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Journey to Realization Chapter 4
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Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

The bell that signaled dinner time rang. Korra and Mako left the barn and walked towards the house.

"Wait!" Korra said. "What do we do about this package, we can't let the others know!"

Mako took the box from her hand. "We can hide it with Naga and come back for it later."

Korra nodded in agreement and after Mako came back from hiding it, they walked to dinner. Bolin was sitting next to Asami, and Lin was there with them.

When dinner was almost over, Asami excused herself from the table. "Hey Mako, can we talk?"

Mako got up and followed Asami to the hall. When they were out of everyone's sight, Asami started talking, "About us.......I think know...."

She was cut off by the firebender, "Break up?" he asked.

Asami looked surprised. She hadn't expected this to be easy. "Yeah......" she said in an unsure voice.

Korra was at the corner of the hallway listening. She knew it was rude, but she wanted to know what was happening so badly. When Mako caught her eye, he didn't say anything. Asami didn't notice. "I think it would be best--" Asami continued, but Mako was paying attention to the figure at the corner. Korra gave him a look that said, come on, we have to open the package!

Mako snapped back to Asami and took her hand, "I'm sorry Asami, but I have to go." Korra had disappeared from the corner, for she had gone to Naga's barn to wait for Mako.

"Why?" Asami looked confused. Mako let go of her hands.

"We'll talk later. I have to see Korra." With that, he left Asami standing alone. Bolin, who had completed his dinner, walked out of the kitchen to find Asami. He was laughing at jokes he was telling himself, but was astonished to find the Sato.

"Everything alright?" Bolin asked.

"Ya......" Asami replied.

"Okay then, see you later?"


Bolin strolled away. Little did he know that there was a spark inside of Asami that was growing into a wild flame.

In Naga's barn, Mako met Korra and dug the package out of its hiding place in a pile of hay.

"Wow, that's where you hid it?" Korra asked.

"Yeah, why?" Mako glared at her with his golden-brown eyes.

"Oh I don't know. Someone could have decided to clean up this place and stumble upon the package, which I think we were supposed to hide...." Korra answered sarcastically. She laughed, "Don't worry, I was kidding."

Mako sighed. He opened the package and took out another letter. He read it to himself while Korra petted Naga. Oh, no! He thought. This isn't good. Mako put the letter aside and walked up to Korra.

"Want to see how to pet her?" Korra offered.

"Sure," the firebender accepted. Korra took his hand in hers. A warm fuzzy feeling ran through her body. She blushed secretly.

"Naga likes being patted on her back, like this." Korra brushed her hand and Mako's down Naga's back. Naga licked Mako.

"Haha, see, she really likes you!" Korra praised. There was a moment of silence before she realized her hand was still on Mako's. Korra wanted to let go, but it felt so right that her hand was there. She blushed again trying to hide her face, but this time Mako leaned over. Finally though, she let go and faced straight at Mako. The moment was perfect.

"So.......oh yeah!" She yelled. "The letter!"

"Yeah.....about that....." Mako said worryingly. Korra snatched it up from the pile of hay and examined it.

Dear Avatar Korra, I'm sad to say that you're not in luck. The lives of the people you love the most are in danger. I've captured them with the help of my trusty Dragon Men. You might want to hurry.....if you ever want to see Tonraq and Senna again. - ?

Korra fell to her knees. The wonderful moment was over.

"My parents!"

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