By PreservationsWings Part of the The Blood Bath of Fanons continuity.
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Twin Knifes, Machete

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Black Assassin Style


Judge Ezagon

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Judge, Gamemaker



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Siezio is the Gamemaker of the current Blood Bath, along with his long time friend, Ezagon.


Siezio grew up with just his mother, but this was fine for Siezio. He cared about his mother deeply, and had a nice and peaceful life up until he turned 12. He was called in for the Blod Bath. Siezio barely knew how to use a knife, and he barely won the Blood Bath, for he had only hidden from enemies, the one thing he was superb at. When he returned home, he found his mother, sick witha horrible disease. His mother died a month later. Since then, Siezio has been cruel. He started to trrain with a group known as the Black Assassins. He trained and trained, all the way till he was 16. He easily killed everyone their with his newfound skill. It was then that he met a new friend, Ezagon. The next year, he was chosen as a Gamemaker. According to the law, only people from the Republic City could be a Gamemaker, but he was chosen for the job nonetheless. He became Gamemaker with his friend Ezagon, and for the next 11 years, he has continued his job. He is currently finding tributes for the latest Blood Bath, and has found all 24.


Before Siezio participated in the Blood Bath, he was a sweet, young kid. That all changed when he was called at age 12. He didn't know how to fight, so he was scarred for life. Later, he was called back when he was 16, but this time, he had grown cruel. He savagely killed everyone. The next year he was chosen as a Gamemaker. After years of being a Gamemaker, he has become even more cruel, cold, et cetera.


Siezio has a nice tan complexion, with dark green eyes and golden blonde hair. He always wears a white suit while in public. His reasoning? So that he can show off the blood stains when he kills people. He is always smiling, and despite wearing a white suit, he still has his machete on his back, and twin knifes on his side.


Knowing the Black Assassin Style, he is a very capable and deadly warrior who specializes with his machete. He has twin knifes as backup in case he loses his machete. His friend Ezagon always tells him to carry a gun, but Siezio refuses to for unknown reasons.

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