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The Extinguisher


Ancient (deceased)

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Black, typically shaven

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Firebending, Airbending, Waterbending, Earthbending, Energybending, Darkbending


Zhao, Long Feng


Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Zuko, Suki, Appa, Momo, Mai, Ai, Kato, Iroh, Hong Wu, Azula, Mongke, Banhen, Kuei, more...

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The Rise of Jun

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The Resurrection

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Fred Tatasciore


Early Years

At some point, Jun, along with his lover, Yazdalia, developed and mastered the bending style known as darkbending, which among many things had the power to absorb one's life energy. The man craved only one thing - not power or respect - Jun craved destruction. He successfully killed thousands of people single-handedly in his lust for destruction. He demolished countless cities and even managed to break down Ba Sing Se's great walls. It was his rage and his pride that blinded him and eventually led to his destruction. Together, the Air Nomads, Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom, and Fire Nation combined their military strength and sent their soldiers to obliterate Jun with the Air Nomads simply sending their best Airbenders due to not having a form of military. Jun had created a dark legacy for himself and was remembered throughout history as the most evil man that had ever lived. Legend had it that Jun's spirit still lurked about the Fire Nation, seeking revenge.

Life As a Spirit

Thousands of years later, with the help of Yazdalia, Jun was able to escape the Spirit World and roamed the Earth in search of the next Avatar so that he could destroy him. Decades went by and the new Avatar never arrived.

During this time, he encountered the latest in the long forgotten line of Dark Avatars, a boy named Ving. He took the boy under his wing and trained him in the art of darkbending until he was a man. By this time, Ving's mental state had deteriorated greatly due to Jun's harshness and he eventually left.

Around 84 AG, after Hong Wu and Ming left the Earth Kingdom Military to follow their own path, they encountered Jun who took them in as his protégés. He tasked them with finding and killing Commander Mangkr, a Fire Nation General who knew of Jun's existence. After they completed their task, he ordered them to kill each other with the intention of making the one who lived his one and only protégé. It was Hong Wu who would go on to be his protégé. Unbeknownst to him, Hong Wu faked his lover's death to make sure she would live. Shortly after this, Jun and Hong Wu split up.

Ten years later, Jun was approached by Hong Wu once more and took him in as his apprentice again.

The Adventures of Team Avatar

A few months after the end of the Hundred Year War, Jun, along with Hong Wu's assistance, freed Fire Nation Princess Azula from her mental institution in which she was imprisoned in, taking her as his other right-hand. Afterwards, Jun stormed the Earth King's palace, killing all of the Royal Guards present. He then proceeded to kill General How and severely burn Earth King Kuei.

A few days later, he sent the Rough Rhinos after Team Avatar in hopes that they would finish them off. This plan failed and all of them with the exception of Mongke were killed.

Over a week after this failed attempt, Jun's hideout in the Foggy Swamp was exposed and Team Avatar came in search of him and his underlings. After hearing that they were coming, he set a trap and instructed all of his underlings to capture everyone except Aang. Azula, Hong Wu, and Mongke were successful in doing so. Aang later found the location of his friends and prepared to free them; however, Jun had been waiting for him and ambushed the Avatar by burning him. He then proceeded to bend Aang's energy but before he could finish, Aang was whisked away to the Spirit World, leaving Jun furious.

After Aang returned, a furious fight broke out between them. However, after Aang's friends were freed and came to help him along with the Foggy Swamp Benders, Jun and his minions were forced to flee. Several hours later, Aang and Katara were searching for Jun but could not find him. Waiting in the darkness with Azula, Jun attempted to kill Appa by shooting him with a bolt of lightning, however he missed. When Aang reached Jun and Azula, he quickly took them down and they were knocked unconscious. Aang decided that the two maniacs would be taken to Ba Sing Se so that the Earth King would deal with them. When Team Avatar reached Ba Sing Se, they were not able to do this because the whole city was burning down. Jun later regained consciousness after Team Avatar had left him alone and unguarded. He entered the Earth Kingdom Royal Palace and as Team Avatar as well as the Ba Sing Se Resistance were being confronted by Joo Dee, interfered and killed Joo Dee with a bolt of lightning. He then temporarily took control of the Rebel and Dai Li members present, ordering them to execute Iroh, Ai, Omar, and then rest of the resistance. As he and Azula who had recently joined in the squabble, Aang who was in the Avatar State, attacked the madman but was briefly shut down by Jun who claimed that his battle with Aang in the Foggy Swamp was simply to test his skills in the Avatar State and that this would be easy. He then hurled a fire bomb Aang thought was aimed for him but he realized seconds later that Jun had aimed for Katara and had mortally wounded the Waterbender. Enraged, Aang bent all four elements a Jun who skyrocketed out of the palace. He and Aang continued to battle outside until Jun had been too badly hurt to go on. Realizing this, he escaped with Azula. After his escape, Jun and Azula met up with Hong Wu and Mongke in the Foggy Swamp, saying that they should move to a new location and that soon he would have his revenge.

