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Lee, Kumaro, Aditi, Kato, Balin


Bharato, the Phoenix Estates

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Chapter IV: The Western Air Temple

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Juna was born at the Western Air Temple, and like all Air Nomads she was a bender. When she was twenty five, the Phoenix Estates attacked the temple. When her friends, Kumaro and Aditi, destroyed the airship, she saved some crew members because she knew it was wrong to let them die. After she saved some of the crew, she agreed to bring them back to the Fire Nation. When she arrived in the Fire Nation, she formed a rebellion along with Lee. When Lee was captured, she lead a mission to Nov Sol's arena to rescue him. The mission failed, as Lee died, as well as many other members of the rebellion.


Juna is a woman who values the old ways, and preserves them as best she can. When the Airship went down, she was the only one who wanted to save the crew because only she believed in the "all life is sacred" teaching 

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