By Dethklok5 Part of the Scars on the World continuity.
Biographical information

Fire Nation



Physical description


Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

fire/sword, the elements

Fighting style(s)

Firebending, Airbending, Waterbending, Earthbending


Prince Sieryoku, Kokuzoku, Firelord Rizon, Hiroshi, Ren'ai, Seirei


World Order

Chronological and political information


Jurei is the main character in the Scars on the World. He is also the tenth Neo-Avatar.

Early Life

Jurei was born in the Fire Nation to parents Hiroshi and Sossuru. Hiroshi enrolled Jurei in the national Firebending tournaments a month after Sussuru died, when Jurei was 11. Jurei quickly progressed, becoming the Beginner Level champion at age 12 and Amateur Level Champion at age 14. He progressed to the championship match of the Masters Level but was defeated. Jurei spent his spare time learning with his mentor, Migi, training, or cooking meals for his ever-busy father.

Life in the Palace

Jurei was invited to live in Fire Lord Rizon's palace when he was 16 years old. During his brief stay at the palace, he realized that he was the Neo-Avatar after the World Order attacked the palace. Jurei's father, Hiroshi, was killed during this attack.

After realizing that he was the Neo-Avatar, he challenged Prince Seiryoku of Omashu to a duel. Jurei emerged triumphant, proving that he had enough self-control to spare Seiryoku's life in the process.

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