June: The Dark Past
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July 17, 2013




Avatar: The Last Airbender

June: The Dark Past

As she kicks the door open, everyone stood in silence. She could feel eyes following her steps, and hear murmurs from everywhere. As she approaches the counter, she could feel the bartender shaking.

"Quit shaking and get me a drink!" She tells the bartender as she plants on a stool.

"What would you like ma'am?" The bartender answers nervously.

"Get me the Ash Banana Tigress. Straight up."

"That's a pretty strong drink for a small girl like you." A guy with a deep muscly voice says behind her.

"Oh yeah? Well that's a pretty brave comment for a little girl like you." She replies.

"Who're you calling a little girl, little girl?" He replies with anger.

"Who're you calling a little girl, little girl?" She replies in mockery.

"Oh, you think you're so tough? You think we didn't notice your little wanted poster out there? You're dead meat here little girl!" He tells her.

She smiles. "Why don't you come closer and let's see who's dead meat."

The guy smirks, and spawns his big fists to the girl. She dodges, and sends the guy to the floor after hitting his nose with her heel.

"Anyone else thinks he can take me?" She says while sitting back on her stool.

"I do." A guy says. She looks at him, and takes a sip on her drink.

"You're under arrest June." The Dai Li agent said. She leaves gold on the table, and faces the agent, still sitting.

"Oh yeah? For what? Being framed of Long Feng's theft?" She says.

"Put your hands above your head, and surrender peacefully!" The agent said. She stands up, and as the agent was getting ready to launch his earth gloves, she darts towards him and pins him to the wall. She pulls out her blade, and says, "Tell this to Long Feng; He should send more men to come and get me." Then, she stabs the guy in the leg, and walks out the door.

As she goes outside, the view directly makes her sick. It was Long Feng himself, and at least a hundred Dai Li.

"Aw, the princess only comes out with a hundred knights. How charming." She says.

"Surrender June! You're charged guilty for stealing Ba Sing Se's most treasured idol!" Long Feng says.

"Really? Then why am I here? Why am I not living in a mansion somewhere? Surely selling the idol would give me a lot of money, why am I still on the run?" She replies.

"That's your concerns! Not mine!" Long Feng answers.

"Long Feng, pathetic as you are. Nyla!" June says, signaling her pet shirshu to her aid. As the shirshu approaches, she jumps, and throws three explosives, taking out about two-fifths of the agents, and then sits on Nyla's back.

"Run girl!" She orders, and they run off to the lush forest.

"Well don't just stand there! Off to the chariots! Follow her!" Long Feng orders.

As June holds on to Nyla's saddle, she recalls her life in Ba Sing Se, her family, and, Yumen, her lover. As she remembers him, tears flood her amber eyes. She stops Nyla from running, and cries. She was even more touched when she felt Nyla's tail patting her back, because Nyla was originally Yumen's. And when June was framed, Nyla helped her flee from Ba Sing Se, as if she was Yumen, trying to help June. "Thank you girl."

The Dai Li were probably the best search team in the world, but June was also the best hunter. She knows how to set traps, how to lead people to stray paths, how to tame poisonous insects, and all of these skills were useful while ambushing the Dai Li. She got so many, that only six remained with Long Feng. And while they were stuck in her traps, she knew just the right place to wait in. Long Feng's chariot.

As Long Feng opened the chariot door, June says, "Surprise!" and knocks him to the floor. She sends a blade to a Dai Li agent, and smoke bombs three of them, while Nyla paralyzed the other two.

"Only you and me now, Long Feng." She says.

"Looks like this is gonna be dramatic." He replies after hearing thunderclap from afar. Just as June was gazing at him, he earthbends a rock into her stomach, knocking her to the chariot, then to the ground. June takes out a pair of blades, and throws it to him, but he earthbends a wall to shield him. June stands up. Long Feng then throws the wall he fashioned to June, but luckily she dodged, causing it to hit the chariot instead. At this point, the sky turned dark, and a heavy rain fell.

"Isn't your pet gonna help?" Long Feng says.

"Nyla knows I can take you on my own." June replies, and sends out three flash bombs to Long Feng, who dodged only one, and fell from the third bomb. On the floor, Long Feng launches a boulder to June, which, out of anger, she punches, and destroys. She threw a blade at Long Feng, and hit him in the shoulder.

"Aah! Stop! No! I'll clear your name! I'll confess! Please don't kill me!" Long Feng pleads as blood gushes out of his shoulder.

"You killed Yumen! I deserve revenge!" June says, and kicks Long Feng. She lifts him up, and points a blade to his neck.

"I'm sorry! Please!" Long Feng replies.

"You took him away from me! Then you framed me! You took everything away from me! You're a monster!"

"Please! No!" Long Feng pleads. Just as June was about to slit his throat, she stops, drops the blade, and throws Long Feng away.

"If I kill you, then I'll be no different than you." She says.

"Thank you!" Long Feng tearfully says.

"Nyla!" June calls, and immediately, Nyla's tongue hits Long Feng's neck, paralyzing him. Then, June rides on her back, and they disappear into the forest.

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