Journey to the South
Journey to the South (The Adventures of Qi)
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Avatar Korra

It had been three months since the group's defeat at the State of Yi and they had been travelling the Earth Kingdom ever since. They had covered a quarter of the Earth Kingdom, but on the last town they visited, they received a valuable peace of information that could help them find the Avatar. The people of the village had said that at the South Pole, there was shrine to Avatar Korra. Every now and then, Korra's spirit would come out and talk to people; maybe she would know where the Avatar was. The airship was currently heading south: towards the South Pole. They had contacted the Chief of the Southern Water Tribe: Chief Kanku. Kanku held the title of the best waterbender in the world; no one could beat him. They would meet with Kanku and he would take them to the shrine, but they would have to cross the blizzard that had come to the Southern Water Tribe for many weeks. Qi and Maia stood on the airship, chatting.

"When we get there, how are you going to get Korra to appear?" Maia asked.

"Well, I thought about that," Qi replied. "I'm hoping all my spiritual energy will make Avatar Korra come to our universe, but if not, I'm hoping to use my spiritual projection to call her spirit."

"Wow! You always have everything covered!" Maia said. "What happened to Korra anyway? How did she die? Did she have any children? What happened to the rest of Team Avatar? Asami? Mako? Bolin? Jinora, Kai and everyone else?"

"Well, it has always been a fascinating story," Qi said. "I studied a lot of history so I know a lot about this. After Avatar Korra opened up the new spirit portal in Republic City, she and former Future Industries leader Asami Sato took a holiday in the Spirit World. They emerged from the portal many months later and there they were forced to go separate ways. Of course, they didn't like that, but they were forced to. You see, Korra and King Wu had to go on a trip around the Earth Kingdom to elect individual leaders. Of course, that hard work was all for nothing now that the Earth Kingdom has a monarch again. Years later, she adopted a child. Meanwhile, Asami, Mako and Bolin remained in Republic City while Korra travelled the Earth Kingdom. Mako resumed his police officer duties and married a wonderful woman named Kyla. Bolin got engaged to Opal and they spent their lives in Zaofu. Several years later, Grandma Jinora and Grandpa Kai took a holiday to travel the world and they got married during the trip. Varrick and Zhu Li soon moved back to the Southern Water Tribe after marriage. After Chief Tonraq passed away, Varrick took on responsibility as Chief of the Southern Water Tribe as Avatar Korra didn't have time. Sadly, now, almost all the previous members of Team Avatar are gone except for my grandma and grandpa. However, I did hear that Bolin and Opal still live in Zaofu as elderlies. Now what happened about Avatar Korra is a weird story. She died quite recently, although you obviously know that. She died so suddenly, so tragically. It was so sudden, one moment she was fine and the next she was on her deathbed. Doctors say it was because having mercury inside her body for three years took a great toll on her life span, much like how being trapped in ice for one hundred years did to Avatar Aang."

"Wow!" Maia admired. "You really know your history!"

"Thanks," Qi said.

Aimei, Cici, Wang and Sha were in their airship. They all gathered in the same room to discuss plans.

"Well," Aimei said. "I heard reports that the Avatar State was seen from a baby born on Avatar Korra's death day in Omashu."

"Really? How can a baby enter the Avatar State? Even if they are the Avatar, they're too young!" Cici said.

"Well, it's not the first time," Sha said. "An Avatar long time ago: Avatar Ling entered the Avatar State as a baby. It was because he was in danger."

"But Omashu isn't in any danger!" Wang said.

"Maybe because the Avatar can sense Omashu is soon to be burned to flames! By us!" Aimei cackled.

Huo and Liu went to visit Maia and Liu.

"Captain says we'll be arriving in an hour, get ready to go," Huo said.

"Dress up warmly, the actual city may not seem so bad, but the shrine is isolated in the middle of the actual South Pole. It is going to be absolutely freezing there," Liu warned.

"Thank you, guys," Maia thanked.

They all dressed up in lots of layers and clothes and an extremely thick coat. They came out of the airship to the Southern Water Tribe. It was just an ordinary city, except it was built and covered in ice and snow. A young man in his thirties came hopping towards the group: Kanku. Like all Water Tribe citizens, his eyes were icy blue and his hair was dark brown.

"Greetings fellow friends!" He greeted. "I'm Kanku, Chief of the Southern Water Tribe and I am here to guide you to the Shrine of Avatar Korra."

The group introduced themselves to Kanku as he took them around the city. They took a tour, and it seemed exactly the same as when Korra was around.

"Now that we have finished the tour, I'm going to bring you across the blizzard to the shrine, are you ready?" Kanku asked.

"We were born ready!" Maia replied.

Kanku led them towards the south of the city, where they hiked for what felt like ages. The further they hiked, the harsher the weather conditions became. As they hiked, the city was left behind them and all they were surrounded by were miles and miles of snow. Soon, the blizzard came in. Snow battered the group and the wind howled like a lone wolf. Qi felt worn out and cold; there was nothing she wanted more than to stop or to have some rest. However, with the blizzard, that was impossible.

"How far are we?" Huo asked.

"Quite far," Kanku replied.

"I don't want to sound whiney, but are we there yet?" Liu asked.

"Don't worry, just another ten or so minutes," Kanku said.

The group continued their hiking in silent until they reached the temple that contained the shrine. The actual temple itself was a huge, stone, cuboid-like shaped building. Inside, there was a corridor of fountains, and at the end was a large statue of Avatar Korra in her prime. There was a creepy dripping noise coming from nowhere that freaked Qi out. The group walked over to the statue, yet nothing happened.

"Her spirit isn't here right now," Kanku sighed.

"Don't worry, I can call here," Qi said.

She sat down and tried really hard to focus and to ignore the dripping noise. It wasn't going to be easy to locate Avatar Korra's spirit; after all, Qi had only met Korra twice when she was younger. However, as Qi was in Korra's shrine, it would be much easier to locate her than if she was anywhere else. Qi tried focusing her energy on Korra, but she couldn't sense anything. Suddenly, she was plunged into a vision of Omashu... what was that all about? Qi thought it was strange that she was concentrating on Korra and saw Omashu... what did it mean? Qi tried to focus a little harder on Korra, and her spirit was plunged into the harsh blizzard. Why was she here? What did this have to do with Korra? She could hear something... yes... that was it... Qi could hear the voice of Korra's spirit.

"Help me," the voice said.

"Hello?" Qi called. "Avatar Korra?"

"Help me," the voice replied. "I'm stuck in the blizzard! Help me!"

"Korra? I don't know where you are! How can I help you?" Qi said.

"Just help me!" The voice begged.

"Okay um, I'll try focusing my energy on you harder!" Qi replied.

Then, the vision faded. However Qi didn't get up, she continued meditating even harder. This time, she was thrown into a vision of Republic City, although it wasn't the Republic City that Qi knew. For starters, the portal wasn't there. This seemed to be... the Republic City that Korra lived in. Qi was on the streets and she saw hundreds of people milling about. Then, one particular person caught her eye: Jinora. She looked fourteen and she had her tattoos.

"Qi," Jinora said. "You must be looking for Korra."

"Grandmother!" Qi said. "It's so good to see you! Yes, I'm looking for Korra!"

The vision of Jinora vanished, and in her place was a twenty-year-old woman with short hair and blue eyes. She wore blue Water Tribe clothes and was standing perfectly still as she stared at Qi. Avatar Korra.

"Hello, Qi, you have found me," said Korra's spirit.











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