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Oma's Journey To The North
Journey to the North
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Omashu Tales





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You Will Be My Hero

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A New Life With The Snow

Oma defeated Shu and his parents. And now, Oma decided to go to the Northern Water Tribe.

"Mom, Dad, I have to go...." Oma said after defeating Shu.

"We loved you so much..." Oma's father said.

"Where will you go?" Oma's mother asked.

"The Northern Water Tribe," Oma replied.

"What will you use to reach the north?" Oma's mother asked.

"I'll use my earthsurfing power!" Oma replied again.

"Be careful..." Oma's parents said. They kissed Oma and bid her farewell.

"I love you Mum," Oma said.

"How about me!?" Oma's father said.

"Okay..." Oma said.

"Okay what?" Oma's father asked. He was looking at her. He almost laughed. But Oma thought that he is serious.

"I love you Mum... I mean... Dad," Oma said.

"Good luck. Journey to the North isn't as easy as you think. Remember that, Oma..." Oma's father said.

"I will," Oma said.

"Goodbye," Oma's parents said. Oma's mother cried and looked at her proudly. Oma's parents hugged her. And Oma soon leave.

Oma went to the North Pole using the power of earthbending. She uses earth-ski to go to the North Pole.

"This is fun!!" Oma thought, "Hey what's that? That's really annoying. Are they fighting? Wow!! Fireworks during the noon! Amazing!!"

"Oh look, little girl arrived in an important meeting..." A gangster said.

"And wearing a metal clothes! Isn't that cute?" Another gangster said.

"Fireworks during a noon? Amazing! So you want to fight!?" Oma challenged.

Oma Fighting The Gangsters

Oma fighting the gangsters calmly.

"Go for it..." A gangster replied.

"This is way too easy than fighting Shu..." Oma said.

"HEAAH!!" A gangster yelled.

"Oopsy..." Oma teased, "You missed."

"You brat!" A gangster shouted.

"Brat!?" Oma yelled, "I'll give you a brat!! Heaah!!"

"Hmpph..." A gangster said calmly.

"Heahh!!" Oma yelled. He used the cable to hit them. She hit them hardly.

"Ouch!!" The gangsters yelled.

"Now taste that! Pardon me, I have to leave..." Oma said, "More important meeting!! North Pole!!"

"Well that's too easy.." Oma said.

"Dear citizen... Waterbenders rise during the full moon! So be careful if you try to steal something!!" A man warned.

"My... Just now fireworks during the noon... Now lights of rainbow during the night. Amazing! I better changed my clothes!" Oma thought. She changed her clothes because it's too hot for her using the metal-earth clothes. "Good thing I brought this bag..."

"Waterbenders are rising!!" A man said.

"We're doomed!!! We can't go the North by now!" Another man said.

"Excuse me, how can you go there actually?" Oma asked.

"Go by the boat nearby," The man replied.

"Thanks..." Oma said.

"Are you trying to steal? Because if you are, you will get doomed by the waterbenders!" The man said.

"No!" Oma said.

"Okay, then... Good luck stealing!!" The man said.

"Monkey feathers..." Oma said.

At the morning...

Oma Sharing Her Story

Oma telling her story to two Water Tribe Men.

"I'm tired...." Oma thought. She fainted and drowned.

"Look! Another ambush!!" A man said.

"It's not! It's a girl freezing!!" Another man said.

"Let's bring her!" The man said.

"Thank you.." Oma said.

"Why are you here?" A man asked.

"I escaped," Oma replied. Oma began to tell the story...

"You finally arrived in the north..." The man said.

"It wasn't that hard!" Oma said.

"It's hard for other people. But you are strong enough and smart enough to reach the north..." The man said.

"Alright... I'll begin a new life here," Oma said. She smiled at them. The gates are opened. Oma smelled the roasted komodo-chicken from the Fire Nation. The breeze of the North really makes Oma happy. She is really amazed. The city awaits her.

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