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"When the whole world looked to you for help and guidance, you turned them down. When you refused to be leader, grandmother, I took charge, and now you will regret making that decision."

"I know what you do to cities and states to make them join you. The Western Air Temple was nearly destroyed."

"Then you know what's coming for The Eastern Air Temple"

— Jufeng and her grandmother, Foky regarding Jufeng's taking leadership of the United Republic
Biographical information

Ju Ju (by her father, Wind Goddess (by her supporters)


Air Nomads


Air Nomad

Birth place

Eastern Air Temple


United Republic of Nations

  • 9 in Book Seven: Lotus
  • 23 in Book Three: Takeover

10,418 A.G.


10,441 A.G.


1 year


Foxy (as leader of the Air Nomads)

Physical description





4' 2" (age 9); 6' 1" (age 23)


65 (age 9); 156 (age 23)

Hair color


Skin color


Skin type


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Airbender staff

Fighting style(s)


Bending style(s)

Ba Gua


Airbending, Astral Projection, Flight


Feng, Tashi, Mija, Foxy, Tuit, Ikolo, Denora


Tian, Foxy (formerly), Tuit (formerly), Ikolo (formerly), Ryeke, Air Nation Army, United Republic, Team Avatar (formerly)


Red Lotus, Kyoko, Xu Len, Team Avatar

Chronological and political information

Airbender-in-training, Airbending Master


Northern and Southern Air Temples

First appearance

Fall of the Nations Part Five: Eastern Air Temple

Last appearance

Ju Feng's Power Put To The Test

Jufeng is an Airbending Master who lived during the time of the Insurrection of the Red Lotus in Kyoko's time. When they arrived at the temple and incapacitated the council members, she fought them by herself, being able to take them all down. But, however she was too late as they had all ready killed the members of the council. To be able to deal with sieges that would happen, she quickly mastered Airbending when she was 13. She grew up living through a chaotic world of anarchy, eventually herself becoming Interim President of the World, after Xu Len defeated his sister and his parents who were the leading members of the Red Lotus.

Early Life

Restored Eastern Air Temple

Jufeng grew up at the Eastern Air Temple

Jufeng was born in 10,418 A.G. to her mother, Tuit and her father, Ikolo. She grew up loved and surrounded by friends, as she was very pretty and smart. She was able to manipulate people into doing what she wanted, but, the power didn't go to her head. When she was 6, she got a pet Sky Bison and named him Tian. She became best friends with the sky bison and their relationship grew and grew. When she was 6 and a half, shortly after getting Tian, she found out she was an Airbender, which did not surprise anyone, as her family was known as the most powerful Airbenders in the world, and the most spiritual. She quickly advanced in her training, being able to defeat master Airbenders swiftly. She was even able to defeat a line of Combustionbenders, who could do Lightning generation and regular Firebending. When she was almost 7, she found out the Avatar had been discovered, overjoying her, as she thought she could take a layback on her training as there would be no threats to her.

Shortly after Kyoko's discovery, there was a raid of the temple and her grandfather was killed. Jufeng, filled with anger and sadness, used Suffocation to suffocate the leader, and blew the rest of the Southern Raiders off the temple, killing them. This earned her great respect, but she still did not get her tattoos. At the age of 7 and a half, her cousin, Princess Mija, her aunt, Queen Feng, and her uncle, Tashi visited. She hugged her cousin as she hadn't seen her in a long time. But, they had to leave due to the Triple Threat Triad threatening Republic City. Jufeng was sad and went to sleep. She faced many things in her life after the visit and defeated them all. Her Airbending prowess grew and grew, as did her spirituality and power, and she became a target for Bounty Hunters around the world, and renown, even defeated them too. But, she was still not a master yet, and when she was 9, her power would be put to test.

Attack of the Red Lotus

When she was nine, the Red Lotus attacked.


  • Jufeng's name is hurricane in Chinese (Simplified).
  • Jufeng is designed to be exactly like Kyoko, but smarter, more cunning, and more clever.

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