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"(A:TR) Ep.23: The Eyeless Rebel PT1"

June is a highly skilled, Gothic bounty hunter of the Earth Kingdom. Although many picture her accomplice, Toph, as a true younger sister, there's no blood ties that connect them both. She does picture Toph as a sister in friendship rather than literally.


June is a bit cold-hearted in terms of strangers. No matter who she meets up with, she isn't really afraid to speak her mind or to show them up in her strength. Although mostly a bit rude, if she gets a good relationship with someone, she can be shown as more caring, although in public she seems to treat her friends like she would an outlaw most of the time.


Book 2: Earth

June first appeared alongside Toph when she returned to Gaoling with a bunch of outlaws to turn in. She went to the authorities, getting her bounty for her catch of the whole gang. When she went back out, she was confronted by Ty Lee, who asked her about any earthbenders in town. June, however, wasn't in the mood and told them to get lost.

Sometime later, June appeared at a remote bar, arm wrestling with the other guys inside, when Aang and Toph showed up. June caught up with her friend, and recognized Aang from earlier. When the fight between Toph and Aang broke, June stood well away, but tried to help Toph out. Whe Aang turned back to normal, June isolated him and kept watch, reasons unknown, and told him where the others were.


June is a rather experienced fighter even before she met Toph. With or without Toph, she can hold her own due to her large amounts of strength and her weapon: a bull whip.

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