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"Bringing peace and and keeping the balance is the job of the Avatar and Spirit Leader, although at times we may faulter from the right path it is our duty to keep it on track"
— June to Korra
Biographical information



Republic City, United Republic


Air Nomad; Water Tribe; Fire Nation

Birth place

Republic City


Western Air Temple

  • 17 Book 1
  • 18 Book 2

153 AG


Spirit Leader Tsusa

Physical description








Hair color

Brown when not shaven

Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)

Sub-abilities in airbending(TigerCrane Style), waterbending, earthbending(Mystic Earth Style), and firebending(Dragon Style)


Air Whip, Air Sphere, Lighting Generation and Redirection, StoneBending, Cloud bending,


Aang, Kya, Jetta Sr., Jetta Jr.,Natsumi,Yulia, Katara, Shizo, Tenzin, Yukoda, Kana, Kaitomi, Aiyame, Jinora, Ikki, Meelo, Pema, Bumi, Anala, Ajala, Hopan..More


Korra, Kya, Katara,Shizo, Tenzin, Yukoda, Jinora, Ikki, Meelo, Minori.


Amon, Equalists, Koh, The Dark Spirit,

Chronological and political information
  • Ba Sing Se University student (formerly)
  • Ambassador(formerly)
  • Spirit Leader
  • Avatar Historian

Fully Realized Spirit Leader(in training)


Tenzin, Shizo


Air Acolytes

First appearance

Avatar: Tales of the World

Voiced by

if there was one Blake C. Clendenen

June's history

Son of Kya and grandson to Avatar Aang and Firemaster Shizo, June is the eldest airbending grandchild of Aang and Katara. He lives on Air Temple Island with his Uncle Tenzin, Aunt Pema and his four cousins. Although June knows a lot about the past, his grandmother, Shizo, feels he is destined for more and than airbending.

Early Life

June was born to Kya and Jetta, Kya Was the daughter of Avatar Aang and Jetta was the son of firemaster Shizo, Aang's old friend, June grew up living between Republic City And the Southern Water Tribe, he was forced to because he was an airbender that had been born to a waterbender and firebender parents because of his blood line that was connected to Avatar Aang, June was forced to lived 3 months in one place the other the rest of the time. in time June became a better bender while living with his uncle in Republic City and is connected to his spirituality well.

June and Korra

while spending most of his time with his grandmother Katara, June met the new Avatar Korra, in her early years of training June became Korra's best friend. Much of the time, the two would often sneak off to play in the snow. June was always reprimanded by his mother, but always thought of Korra whenever he was at home. Korra still claims to this day that June is her oldest friend besides Naga.

170 AG

Korra's Arrival to Republic City

June was not around when Korra arrived in Republic City. He came about 2 days after his Uncle Tenzin had agreed to train Korra in Airbending. June and Korra were reunited after about 1 1/2 years of not seeing each other. June had been tending to the world affairs that mattered the Air Nomads.

Romantic issues

June has always had romantic issues because he is usually consumed in world affairs, he doesn't have time to date, but with the arrival of his best friend Avatar Korra things even became more awkward in the relationship department, focusing most of his time on help Korra with her training June has a hard time at balancing his love life, it wasn't until a pro bending match that June was reunited with his old friend Minori, he ran into her with her cousin Shii Ann who was there watching the match, the two quickly caught up on the absence of time, Rather than watching the match the Two talked about how much had changed in their lives, Minori explained to June that she was the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors while June told her of his training, by the end of the match Minori had told June that they should catch up and have dinner, the two then planned their first date.

Korra then Began to become suspicious of June's odd behavior, and followed him around on his date, accompanying her was Bolin, the two quickly learned that Minori had been in love with June since the first time they had met, June of course always thinking ahead, told her that they should continue dating, even if they were separated due to their duties, a couple of weeks passed and Minori Presented herself to Avatar Korra and began to ask her questions about June, Korra replied with shock, Minori asked Korra what made her so special and why June was her best friend, Korra Replied that June was one of few that understood her and her feelings in a manner like no other, Minori replied that she loved June, Korra told Minori to tell June herself.

