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Journey to Realization Chapter 20
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February 23, 2013

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Everything in italics is Zuko's flashback. It's that story he is telling Korra and the gang.

Chapter 20

"...We don't know why we were ambushed, but we here we are. With you." Korra finished her story. It was late at night and a violent storm was raging outside of the inn. Lighting crackled causing bright, pale- white flashes to light the room.

"Okay, enough of our story. What's yours?" Mako questioned. Zuko scratched behind his ear and his fingers lingered to his scar.

"My story is a long one, however I can shorten it-"

Korra interrupted, "How short?"

"Short enough." Zuko answered firmly. Thunder boomed and the rain came down harder.

"After my daughter took the throne, I became an ambassador for world balance. I began traveling the world. I loved everything about my job- helping people solve their problems, but most of was how I met Shin, my best friend..."

I was on my way to the Fire Nation capital after a mission, which would become my last, in Ba Sing Se. I was wanted at a center for mental health. They needed my thoughts on the release of their most important patient. I stepped into the building and was escorted through a hall. The men who showed me the way stood at the sides of a large door. It was the strangest door I had ever seen. Four locks and a bar! One man pulled a key ring out of his pockets and opened the door. We both stepped into the room, the heavy door shutting loudly behind us. I wondered why they closed my only chance of escape from that room, however I soon found out why. Silence was murdered when a sudden laughter tore free. Not a happy, elated laugh. A blood freezing, shrilling laugh. There was a mad man in the room.

"I knew you would come for me, Zuzu!" a female's voice whispered.

"Uh?" I said unsurely. It was too quick for a reaction. A figure jumped out from the shadows, lunging at me. I stumbled back shielding my face with my hands. Now in the light, I could make out who the freak was. There, in front of me was the face of a hungry person. Tattered clothing and bags under the eyes. The being's hair out of place and drooping from the roots. This person was hungry for power, or maybe revenge. It was my sister, Azula. She tried pushing herself forward again, but something was holding her back. Chains. Strong ones.

"Help me Zuko! Free me from my isolation, I'm more than ready." She persuaded me with tears leaking from her eyes. Knowing the chains would hold her in place, I approached her. I felt her face and looked into her eyes. Her beautiful amber brown eyes told her life. I knew she was still the cunning and manipulative sister I was meant to have. However, a force was warning me. I turned my back on her and demanded to leave the room. As I left you could hear shouts and wails.


I cried that night as I lay in bed. I would never see Azula again...and as for my thoughts...I can say that she never saw the outside world after that.

The next day, I was getting started on my course to the coast of the Fire Nation. I was planning on retiring from Peace Keeping in the Earth Kingdom. Half way through my travel I stopped in a village to replenish my supplies and get some rest. At the village I met a wealthy man named Shin. He offered me room at his house in the mountains. I gladly accepted and Shin and I became the greatest of friends. We shared the same taste in tea and played Pai Sho all through the night. He told me of his beautiful wife who lived in Republic City. She was to come and visit him in 3 days time. Shin loved her more than the world and what was to happen ruined everything. The following morning while Shin was out at the market, a messenger stopped by the mansion delivering a letter to Shin. I knew I shouldn't have, but I read the letter. Shin's beloved has passed away. She had become ill on her trip and didn't get the proper medicating. I couldn't tell my friend. Not yet, when he was so terribly happy.

That afternoon, Shin asked me if I wished to retire in my home land. I told him I wish I could, but I didn't have a house of my own. He explained to me that there was an abandoned building down in the village. He said he would pay to help reconstruct it and get me settled in. Within one day, my new house was finished. Or, should I say my inn. I decided to sell tea for the rest of my retirement and in honor of my Uncle, I named my inn The Tea Weevil. On that night, we celebrated the opening of my tea shop and my step down from ambassador. As Shin and I shared a cup of tea, I slowly broke the news to him about his wife and the letter. He didn't say anything until I was finished. When I did, he broke loose. Shin shouted out of control and stomped right out of my inn in anger. I told myself to wait for morning before I go to visit my friend. But, the next day, before I could leave my home, a letter was sitting at the steps to my inn. I read. My friend had run away from his home in search for his love. He clearly let the tea go to his head, but there was nothing I could do.

Shin was out there- somewhere. I just hoped he wasn't looking to avenge his wife's death. After that, business slowed and I stopped taking care of my shop. I couldn't help feeling depressed.

Some years passed and by miracle, I got a package from Shin sent from Republic City. Then, I knew where and what he had done with his life. In the package, there was also piece of black cloth with a dragon insignia on it...

Zuko got out of his chair and walked to his room. When he got back he placed a box on the center of the table.

"Open it," the old man urged. The Avatar stood up and opened the box. She pulled out what was inside and placed it on the table:

A black piece of cloth with a golden dragon on it.


  • Zuko did actually become an Ambassador for world balance after his retirement

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