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Just Hold On
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August 10, 2013

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This is just a bit of Tokka drabble. I felt like writing some Tokka or Taang or Kataang, (I chose Tokka) so I wrote this. I hope you guys like it; I'm not much of a romance writer.

Just Hold On

Toph! he screamed in his mind. Don't let go!

"My leg!" yelled Sokka, pain coursing through his injured limb. "Hang on, Toph!" His hands were sticky with sweat as fear rushed through him. Here they were, hanging hundreds of feet above the ground, bound together by a single, weak hand grip. He could hardly handle it, because right here, it could all end. Right here, Toph, his love, could leave him forever.

"Aye, aye, Captain!" she called back, seeming calm, almost carefree as she dangled precariously over the edge of the airship. He wondered how she did it, how she managed to remain so calm as she swung in the empty sky. Maybe it was because she was blind. She couldn't see the ground, so she didn't know how far she would fall. The firebender on the roof rushed towards them and Sokka struggled to keep holding onto the tips of Toph's fingers. I can't lose her! I can't. My life...I can't...

A blast of fire, hot as a furnace, came barreling out of the Fire Nation soldier's fist. Instinctively, Sokka tucked his head and rolled, realizing his mistake once it was too late. Her soft fingers slipped from his and a desperate, horrified scream escaped her lips as she plummeted towards the ground below...

Sokka shot up in bed, his heart pounding, sweat dripping down his face. His bare torso was gleaming with perspiration and his sheets were sticky with his own bodily fluids. He breathed in deeply, his mind racing and his eyes wide with fear.

It isn't real, he told himself. It's just a dream. It's just a dream. It isn't real.

But it felt real. The heat of the flames, the sound of her screams were all too palpable. Even now, after waking up, he could hear the bloodcurdling cries of his blind love. It's alright. She's fine. She's alive. It was a dream. It's been five years, it was just a dream.

"I-I just have to check," he breathed, swinging his legs out from under the thin blankets. His bare feet hit the cool wooden floor and he slowly stood up, staggering quietly over to the door.

Silver moonlight filtered through the open windows, spilling into the silent hallways of the vacation home on Ember Island. Five years after the anniversary of Sozin's defeat, the Gaang spent plenty of time at the peaceful getaway on the island, using it as a time to relax, unwind, and catch up with each other.

His footsteps nearly silent, Sokka crept down the hall, his heart still beating rapidly. He reached Toph's room in a little less than a minute. Taking a deep, controlling breath, he placed his hands upon the door and pushed it open, hoping that he would see her lying there.

And his worries faded away.

There she was, sprawled across the bed. Her hands were splayed at either side of her head and her legs were bent at the knees and folded on top of each other. Toph's sightless eyes were closed, creating a serene look over her sleeping face. Her chest lightly rose and fell as she breathed in and out.

She was beautiful, Sokka noticed for a thousandth time as he stared at her flawless, pale face. Her cheeks, white with a hint of rose, were smooth and soft. Her lips were smooth, her nose perfect. He smiled lovingly as he gently brushed a loose strand of hair out of her face and leaned down close to her.

"I love you so much, Toph," he whispered, his voice blending in with the silent night.

Author's Note

Again, another spontaneous one-shot that I just felt like writing. Please comment your thoughts, and I hope you enjoyed it.

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