By Dr.Doom23 Part of the The Secrets of the Beast continuity.

Also known as the skeleton dance and is a ritual that requires the deaths of hundreds if not thousands of people to increase ones own power

Kulou Wu
General information

Anywhere that needs chaos


Zhengyi, Shaxiao, Shua, Harekuin


A demented circus like ritual


Mostly death


In any quiet or outskirts of any town or village and a long parade of jesters in various colors and outfits appear and entice most onlookers to follow them as they reach Zhengyi's dark circus then as they reach inside the big top an announcer will claim that there are many wonders and horrors that awit them inside and sure enough Zhengyi's men start to attack everyone inside not letting one escape then after the dark deed is down Shaxiao starts to use the blood as a power source and Zhengyi enjoys himself on who's left.


To increase Zhèngyì's and Shaxiaos's magical abilities and keeps Zhengyi generally happy

The Ritual

Found by Shaxiao in an ancient temple painted in blood he past this down to Zhengyi. Zhengyi and Shaxiao use the circus themed area for a way to lure sacrifices into the tents only for the real part of the ritual to partake and for Zhengyi and his people to start slaughtering innocent people for there blood and it infuses with Zhengyi's and Shaxiao's magic

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