Jousting and Ousting
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Spirals of fire suddenly went rampant. Hot wax. The candles were burned down. Was she getting emotional again?

Her friend, or possibly her only close supporter, Pinak, had decidedly rushed towards the nearest exit. Screaming a bit. Then suddenly she reappeared exhausted a bit by fear but mostly looking in wonder. It is at this time Meixiu started crying. At first it was sniffles but then big tear drops fell as though she was attempting to collect some source for water bending. Realizing the idea is not less than prudent. She used the water of her eyes and sufficiently doused the tiny inferno and resumed sitting and crying out non-bending trials. 

Pinak, sat with her, "You are amazing."

At first she looked up annoyed. This was no time for being satirical. Hadn't she had enough humiliation for one day? She was nineteen years old and one of the Avatars yet she couldn't do any sort of bending properly. Nor was she able to channel spiritual energy. Weimin, her older twin, and who was known more exclusively as the Avatar (most people forgot about her), had already mastered more or less a lot of things and so he was now learning amplified, specialized bending moves. She hadn't learned anything that well. And now just ruining a simple candle lighting was inexcusable painful. This is awful oh Great Creator so awful I wonder why in all schemes of things you chose me as an Avatar! I burned my candles!

"Hey, you bring out blue fire so easily. I know Weimin is very aggressive but I think it takes time for him to bring out blue flames." Pinak looked at the stickly candle cemetery, "That's because it requires more strength and concentration. There are many qualities of blue flames that are not known even to the wisest fire benders. But I imagined that they can also have a calming effect if used properly. The flames are hotter but they make this nice ambiance and generate less smoke. I am surprised that your emotions felt it was good to use for the exercise."

"What exercise Pinak!" Meixiiu wailed, "I made the candles useless."

"Those are things Meixiu, they are supposed to be useless." Pinak laughed, "You are a different person. I don't know how to explain this but I feel safer around you than I do your brother Weimin."

"Weimin is the Avatar. I am just a person who unfortunately can do things like the Avatars but I am no Avatar." Meixiu had stopped crying.

"You are such a big baby Meixiu!" Pinak shouted, "I don't see much out of you aside negativity."

"What do you expect?"

"Well, some motivation, and signs of confidence." PInak fixed her dress. Her pink and red robes were indicative of her nation; though many people nowadays do not dress accordingly to their nations much and many people still do. It was a matter of preference. Pinak was a Fire Nation princess who had taken an unusual route. She had come to Ba Sing Se to learn Lavabending. Though she was a firebender she thought that a good specialization of flames may accentuate this sub-bending to be added to the arsenal of fire bender. People found it a bit odd that a princess would want to become a researcher. Yet Pinak had a proclivity to do odd things like making small fire rings around plants hoping that direct flames can probably influence some to focus on more adaptive measures of self-defense or unlock in them a state never seen and how she powered different bulbs to help in plant growth. Though not an earth bender she actually loved gardening and agricultural endeavors a lot.

Meixiu looked at her. She always found Pinak to be very intelligent and envied her emotional and intellectual freedom. Pinak was not judged too harshly is she was judged at all. People looked to her as a failed Avatar. The pressures of that were immense. It made her feel cold and distant. Her parents were encouraging but she wished they would encourage her in something besides being an Avatar. Does an Avatar have the choice to be a non-Avatar? She wondered about this. Pinak and many people she knew could chose, without external pressure, what they wanted to do but weren't Avatars essentially without choice or were they with a choice from The Great Creator but people knew of the Avatar's capacity and they become a fog in front of the Avatar's choices? She had always wanted to know what Weimin thought. Though Weimin hardly or ever talked to her. At times he looked at her weirdly. Other times he would ask how she was training or how her day was. Other times it was humiliation on her failed exercises or even when they sparred.

"I have to spar with Weimin again too." Meixiu said this a bit quietly. With shoulders down. Almost defeatedly.

"Ohhh....uh..." Pinak was looking mellow now, her attitude shifted  bit, "Well I think you can fight better today."

"You know they are expected me to either beat him or match up with him." Meioxiu looked intently at Pinak who forced out a toothed smiled. Meixiu sighed PInak was nervously avoiding the precedented facts that she always lost to Weimin and that at times he hurt her badly. In those battles, though she had not mentioned it, though she felt obviously somebody else would notice (Pinak once addressed it a bit subtly) that Weimin was purposely a bit more brutal than he should be, angling her at her abdomen or ribs in a harsh manner or her limbs. In the finishing moves mostly. As though it was great spite and anger at her failures. Maybe, he considered them his own or rather a negative reflection of the name he built as Avatar. 

