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Journey to Realization Chapter 8
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Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

Korra, Mako, and Bolin stood dumbfounded. What could these people possibly need help with?

"But we can't talk here. We need to be somewhere safe. There could be spies around here." Raina continued.

"What? Spies?" Mako scrunched his face in disbelief. "Obviously these guys are liars, let's go Korra." Mako pulled Korra away and Bolin followed. To see Raina's purple eyes one last time, Bolin looked back. The expression in those eyes told Bolin that she should be trusted. He felt that she was strong and had good intentions. Bolin was right, of course. A faint smile spread across her face, but faded away as she turned to leave with her sister. Bolin thought about how her eyes pierced through his green ones and how he seemed lost in her purple ocean.

"Wait Korra!" Bolin shouted impulsively. Korra and Mako were about to go past the alley corner, but when Bolin called Korra stopped. She glanced at the girls then at Bolin.

"You know what- come with me to Air Temple Island; you'll be safer there." Mako gave a suspicious look to Sahara. When Raina and her sisters gathered their bags, Korra escorted them to the Air Temple

With everyone gathered at the dinner table, Tenzin asked,

"Korra? Who are these people?"

"We found them in the alley and they said they needed my help." Korra explained.

"Hmmmm, very well then. They can have a seat. Air Acolytes! Go arrange the two a room!" Tenzin took a seat and Pema brought the last to bowls of rice to the table. Lin, Asami, Pema, and the children were now at the table as well. Pema, who was surprised to see the two strangers, politely asked,

"Oh, hello. You two I've never seen before. Can you introduce yourselves?" Raina sat next to her sister Sahara and nodded her head to Pema.

"My name is Raina, I'm sixteen, and this is my older sister, Sahara. She's 4 years older than me and is almost like a mother to me." Raina, with her finger, twirled her long brown braid. Her long brown hair was tied back into a braid that hung over her left shoulder. She left out the bangs on the right.

"Yeah, ever since we lost our parents, we've been on our own." Sahara explained. She had straight black hair that stopped at her shoulders. "But luckily Raina can water-bend. She gets it from our mother."

Raina raised her hand to what appeared to be a betrothal necklace. "My mother gave it to me when I was very young, before she..." Raina shed a tear.

"You guys are water-benders!" Korra beamed. "That's awesome! I'm from the South Pole."

"Well I am, my sister isn't." Raina responded sadly. Sahara frowned.

"It doesn't really matter anyway. It's not like I ever cared!" She was to hot-headed and there was a lot of turmoil inside of her. Sahara was a lot like Korra, but unlike Korra she had difficulty controlling herself. The rest of them gulped at the fact that she was angered at such fast pace.

"Are you sure you're not? I mean, you look like one. Have you tried?" Bolin asked.

"Believe me, we've tried. Sahara just isn't a bender." Raina shook her head. Tenzin peered from Sahara then to Raina.

"What happened to your parents and why are you all alone?" Sahara looked away. Raina placed her hand on her sister's shoulder.

"It's not a day I like to remember... We lived in the Northern Water Tribe. It was a regular day and my sister and I were goofing off as usual and causing trouble. It wasn't until the full moon rose that the actual trouble began. We were eating dinner and a man with a scar knocked on our door. My mom opened it was pushed to the floor. It was fire-bender and he burned my mother's arm. It was her weak arm that was spared, but it didn't help. She couldn't use her water- bending to fight. My dad grabbed a weapon and started fighting the man. Then, more fire-benders came and a man with a wicked smile found my sister and I. We ran out from the room we were in and I tried to use my water-bending to help. They captured me and Sahara and tied us up. The pointed a knife at my father and demanded he give them all our money. Our family wasn't exactly rich because we had everything we needed, but when my father told them that they.........they tied him up with my mother and had them taken away. Sahara screamed at them to let our parents go, but they threatened to burn us alive. I was so scared and hurt. The man with the scar appeared to be the leader of all the fire-benders, though the man with the wicked smile was nothing that Sahara and I thought. He was a blood- bender. He blood-bent my sister and I into a room. He told us that he didn't need anyone knowing about his attempts to mug people and rule Republic City from its rotten under belly and that he was going to set the house on fire with us in it. Our house was a bit far from the main village, so no one would have seen the house in flames. My sis and I had to act fast. It was getting hopeless. The heat from the growing flames was too much to bear and I was struggling to breathe. There was no water for me to bend an attack. But then I realized, where there's life there's water. I didn't want to do it, however it was the only way me and Sahara could survive. Sahara was sobbing and figured it was the end. She kept saying that it was useless because our parents were probably dead already. Quickly before the wicked man locked us in the room. I scrambled free. If it had not been for the idiot that tied me really loose, we wouldn't of made it.."

Everyone at the table was frozen. From shock, horror... The depression of the story was extreme.

"How- how did you make it?" A frightened Ikki said clinging to her siblings next to her.

"I never wanted to do it, though I had no choice. I- I blood-bent the man and untied my sister. We ran as fast as we could to escape. Next thing you know, we were stranded in the North Pole. For days we spent deathly cold nights in a cave hiding from the men who attacked us. Finally, they never showed up and that's when we left out on our own."

"Amazing, that's unbelievable..." Asami gasped.

Mako still didn't trust them and stood up. "You're a blood-bender! How can we trust you!"

Sahara shot out of her seat. "Hey! You can't say that, she did the only thing she could do to save us! We would have died! Because of her we are here right now and alive! That's why she never blood-bends even when we're in danger. She's too traumatized to do it! So why don't you shut it! But what would I expect...from a weasel like you." With that she left the table.

"I'm sorry about her behavior. Ever since then she's been on edge and angry, more than before. It's like her nature. I'm also sorry that I blood-bent, but if you see I didn't know what else to do-" Raina's purple eyes teared up. She began to sob. Soon, Raina was crying her heart out. Pema stood up to pat her back.

"It's okay, You'll be safe here." Raina cried even harder.

"I-I just... just... I just wish I could've said good bye!"

Dinner ended with the soft whimpers of a 16-year-old girl.

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