After his defeat, Jun and his team traveled to the Eastern Air Temple and made it their new, temporary hideout. While there, Jun felt disgraced and humiliated that he had lost his battle with Aang at Ba Sing Se. When he heard news of the Rebels wanting to make and alliance with him, Jun journeyed to the Great Divide so that he may discuss it with them. The Rebels' new leader, Banhen told Jun and his team that Team Avatar was staying in the Fire Nation Royal Palace. Having heard this, Jun put the thought of an alliance with the Rebels behind him and left to kill Aang and his friends. However, he was prevented from doing so as Banhen ordered his men to obliterate Jun and his teammates. Jun fought off of most of the Rebels' soldiers with ease and later forced Banhen to retreat as well, calling him a coward. Little did he know that Hong Wu made a deal with Banhen behind his back saying that if they killed him in battle, he would give them five-hundred gold pieces. Several days later, Jun, Azula, and Hong Wu stormed the Fire Nation Royal Palace in search of Aang and his friends but did not find them. Enraged, Azula lashed out at her master with words of fury which led Jun to deal a painful blow to her center. Jun returned to his new hideout in Former Fire Lord Ozai's secret bunker and informed Mongke of their failure.

He later created fake documents, telling of his history except the name given in the documents was 'Xian' rather than 'Jun'. This was done on purpose in order to keep his identity hidden from Team Avatar. After Aang and Zuko read the documents, Jun, with his disguise temporarily discarded, attacked the young team of heroes and almost successfully killed Aang using Darkbending. However, he was defeated by Aang before he could do so, and was sent back to the Spirit World. He later escaped, unintentionally allowing Admiral Zhao to escape as well. Jun then re-grouped with his colleagues and prepared for the Battle for the Fire Nation Capital.

Once the Rebels invaded the Fire Nation, Jun and his team were the first ones to be a part of the action. They fought viciously but were outnumbered by Banhen's forces as well as the Fire Nation soldiers. They retreated inside the capital city and engaged Aang, Katara, Zuko, Iroh, Omar and about fifty Fire Nation soldiers outside the palace. While Jun rematched Aang, Hong Wu rematched Suki and revealed his plans out loud. Jun demanded to know what his right-hand man was talking about and after explaining, Jun became inflamed at Hong Wu. However, Hong Wu stabbed Jun in the back in two ways. Thinking he had won, Hong Wu let his guard down and was then assaulted by Jun and before he knew what had hit him, was flying through the palace door. Jun prepared to finish his former assistant but was distracted by Aang. He continued to battle him until they entered the throne room. After Aang and Zuko had gone to prevent the other Rebels from reaching the throne room, Jun engaged Banhen, who had previously attacked Zuko, in battle. Jun managed to defeat Banhen but was once again betrayed by one of his teammates. After being shot from behind by Mongke, he and Azula fled the scene, having once again lost during the moment of truth.

Following his defeat at the Fire Nation capital, Jun tracked down Team Avatar to Piandao's castle and battled Aang and Toph along with Azula. However, he was swiftly defeated by Aang. About three weeks later, Jun was visited by Zhao who wished to join forces with him. Jun accepted and allowed him onto his team. He then went with Azula and Zhao to the Fire Nation Colony of Yu Dao to track down Zuko's mother, Ursa and kidnapped her. When Team Avatar arrived in Yu Dao, they crossed paths with Jun's team. Jun demanded that Zuko surrender Aang to him if he wanted his mother back. After Zuko refused, both groups started to battle. Jun fought off Aang, Katara, Sokka, Suki, Zuko, and Mai all at once. When Ursa tried to persuade Azula to stop working for Jun, the masked man interfered and reminded Azula of what was really important, revenge. Jun was quickly cornered and trapped by Team Avatar and as Aang attempted to bend his energy, Jun was rescued by Zhao. The villainous trio then fled Yu Dao, promising they would meet again.

