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Journey to Realization Chapter 6
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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

A frail hand waved towards Oogi in the cloudy distance. Katara bid a farewell to her son, his family, and Team Avatar, who were flying on the large male bison back to Republic City. The air was chill and made many of the group's legs go numb. Tenzin sat in the front with Pema and the baby, with Lin and the rest of the gang sitting in the saddle.

"Why does it have to be so freezing?" Lin said, while chattering in her now icy metal suit.

"Hmmm, let me think! Maybe because we're flying over the South Pole?" Korra answered sarcastically. Bolin laughed. Lin crossed her arms and gave the two a look that clearly screamed out You'd think I didn't know that! Ikki, Jinora, and a surprisingly calm-at-the-moment Meelo were huddled together, shivering from the cool mist that surrounded the flying bison.

"It's soooo-" Jinora began.

"My legs!" Ikki shrieked, interrupting Jinora. "I can't feel them!"

Pema turned around to find the 7-year-old without a jacket on. "Ikki! Put on your jacket!" Ikki scrambled to find her coat, retrieved it, and threw it on viciously.

"You need to stay warm!" laughed Asami.

"No kidding!" Bolin agreed as he pulled the collar of his jacket up to his nose.

"Don't worry, we won't be out here for that long. We'll be staying at Kyoshi Island before we take off again to Republic City." Tenzin tried to lighten up the mood. Jinora's face cracked to a smile.

"Kyoshi? Really? Now I really can't wait till we get off Oogi."

"But it's still freezing up here!" Meelo screamed. Korra stood up and stretched.

"Well I've got no problem with this weather. It's so...fresh!" Mako grabbed her hand and brought her down.

"Yeah, we know already. You were born here and you're most likely used to this...this death cooler!"

"Hey! It's not death. To me it's called home." Korra snapped back.

Pema moved from her warm spot on the bison's head to the back where the saddle was. "We should all get some rest before we land. It's going to be a little bit longer." She cradled Rohan in her arms against her chest.

"You don't have to tell me twice to sleep!" Bolin said as he lazily dozed off. As soon as everything was said and done, only the sound of snores and occasional bison grunts could be heard.

Mako opened his eyes and saw he was all alone. Fear shot through him like a bullet. Where is everyone? he thought. Mako glanced at his surroundings to find Korra. She was taking off her ponytails and let her silky hair down. The moon, which appeared out of nowhere, shone on her dark hair. It was a beautiful sight. Korra turned around and smiled. The smile really brought the heat. Mako felt warm. He reached over to touch her face, but then woke up. Something had jabbed at his side and shoulder. Mako was astonished to find Korra sleeping against him. She had moved in her sleep. Mako could've woken her, however he refrained from doing so. He went back to his dreams.

"We're here!" Jinora shouted, pointing to an island in the water. Korra was startled out of her nap and was glad they finally made it to Kyoshi. She felt surprisingly warm and found out she was leaning against Mako. Why didn't he wake me? Or move me? Korra thought. Even though she realized that she would have to find some way of getting out of the fact she was on Mako, she decided to stay the way she was. The bison landed on the island. Pema, Lin, Asami, and the children got off. Korra liked the way Mako was so warm. The firebender's muscles made her blush at the remark that she was touching them. Luckily, Korra didn't need to summon up an excuse for falling asleep on Mako, for Tenzin and Bolin needed a hand to unpack the bags on Oogi.

"Sure, I'll help!" Mako replied to Tenzin's call for aid. He got up and lay Korra flat on the saddle. Once he left, she got up and pretended that she had just awoken. She jumped off Oogi and was shocked to find Pema standing near the animal.

"It felt nice, didn't it?" Pema asked. Korra raised an eyebrow. Pema couldn't possibly know about her falling asleep on the handsome firebender.

"Uh, uh..." Korra sighed. She trusted Pema, it's not like she would go off telling people. Korra let it out.

"Well... I'm not sure. I guess it felt...good."

Pema smiled. "That's what I expected to hear. Come on, I'll show you where we're staying tonight!" Pema took Korra's shoulder and led her straight to the village of Kyoshi.

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