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Jun Jun
Biographical information

Air Nomad


Air Nomad


Southern Air Temple (formerly)

Physical description


Hair color

Brown (typically shaved)

Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)

Airbending (Baguazhang and Jeet Kune Do style)


Order of Wan, Linjon, Cuaiua, Xuhon, Meelo (formerly), Ogomu (formerly)


Earth Kingdom raiders

Chronological and political information

Airbending instructor


Airbending master


Order of Wan

Jun Jun is an airbending master and a great-grandson of Jingbo, one of the first Air Acolytes. He would later become a renowned member of the Order of Wan.


Jun Jun was born and raised at the Eastern Air Temple. He was taught by master Otaku and mastered the art when he was 16 years of age, receiving his tattoos and spending a part of his life at the Southern temple. He was good friends with master Lyo and his son Linjon, and was among those who said farewell to them when they moved to the town of Haiqo concerning the actions of an airbender there. Jun Jun learned about the attack on Haiqo by the Bounchang Pirates led by a waterbender named Braqan, and helped Tirriu when he sought permission from the Southern Water Tribe to track down and stop these pirates, something that broke all of his Air Nomad teachings. Jun Jun understood however that, even though there are new airbenders in the world following Harmonic Convergence, most of them were still part of their respective cultures such as the Earth Kingdom and Water Tribes.

Eventually losing some contentment with the Air Nomad's want for a nomadic life, Jun Jun decided to go with Linjon and a former White Lotus member named Cuaiua to the Southern Earth Kingdom, that had now stripped itself away following King Wu's dismantling of the Earth monarchy. There, Linjon decided to begin a new Air Nomad culture, more protective of itself against outside threats, and named it the Air Republic. Jun Jun even befriended Cuaiua's boyfriend Xuhon, who was also an airbender.

It wasn't long before the Air Nomad's found out about Linjon's plans, sending his father Lyo, as well as masters Meelo, Otaku, and Ogomu to meet with them. Meelo demanded that they end their plan and return home to the Southern Air Temple. Linjon however refused, reminding the airbending masters of their Air Nomad teachings of acceptance and peace, forcing them to leave.

Jun Jun at first, almost left and returned with the masters, but Linjon persuaded him otherwise, reminding him how he felt about the attack on Haiqo. At some debate about the repercussions from their family and allies in the Air Nation, Jun Jun finally decided to participate in Linjon's plans rather than be a witness to them.

Jun Jun, along with the other Airbender recruits, began training in the style of Jeet Kune Do, a fighting style that would allow them to fight back against any threat that came their way. They succeeded, defeating multiple Earth Kingdom raiders. Linjon eventually decided to found the Order of Wan. Jun Jun was among the first to be a member of this new organisation, joining with an earthbender, a waterbender and a firebender. As the Air Republic had not been fully realized yet, Jun Jun was busy travelling through the Southern Earth Kingdom finding recruits.

Jun Jun remained in the Air Republic capital for many years until he retired, spent most of the rest of his life in a new constructed town, named after an ancient airbender known as Avatar-Guru Ujuan.


In his youth, Jun Jun had a playful and adventurous attitude similar to his great-grandfather Jingbo.


Jun Jun is an airbending master, mastering it when he was 16, receiving his mastery tattoos. After training under Linjon in the style of Jeet Kune Do, Jun Jun excelled in both defensive and offensive attacks. He could use the air around him so proficiently he could cut through rocks.

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