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By King Bumis Heir Part of the Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan continuity.
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Earth Kingdom




685 BG


573 BG (Died: 112)

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Dark Brown

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Dark Brown

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Earthbending, Dual Dao Swords

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Han Tui, Omashu Province Aloi,Unaraq, Avatar Rong Yan


General Senlin, Kimaru, Palartok

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Rong Yan's Earthbending Teacher

First appearance

Book 3: Earth Chapter 1: Dangerous Waters

Last appearance

Book 3: Earth Chapter 21: ?? Part 4: Avatar Rong Yan

Jushi is a man from the Omashu province within the Earth Kingdom who Rong Yan and the gang meet in the first chapter of Book Three in the city of Han Tui, he is also a main character in Book Three for the remainder of the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.


His story is clouded when you first meet him, Jushi was introduced in Chapter 1: Dangerous Water of Book Three: Earth. When Rong Yan and the gang had gone to Sun Wu's estate so that Rong Yan could master earthbending with Sun Wu, one of the workers that was moving the old guy's things out for refurnishing of the estate for another buyer mentioned he had died of old age three days prior. Rong Yan and the gang had gone to a nearby tavern just a few blocks down the estate where they met Jushi a master dao swordsman and earthbender.

Jushi was seen overlooking some bounties one of Kimaru and the two others were of Senlin and Palartok, when Unaraq mentioned about them running into those three. They came for something else when Rong Yan had heard a whisper and caught the attention of Jushi he had asked him if he could teach him earthbending. He declined at first until he asked Unaraq to repeat what he said.

After hearing correctly, he struck them a deal they could lead him to Senlin, Palartok and Kimaru he would teach Rong Yan earthbending along the way. Unaraq made the deal before Rong Yan had a voice in it, speaking up for himself he mentioned this would be his decision. To which Aloi had agreed with Unaraq that it would be a good deal.

In Chapter 2, he began to teach Rong Yan the basics of earthbending and to which end around the middle or close to the end did Rong Yan learn to bend earth out of the ground. In Chapter 10, Rong Yan will start using earthbending although it is not as powerful as you would think since he just started learning it.

Hunter's Vendetta

Chapter 4, it is revealed that during Jushi's childhood his town was attacked by bandits, and one of the notable bandits had made a new life for himself in the town of Huangshun. Fuchou, was the name of the man still clinging to the old ways as he had the reputation of not playing nice with others. Fuchou was part of a small gang that wasn't really much a big threat to Huangshun. Jushi had been struck with flashbacks after meeting eye to eye with Fuchou.

Fuchou the notable bandit in Jushi's life was the one who had killed both the young boy's parents forcing him to live in the streets before being placed in an orphanage. Jushi had gotten the nerve to become a bounty hunter himself hunting down criminals and getting paid for capturing them.

Progressing through the chapter Jushi is continuing to get those hurtful flashbacks upon where he stalks Fuchou and is led to an old house just outside the town. Where Fuchou was going to leave to gather some supplies to cook dinner for himself and his daughter. Jushi confronting him had scared the little girl and riled up Fuchou when he began to protect his daughter. Afterwards, he had released his anger when Rong Yan had bent an earth wall up to protect Fuchou and his child.

Rong Yan had began to tell Jushi everything that he was doing, that he was turning into Fuchou. If he was the kind of man to take the life of another who had wronged him in the past and leave their child an orphan. Jushi had argued and retorted to Rong Yan that he didn't understand what he felt. But Unaraq stepped in and told him he knew his pain and he knew the feeling of losing a parent. Telling Jushi when he had lost his mother to Earth Kingdom troops, although he had no hatred for the Earth Kingdom provinces at the time.

After surrendering, Fuchou and his daughter were free and Jushi and the gang had left Huangshun.



According to the knowledge of Jushi, he believes that he is a master earthbender. Not only is he an earthbender but he's also a master in the way of the sword. It hasn't come to date that Jushi has used his earthbending.

Dao Swords

Jushi carries two dao swords on his person, which he wields both at the same time, using them as extensions of his arms. Although it is unknown if he uses them to enhance earthbending. However, in a few later chapters he will be seen wielding earth swords and using them to fight. It is good to know that if he is in a situation where he was disarmed he uses earthbending to create swords for use.

Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan

Book Three: Earth


  • Jushi means "boulder" in Chinese, good name for an Earthbender.

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