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Journey to Realization Chapter 21
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The Legend of Korra


Journey to Realization


Chapter 21

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June 26th, 2013

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Tales of the Northern Water Tribe

Chapter 21

As the storm raged on outside, Korra picked up the cloth to examine it.

"He joined the Dragon Men, didn't he?" Korra asked. Zuko nodded. "But, why?" she continued.

"Shin believed there was no longer a meaning to his life." Zuko replied. "So, he joined them."

"How is this supposed to help us?" Mako questioned.

Zuko refolded the cloth and rested his hands delicately on top. "Knowing a person's past can help you understand why they've done what they've done and how to fix it."

It was quiet for some minutes until Asami spoke. "Wow, that was very wise."

Zuko smiled with a distant look in his eye. "I learned from the best."

Tenzin bowed respectfully as Team Avatar loaded their belongings on Oogie. "Thank you for all you have done," he said, and Zuko bowed in return.

Korra and the gang were finally making their way to the North Pole. Once the bison was fed, everyone boarded, and felt a warm afternoon breeze against their face as they rose higher into the air. The former Fire Lord waved goodbye as the bison disappeared into the clouds.

They had traveled for 3 hours when Team Avatar finally stopped at an island for a break before they journeyed over the sea. The airbender kids ran around the plant life and the adults kept watch. Bolin, Raina, Asami, and Sahara sat at one end on the saddle looking toward the coastline. Mako and Korra sat on the opposite end, enjoying each other's company.

"So, um..." Mako began. Korra's heart was pounding furiously and she craved for him to hold her in his arms. The firebender's hand grabbed hers. She blushed as her fingers fully incased his.

"You're in Avatar training now. That Spirit World stuff... is it going well?" Mako asked. Korra stared away. I have to learn to let go. She thought.

"Yeah! It's all going great!" Korra replied untruthfully. Her light smile faded, however. She walked over to sit with the other teens. Mako followed close behind.

"Hey Korra!" Raina beamed. "We were just talking about Shin Shu." Korra raised her eyebrow interested.

"Ya, just about how messed up he got," Bolin conquered.

"Why would anyone want revenge like that?" Raina puzzled angrily. Asami squirmed uncomfortably where she sat.

"You remember those letters right? Well, one of them mentioned that Korra ruined the writer's life. But, Korra never had anything to do with Shin Shu." Mako explained. The group contemplated.

"Wait!" Sahara shouted. "Maybe someone's working with Shin Shu! What if someone's using the fact that the Dragon Men are out for you as an excuse for an alliance?"

"Are you thinking someone else wrote me those letters?" the Avatar said.

"Yes! A person who also wants revenge on you," Sahara stated.

"Then who?" Korra asked.

"Hiroshi?" Bolin suggested, unaware of Asami. She looked away, trying not to show the hurt on her face. Mako gave his brother a glare and shame took over the earthbender.

"No," Korra didn't accept. "It's not him."

"How do you know?" Raina questioned.

"It- it's" The Avatar got up and off the bison.

Some days had past and the gang was quietly waiting for the gates of the North Pole to reveal itself among the fog and ice. Rohan was growing, slowly. There weren't any signs of bending abilities, but he was healthy. Pema rocked Rohan in her arms and sang a sweet tune. Bolin had his arms romantically wrapped around a shivering Raina, and Asami whispered to Sahara. Korra leaned against Mako's shoulder about to doze off. She was interrupted by the airbender kids.

"We're here! We're here!" screamed Ikki. Jinora smiled with happiness and Meelo scootered around the saddle on an air ball.

"Wahoo!!" he shouted. The clouds started clearing and a massive block of ice was preventing Oogie from flying further. However, it wasn't just a block of ice, it was the gate. Northern waterbenders stood at the top and bended the ice. The big wall opened and the bison plummeted into the water. In response to the freezing water, Oogie grunted. With the giant gate closing behind them, Team Avatar rode the swimming bison into the Northern Water Tribe. Bolin was astounded by the massive ice palaces. Raina and Sahara held hands and smiled.

"It's so beautiful!" Asami said.

"Home," Sahara whispered. People were cheering and welcoming the gang. Some girls fainted when they saw Mako and in return the firebender laughed. Korra was smiling in awe to be back among people of her nation. She was genuinely happy; something she hadn't been in a while. They met the chief, who was very kind, by a bridge.

"Welcome heroes! May the Ocean and Moon spirits be with you," the chief said as he bowed to his visitors. Tenzin and his wife bowed respectfully. An excited Korra pushed through and past her friends and jumped towards the chief.

"Oh my!" Pema stated.

"Korra-" Tenzin commenced, putting out his hand to grab the Avatar. Korra embraced the chief who, to Tenzin's surprise embraced back.

"Uncle Unalaq!" Korra shouted with glee.

Unalaq (chief)

"Korra, my niece! How are you? I hope Republic City has treated you well?" When they let go Tenzin apologized to the chief about what he believed was disrespectful behavior from Korra.

"It's no problem Tenzin; I am very elated to have you all hear safely. Let me and the guards show you to the guest house."

When they arrived at the palace the chief bid them a quick goodnight and told them they would talk about important matters the next morning. Two teenagers walked out and introduced themselves. They were quite creepy and androgynous.
Desna and Eska

Desna and Eska

"My names is Eska and this is my twin Desna," one of them said. She sounded female.

"Such pretty names for such pretty girls!" Raina complimented. Desna frowned. Korra whispered to Raina.

"Desna is Eska's twin brother..." Raina blushed and gulped. Korra tried to destroy the awkwardness.

"It's good to see you guys!" She hugged the twins. The twins did not hug back.

"Hello, cousin Korra." Desna greeted dully. Korra stepped back and Team Avatar stood silently.

"We will show you the guest house. Follow." Desna motioned with his arm.

At the guest house, the group ate dinner and went to their rooms. Sahara shared a room with her sister. Pema slept with her husband and Rohan. Bolin was accompanied by Mako and Lin had a room to herself. There being only one left, Korra was forced to share a room with Asami. They barely talked that night as they got ready for bed. It was strange. But, as the night came and the moon rose, a feeling of calmness settled in the area.

"Goodnight," Asami said through the dark. There was a long wait.

"Goodnight..." Korra replied.

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