By Agent Slash Part of the The Blood Bath of Fanons continuity.
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Blades, throwing stars, firearms

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Darkstar Assassins style


Judge Siezio

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Judge, Gamemaker



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Ezagon is the Gamemaker of the current Blood Bath along with his longtime friend, Siezio.


At 7 years old, Ezagon trained with a ruthless organization known as the Darkstar Assassins which is the rival of the Black Assassins. In preparation for when he turned 12 and was eligible for competition in the Blood Bath in case he was ever called for it. At 12 years old, Ezagon was called for the Blood Bath and when it was all over, he emerged victorious having easily killed all of his opponents. He was called back twice after that, once at the age of 14 and once again at the age of 17. Having won three Blood Baths, he became a Blood Bath legend. After winning his second Blood Bath, Ezagon met and befriended fellow Blood Bath legend, Siezio. A year after his final Blood Bath, Ezagon was chosen along with Siezio to be a Gamemaker. After 12 years, Ezagon has once again returned as a Gamemaker for the current Blood Bath, searching for tributes. He has found 14 so far.


Ezagon is more serious than his friend and always has been. While Siezio is always smiling, Ezagon rarely smiles. Since he was a child, he has been trained in the Darkstar Assassin ways, making him too serious for his own good. His three times on the Blood Baths have also had a big effect on his personality.


Ezagon always wears a black suit. He has black hair and blue eyes. He also wears shades, even at night. Why? Because of his training, Ezagon is fond of darkness.


Ezagon is a master of several different martial arts including Ninjutsu. He has concealed throwing stars in his suit and also carries several blades with him at all times as well as a gun.

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