During their Long and secretive dates with Minori June began to fall in love, one day June told Korra that he loved someone but didn't know how to tell them, He assured Korra that it was not her that her loved in that manner, but someone who only recently came back into his life, after a long and deep discussion Korra replied too that she had fallen for someone the two friend told each other they would wait for the right time to tell those they loved that they loved them.

Junes Appearance and Personality

June is somewhat not so laid back in the personality department. He believes in the teachings Yangchen left: airbenders must fight in times of great need. June possesses a strong loyalty towards comrades although at times his patience is tested. June maybe knowledgeable about the old traditions, but is more concerned with the future of the Air Nomads. He always tries to be a calm person but often is often challenged in that department. June is also a highly proficient unarmed fighter. Using balance and coordination, he can strike anyone with quick fierce blows. June is the only male airbender in the world with hair; his hair is brown like his grandmother, Katara. He has it in a small pony tail but has it pulled back to still have his tattoos visible. He also does not have the grey eyes like his uncle or grandfather, but blue eyes, making him unique. June is also the only airbender that has a different airbenders garb: it is made up of the traditional orange and yellow, but also has blue mixed in for his Water Nation background, along with tiny shades of red for his Fire Nation background as well. He also wears a necklace that has the fire symbol along with the Water Tribe symbol for his rich background among the other nations. June is often outside normal with a cheerful but serious personality, making him resemble his Grandmother Katara in her youth, he is often the one that puts the group in check.

Air Master June

June is the only airbender in known history to have only mastered 28 of the 36 tiers and was still able to become an air master. He did create two moves: the air whip and the air sphere, which earned him his tattoos at age 10. He received his tattoos before Korra's arrival at the air temple. June doesn't normally have time to spend with his four other siblings, but tries his best to spend time with them when he can. June is the third child born of Kya and Jetta. June now also teaches his cousins and helps Korra in continuing her airbending training. June often travels to the air temples to check them regularly.

June and family

At the age of five, June requested to live with his uncle to become an air master. During his time with Tenzin, June became very spiritual and learned about the spiritual side to bending. June was at the temple before Tenzin's marriage to Pema. June became a member of the family quickly after Jinora was born. June loves spending time with his airbending cousins and still finds time to play with during his busy schedule, and loves to play in air scooter races. June is the Third oldest child out of his 4 siblings. Kaitomi is the eldest at 19 and Aiyame is the second eldest at 18. June is the third oldest at 17. Then Yukoda and Kana are 16; they are June's younger twin siblings.

June's abilities

June is the grandson of a firebender, waterbender, and airbender. June has learned the art of lighting redirection and lighting generation and he also has learned the twin dragon move from his grandmother Shizo. In the summer, when he was not airbending he would spend time with Shizo. June is the first airbender know to have mastered all three abilities. At a young age June showed excellent skill with the Air Nomad glider. He is able to create large gusts of air. June is skilled in creating extremely powerful Palm Blasts that are strong enough to throw boulders away. June also is able to inhale air to create large blasts of air to confuse enemies much like the technique used by Avatar Roku when he was trying to save his home. June is also a leading historian in the Avatar lineage being able to state the place of birth of the Avatar dating back all the way to the unnamed Fire Avatar. June learned this from his studies at Ba Sing Se University.

Spirit Leader June

Upon arriving to the Valley of Relics, June is approached by a man by the name of Hiresh, a man familiar with Spirit leaders. It is here that June begins to tell this man dressed in purple the very reason why he had come to this place, but that was not the only reason. From a very young age, June had bad memories of being someone he was not. Hiresh then tells June that he had met him at a younger age and took the test of relics by accident when he was visiting Hiresh with his grandmother Shizo. From that early age, Hiresh tells June he is the Spirit Leader and that he must begin his ability training and master the spirit as soon as possible for many trails await him. In "Book 1 - Lineage", June begins first with his earth sub-ability training.

June's Name Origin

While pregnant with her son, Kya was told that June was to be born a girl, but instead he was born a boy. While Avatar Aang was still alive, he had chosen a certain name to be given to the first airbender granddaughter, June, named after the bounty hunter from his travels. So instead of changing the name and still keeping with her father's wishes, Kya named her son June.

June's Family Tree

Jetta Sr.
Jetta Jr.

Preceded by
Spirit Leader Tsusa
Spirit Leader
153 AG - Present AG
Succeeded by
??? born in ???

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