A couple of days after his defeat in Yu Dao, Jun and his team traveled to Ba Sing Se in search of a fourth member of their group. They sneaked down into the prison below the Royal Palace and freed the recently re-incarcerated Long Feng, taking him on as a part of the team. Two weeks later, Jun sent a note to Aang. The note said to meet him in the Yinghua Mountains so that the two could end their long-lasting conflict. Once Aang arrived, Jun and his companions ambushed the Avatar. Jun ordered his team to stand down, but his order was disobeyed by Azula who was greatly upset about not being able to participate in the final battle. As the lunatic charged at her master, Jun struck her with a bolt of lightning, killing her almost instantly. He then engaged in an intense battle with Aang.

In the midst of the chaos, the remaining members of Jun's team were eradicated by Aang. The Air Nomad then demanded to know the true identity of his greatest enemy. Jun obliged and revealed himself to be Xian, the very first Avatar whom Team Avatar had encountered twice. Jun revealed his intentions all along had been to steal Aang's life energy as well as that of his friends so that he may be whole again and have his revenge on the other nations. Aang and Jun fought until they fell into the valley below. Jun then proceeded to suffocate Aang using Airbending but before he could kill his enemy, Aang entered the Avatar State. Jun then did the same and an incredible battle took place between the two Avatars. As Aang was about to defeat Jun, he was taken by surprise and once again experienced the horribly painful sensation known as Darkbending. As Aang's life was about to slip away, he was contacted by the Lion Turtle who claimed to have the knowledge needed to win the battle. Aang agreed he was ready and with new strength, confined Jun. Trapped, Jun experienced the process of something almost no one had ever felt: Lightbending. The evil masked man shouted his final words before his spirit became one with the light and he was no more.

Into the Light

Twelve years later, when Bai Lung's plan to destroy Republic City during the Great Enlightenment failed, he and his warriors retreated from the city and fled to the Yinghua Mountains. There he planned to resurrect Yoake, the Light Clan's ancient, fallen leader and the man who created lightbending, who also happened to die in the Yinghua Valley in exactly the same way Jun did. Using his lightbending power, Bai Lung bent who he thought was the ancient leader back into existence, only to be horrified moments later to realize that he had resurrected Jun.

Moments after Jun's resurrection, the Dark Avatar killed nearly every lightbender present, with the exception of Bai Lung and his second-in-command, Chong. A fiercely intense battle broke out between the masters of lightbending and darkbending, with Jun coming out on top. He then went off to exact the revenge he sought after.

However, instead of attacking Republic City, as everyone had expected, he decided to instead attack the Fire Nation Capital. In a tremendous show of strength, Jun bent the lava within dormant volcano that the capital rested on, completely obliterating the city and everyone in it.

Aang arrived moments later and the two foes reunited for the first time in twelve years. They briefly fought, with the furious Aang using his energybending on Jun and then extracting Vaatu from his soul, effectively destroying Jun's identity as the Dark Avatar and reducing him to a powerless man. The Avatar then forced the madman beneath the cold, black waves of the sea, vanquishing him for good.


In addition to his already legendary reputation, Jun would go on to be reviled throughout his homeland for centuries as the man who nearly destroyed the Fire Nation, earning the nickname, 'The Extinguisher'.

Nearly 200 years after his demise, he was mentioned by Avatar Roku when the former Avatar appeared in a vision to Avatar Brek and mentioned the long list of foes fought by previous Avatars.


Jun is pure evil and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. He enjoys making people, especially Aang and his friends suffer. This has been shown many times throughout his long, long history.


Avatar: The Assassin's Sorrow

Avatar: The Assassin's Essence

The Adventures of Team Avatar

Avatar: Into the Light


  • In Chinese, Jun means 'powerful ruler'.
  • The illustration above was drawn by Firebender896

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