The match began with Weimin already earth bending; getting Meixiu not hold her ground, literally. And then attack her on the sides with wild air torrents. Meixiu thrashed bitterly and hit a wall with a hard thud. But then she got up and started somersaulting. Her acrobatics were beautiful. Though Weimin also jumped and poured of water and fire and tried to askew the ground again Meixiu just grappled on the earth as though she embodied a center and an epicenter of a fortress. Weimin then blasted her with fire and she eventually got hit. Then he blasted her with air and fire together to make a short work of her resilience (or so he thought). Meixiu got a silver fan, it was made of metal and it was actually a showpiece, and cut through the torrent of flame and air. Weimin squinted his eyes at this new form of defense and then bent the metal in the fan instead of panicking (though she was a bit unbalanced) Meixiu threw the fan at Weimin as a projectile and then metal bended it mid-air and Weimin's eyes grew large and her dodged the attack. She took the other fan and tried to bend it. It wasn't working. She attempted again but her sudden act of brilliance faded and in this time Weimin through ice at her. It hit her hip, a bit too hard for comfort and she staggered and fell. Weimin unleashed water again and this time the splash made her lose her balance and hit the wall again. But then she ran, wounded and fan in hand to an uprooted ground of earth and threw the fan as it was. Weimin grabbed it, a hint of anger in his usual blank face, and he shred it with his metal bending and threw it away. Then he started an ice shard attack and used a water ball like an air scooter and rushed towards Meixiu. At this time she used part of her armour metal to trap a few shards and then when he came she jumped at him and sliced at him with his own ice shard. Weimin was able to dodge that and give a wind enhanced kick on her belly. She skirted but regained balance. Weimin then earth bended the ground again all of a sudden making Meixiu airborne and then he hit her with a wind current and it was very strong one and she hit three high walls before coughing and on the floor again.

The battle was over.

"Weimin!: Sirena, their mother, and leader of the Dai Li was monstrously upset, "That last move was too much." 

"What are you talking about?" Napo, their father, head advisor to the Earth Kingdom throne, whispered hoarsely, "She is one of the Avatars she can take it and besides." Napo held his chin, "Meixiu hadn't used much bending at all."

"You are right." Sirena looked at how Pinak helped her daughter up while her son nonchalantly stood without much expression but then smiled, "She was merely non-offensive at this battle, again." Sirena held her head, then approached her daughter, "Meixiu, when are you gonna bend to get more balanced in battle?"

"Momma." Meixiu got up and angrily shouted, "I fought didn't I?"

"Yes, but not as confidently as an Avatar." She stressed, "You fought too much like a..."

"Non-bender." Meixiu looked away, "What;s so bad about being a non-bender anyway?"

"Are you kidding me Meixiu! You are the Avatar! You are supposed to master the elements not just sit down!"

"But I wasn't sitting down Momma I was fighting back!"

Sirena sighed, "You are supposed to master the elements Meixiu not just fight back or fight."

"Is the Avatar only a master of elements?" Meixiu challenged.

"No, but you don't have a good spiritual connection too." Sirena came back full force making her daughter look sadly away.

"It seems you are a wreck as usual sister." Weimin came in and laughed, "I guess being nineteen hasn't met you reach Avatar zone yet."

"Oh shut up Weimin I almost got you with my fan!" Meixiu was livid at her laughing twin who seemed so smug and distant.

"Yeah well almost doesn't cut it besides I am a better fighter anyway." 

Some beautiful women from various tribes came to Weimin with admiration. Some flirted voraciously. Others just looked on with supple affection. The boys in the royal training hall, where they had been sparring, looked at Meixiu and giggled and chuckled. She heard one of them say, "Weird ugly Avatar, kinda skinny..." and she felt she hit rock bottom more so than the onslaught of wind that had finished the match. Her brother's Southern Water Tribe girlfriend Azulak came by and kissed him passionate. She was a seventeen year old beauty. Her skin was not beautifully earthy as theirs; she has a softer white sand tone and dark violet eyes and brown hairs which was not as their black one. Meixiu sighed and was about to leave when the Earth King, Padowan, shouted:

"Hold it everyone! My queen and I have an important announcement!"

Both the earth royals rose up and looked at Meixiu. MingMei, the Earth Queen, looked a bit disheartened, though her spouse Padowan looked a bit annoyed, "We are happy that this new age of Avatars happened to be blessed upon by The Great Creator to our head of Dai Li, Sirena and our Chief advisor Napo. We were happy that in these times when the Air Nomads and us are having a bit of an dispute that the new Avatars were born here close by and that they were treated as equally as our child, princess Jaxei, however, my queen and I see that Avatar Meixiu will require more training and guidance. Her sparring with her brother is bringing down his proficiency and that is not a good sign for any Avatar so with heavy hearts we may have to oust Avatar Meixiu from the royal court to Republic City where she can learn more, at least, air bending for now, from grand master Ikki." 

Sirena seemed surprised. Napo did not. Sirena eyed him angrily. At that moment Napo refused to meet her gaze.

Weimin looked around and gave a shrug.

Meixiu just became teary eyed.

Well, this chapter in her life was closed. And she remained, to everyone, a failed Avatar. 

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