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Just Friends is the twenty-sixth chapter in the fanon series, Kyoshi Revolts.


After seeing Giu save a little girl from certain death, Ray starts to develop romantic feelings for him, much to Giu's happiness. The two start dating, though both Ray and Giu begin to question if they were really meant to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Meanwhile, a group of three female rebels try to find the Rebel City, though instead they find trouble.


The chapter opens with Giu and Ray walking through the streets of the rebel city. The sun shines brightly, and many rebels bustle through the sidewalks of the city. Giu puts on a slight grin, and tells Ray she looks sexy in the sunlight. Ray gives him a dirty look, and Giu loses his grin. Suddenly, they both hear a woman scream "AAAAHH! My baby!" Giu and Ray turn around to see a two-year-old girl lying on a road, as a carriage comes hurtling toward her. Giu, without thinking, jets himself forward with a large rock, rolls onto the ground, and grabs the girl. The carriage then speeds right over them, and the citizens look in horror as Giu and the girl appear to have been exterminated. Throughout the crowd of rebels, the woman's loud cries of sorrow are heard, and Ray begins to tear as she comes to conclusion that Giu is dead.

The carriage passes, but oddly, no corpses are seen on the road, or blood. The citizens move closer to the scene of the crash, only to find a hole planted into the road. Ray and the little girl's mother run over and look at the bottom of the hole, in which they see none other than Giu and the girl at the bottom. Giu then shoots himself and the girl out of the hole. The minute everyone sees this, they cheer and chant Giu's name. The mother, while tightly embracing her daughter, runs up to Giu and tearfully thanks him for his heroic action. Ray runs up to Giu and hugs him, still in amazement at what Giu did. She looks him in the eye, and then, much to Giu's shock, Ray grabs his head and kisses him. Instinctively, Giu immediately kisses her back. As the crowd cheers, from inside the palace, Kambi, irritated by all the commotion, looks outside the window of his bedroom. He sees Giu and Ray kissing, though he assumes it is not them.

That night, Mina, Kaila, and Chen talk with Kambi and Kama about their training. Suddenly, the fire in the fireplace goes out. Kambi asks Chen to turn it back on, and Chen uses Firebending to do so. Kama screams at the sight of Chen Firebending, and, believing him to be one of the bad guys, grabs a grenade from her purse and throws it at Chen. Chen runs away screaming and Kama picks up the grenade and puts it back in her purse, saying she "never really got it to work." Mina tries to remind her that Chen is on her side, though Kama has already fallen asleep. At that moment, Giu and Ray walk into the room holding hands. Mina, confused, asks Ray why she's letting Giu touch her. Ray responds by telling her that she and Giu are now boyfriend and girlfriend.

Suddenly, Mina, Kaila, and Kambi burst into uncontrollable laughter, and Kambi continues to laugh as he realizes that the people he saw kissing were Giu and Ray. Giu yells at them that it's true, and that Ray fell for him when he saved a little girl from dying. Kama, who is awake again, then tells Giu and Ray that they better not have a baby, or else there won't be enough room, and she'll have to move out and live in a retirement home. Kambi, however, tells Kama that they put her in a home five weeks ago. Kama pauses, and then responds with "You bastards!" Mina and Kaila stand up, and tell Kama they are taking her home. Kama looks at Mina and Kaila, and she, assuming that they are Kambi's kids, says, "Damn it. I owe you a crap load of birthday presents don't I?" The three ladies leave, and Kambi, sits awkwardly with Ray and Giu. They both look at Kambi, and, finally, he assumes, that they want to be alone, and runs out of the room.

Meanwhile, near the outskirts of New Ozai, three female rebels with seemingly expensive clothing walk aimlessly through a beach beside a lake. One of them tries to locate their destination on a map, though, suddenly, they hear a noise. The ladies notice the noise is coming from behind them, and turn around to find Princess Mitsuki, Tam Mee, and Quanlee. The rebels recognize each girl, and immediately take fighting stances. Tam Mee then happily remarks that Mitsuki was right about the rebel girls being at the beach. The leader of the three girls, Care, tells Mitsuki to either surrender or face their wrath. Mitsuki sarcastically acts like she's scared of the girls, smirks, and then does a flip in the air, sending a massive ball of fire at the girls.

Ray and Giu sit together by the fire, and loom into each other's eyes. They move in to kiss, but there is mutual hesitation. Ray sighs, and she attempts to kiss Giu again, but she hesitates yet again. Ray tells Giu she's sorry, but she can't kiss him, as she thinks of him as a little brother, not a boyfriend. She also tells Giu that the kiss she gave him before was just obstructed by her relief that he was alive. Ray tells Giu she's sorry, but they can't be together. Giu takes a brief breath, and tells Ray that, actually, he agrees with her. Ray is very surprised by this, and Giu explains to her that he also thinks of her as just a friend. Ray tells him that because of all his flirting and peaking, she'd think he'd be disappointed. Giu, however, tells Ray that's only because she is so beautiful. Ray asks if that's any different than having a romantic interest in her, and Giu says there is, if you're a womanizer. Ray smiles, and the two hug.

In the morning, Ray and Giu join Mina, Kaila, Chen, Kambi, and Kama for breakfast. Kambi asks them how there night was, and Ray tells him it was nice. Kama screams, telling Kambi that his "daughter" just lost her virginity. Mina, Kaila, and Chen fall to the ground laughing, and Ray calmly says that she and Giu now understand that they were only meant to be friends. Kambi giggles and asks Giu what Ray did to him to make him say something like that. Giu says she didn't do anything. Kambi also falls on the ground, laughing at the thought of Giu giving up a woman. As Ray and Giu watch the four rebels laugh on the floor, Kama walks up to them, and tells Ray that she's already "showing". Ray proceeds to tell Kama that she's not pregnant, though, eventually, she gives up and runs out of the room in frustration.


  • Kama assuming that Ray is pregnant is set to continue throughout the rest of the series as somewhat of a recurring joke.

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