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Journey to Realization Chapter 5
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Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

"This is very disturbing!" Tenzin said with concern as he paced around the family room. Korra and Mako were standing side by side and Lin, Asami, and Bolin sat on a large fur rug.

"Are my parents really in trouble?" Korra asked. She was really worried even though she had a fearless appearance.

"Well, we can't speculate. We'll call the Northern Water Tribe," Tenzin answered. Korra's parents traveled to the Northern Water Tribe after her bending was restored; they needed to visit some old family members. Tenzin walked over to the telephone and dialed a number.

"Hello?" Tenzin spoke calmly into the phone. A man with a low, harsh voice picked up. Tenzin talked to the man and then hung up.

"So, is everything okay?" Mako hopefully guessed.

"Yes," Tenzin cleared his throat. "I was on with the Chief. He said we had nothing to worry about and that your parents had arrived safely." Lin sighed in relief along with the most-of-the-time-happy Bolin.

"See, Tonraq and Senna are okay. This mystery person is just a fake!" Mako comforted Korra by placing his hands on her shoulders. Asami eyed the two with disgust. How did I even like this guy....this..this.. Asami shoved her thoughts away like one might do to an annoying sibling. This wasn't the right time to be mad. Korra still felt that something else was up.

"But what about the whole Dragon Men thing?" she questioned. Tenzin's expression changed dramatically from relieved to shocked.

"Wait, Dragon Men? Where did you get that?"

"It was in a letter," Mako replied.

"A letter!" Lin and Bolin said at the same time. Korra nodded her head.

"Yeah, I'll show you...."

In Naga's barn, Korra dug the letter out of the pile of hay. After a long period of Lin scolding Mako and Korra for not telling them about the letters before, Tenzin explained what the Dragon Men were.

"The Dragon Men are a group of firebending men with diverse ages, skills, and knowledge. They like to mug and terrorize innocent civilians. Their most hated figure is the Avatar."

"That explains it!" Mako shouted. "The mysterious writer must be the leader of their group!"

"Yes. Shin Shu, he's the leader. A very dangerous man and firebender. He has a large scar on his right cheek." Wait. Large scar? Mako thought to himself. No, it couldn't be... A vision of his parents being attacked flooded his mind. The terror, the yelling, and the murders. Mako was suddenly getting very warm and dizzy - like there was fire all around him, ready to consume him. With the last amount of consciousness left in himself, he muttered,

"My parents....." With that, Mako fainted to the ground.

After an hour, Mako woke from his state. His nightmare. Korra, who was leaning beside his bed, smiled.

"You're awake!" Her smile made Mako feel like he was floating on air. Korra looked like a girl. Well, of course she was, but her smile actually showed of her girly side. Before her smile could sink into Mako, his brother punched him in the arm.

"What happened bro?" Bolin asked.

"It was what Tenzin said...Shin Shu...he was the one....he killed our parents!" Mako yelled, half scared and mad. He wanted so badly to let his anger and sorrow flood the room, but he held it in. Mako held it in for someone and one person only.

"Well, I better alert Chief Saikhan," Tenzin's voice came from the back of the room. "We need to stop the Dragon Men. The Republic City Council thought that their lives of shenanigans were over, but I guess we were wrong. We should all return to Republic City!"

With that, Pema walked into the room.

"Tenzin!" Pema said, her face very pale, overcome with fear. "The phone was the chief at the North Pole. He said that Korra's parents had disappeared. He wants to know if they came back here!" Korra's face shot up.

"No! I'm going to my room!" Korra wanted to end this horrible dream. Sad to say, it was all too real. Mako went up to Korra.

"Don't worry Korra. I won't let them lay a finger on your parents. I'm not going to let the same thing that happened to my parents happen to yours. I'm here for you." Asami glared at Mako. Her anger toward him was turning to fury. It wasn't fair that all the time they spent together he was thinking of Korra. Hmm. She thought. I'm not jealous. I deserve to be mad.

"I know this is a lot to bear, but there's more!" Pema interrupted. "I got a telegram from Chief Saikhan...Hiroshi broke out of jail!"

"Hiroshi!?" Bolin shouted with disbelief. "Wow! Not only does Korra have to deal with her parents, some Dragon guys, and this Shin Shu person, but now Hiroshi?" Mako eyed his brother.

"Seriously, Bolin. Not now."

"Sorry," Bolin whispered. Korra put her hands to her face.

"This isn't happening!" She shed a tear. What a fake! Asami thought. She just wants attention. As if she doesn't get enough already! Asami was a kindhearted person, however, she was letting her pain from Mako control her. My father, eh? Maybe it's time we became a family again. He was right; I wasted my time for a street rat who never really cared about me. Maybe it's time for my revenge...

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