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Journey to Realization Chapter 7
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Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

After all the introducing and greetings to the travelers and the Avatar, the Kyoshi Warrior Chief, Sukia, showed the gang to a guest house.

"Thank you, Chief Sukia," Tenzin said for being given a house on Kyoshi for the group to stay in.

"You're welcome! It's an honor serving the son of my mother's great friend and the Avatar." Sukia bowed.

"Woah! You're Suki and Sokka's daughter?" Korra asked, amazed.

"Yes I am, Avatar." Sukia faced the others. "I hope you enjoy your stay here on Kyoshi Island!" With that, she walked away and left the other warriors to escort the gang to their rooms.

Once dinner finished, Korra decided to take a look around the island. A large statue of Kyoshi was proudly standing and Korra was somehow drawn to it - like it was calling her. Korra stood in front of it, admiring the art. Some little kids came up behind her screaming.

"It's Avatar Korra!" a little girl shouted.

"Hi! My name is Toruk and I like you're hair. Do you think that there's going to be another war??? Do you? Do you?" A boy howled. Korra laughed.

"Let me see, okay. Hi. Cool name. Thanks. No, no, and no." She answered all of their questions and thanked them for their rather abundant complements. Asami, who was in her room at the time, overheard the commotion. She looked out her window to find Korra surrounded by her adorable fans. Look at her! She's so full of herself. She thinks she's so great! Ugh! Asami thought. She slammed her window closed; it nearly broke. Asami sat back into a chair. She was leaning against a table writing a letter. The letter was going to be mailed. The letter was to her father.

"Thanks guys, but I kind of want to be left alone right now!" Korra barely muffled as kids came hugging her. Eventually, the hugging and over-enthusiastic yelling ceased. Korra was left alone to continue staring at the statue of Kyoshi.

"It's like you're trying to tell me something, Aang," Korra said aloud to herself. Her eyes wandered around the statue till it met the eyes. Korra was frozen like she was caught in a trance. Then all the things around her vanished. Aang appeared from the mist.

"Aang!" Korra smiled.

"Korra, I must warn you," Aang said worryingly.


"Danger is lurking nearby. You have to be careful!" Aang explained.

"I know, I know. The Dragon Men. I get it, I'll be careful." Korra assured.

"My time with you right now is limited. To speak to me again, find my statue near Air Temple Island. Though there is one thing you need to know: you will find two people you've never met before, but don't turn your back on them. Take them, make them your friends, and trust them. For they will guide you and help you." Aang slowly faded away and the vision was over. Korra thought long about what he said.

They will guide you and help you.

She then walked back to the guest house. It was getting late and it was time for bed. The group was going to leave early for Republic City in the morning.

"Ahhhhh, back in the city!" Bolin sighed with happiness as he spun around. The Air Acolytes helped unload Oogi and get the bags settled to the cement floor. The air smelled like flowers, but the scent of factory smoke lingered throughout.

"Let's go walk around the city, get back into shape!" Korra offered.

"No, you have to stay here on the island," Tenzin denied. Pema patted his shoulder.

"Come on, honey! Let them go, they'll be back soon."

"Fine, but don't go around getting into any trouble! Plus, we have to get started right away on your airbending training." Tenzin said.

"Yes!" Korra jumped in the air.

"Woohoo!" Bolin shouted.

In the city, things were back to normal. Of course, people who had their bending removed were emotionally and physically scarred.

"I can't believe it. I wish I could help all of these people, but there's too many of them!" a sad Korra mentioned. Mako and Bolin were with Korra adventuring around the city they had missed so much. Asami stayed behind at the Air Temple to unpack. Or so they thought? Suddenly, a noise came from the alley the three were walking through.

"Get out from your hiding place!" Mako yelled. He was not in the mood.

A pair of girls walked out from behind a large bush. One was a young teen and the other looked like she was 19 - an adult, really.

"Hi..." the teen said waving her hand uneasily.

"Why were you hiding and what do you want?!" Mako shouted. Korra pushed Mako back from charging.

"Wait!" she told him.

"My name is Raina and this is my sister Sahara. Are you Avatar Korra?" the teen asked.

"Yeah, what of it?" Korra placed her hands on her hips. Bolin was lost in the teen's magical eyes. They were purple! Nothing like he'd ever seen before. Bolin liked this girl and he knew he did right away.

"Don't deny the question! What were you doing and what do you want?" Mako questioned again bitterly. The 19-year-old girl, Sahara, got up.

"Hey! Don't talk to her like that or you'll get it!"

"What!" Mako howled angry that a girl stood her ground against him.

Raina pulled her sister back. "Well, Korra, we weren't hiding from you exactly, and we definitely weren't trying to attack you. We just need something..." Korra nodded her head with comprehension.

"And that is?" Korra asked.

The teen sighed.

"We need your help."

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