remnants to travel alone, the others being Gorn and Yamamato. He is, like the others, an orphan, though he says that if he cared, he would be weak. Kaane disagrees with Avatar Aang's peace effort, stating that, "The war let me kill so many people, and the Avatar ruined it." Kaane is a powerful fighter, but not agile like Parius. He uses his strength to slice his way through enemies.



Kaane was born to a small family, of Fire Nation peasants. He quickly became a "fighter" at his school, and was kicked out. One day, when Kaane was 15, Fire Nation soldiers came, and demanded that he join the army. Kaane's mother, and father tried to stop them. The soldiers brutally killed them, and his whole family. The grief broke something in Kaane's mind, resulting in him taking up a farmer's scythe, and killing the soldiers. He walked, killing wherever he went, until he came upon the headquarters of the Remnants. He sliced through the gates, and came face to face with Parius. Parius told him to stop, or he would kill him. Kaane only laughed, and lunged at Parius. Parius proceeded to Darkbend, trapping Kaane, until the Leaders could decide what to do with him. They came to Kaane, and asked if he would like to join. Kaane agreed immediately. Soon, he was number two, though he never respected Parius, ignoring his rare orders, though he follows the Leaders without hesitation, viewing them as his new family.

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