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Journey to Realization Chapter 19
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Legend of Korra


Journey to Realization


Chapter 19

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February 19, 2013

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Chapter 19

Birds chirped and sang Korra awake. She got up and stretched. The sun was rising in the east and the light beamed through the little window in her room. There was a knock at her door.

"Come in." Korra replied. The old mad opened the door just a crack, out of respect.

"Breakfast's out on the tables. I'll be back in two hours." Korra opened her mouth to say something, however he left quickly. She shrugged her shoulders and got dressed. As she headed out the door she remembered something important.

The gang sat at the tables in the inn munching down on their food. It had been a long two days.

"Good morning Korra!" Ikki beamed, still chewing on a piece of bread.

"Hey." Korra replied. She rubbed her eyes and stretched. She took her seat.

"Guys," the Avatar began. "I think I know the guy." Bolin slurped some of his tea and raised an eyebrow.

"The old man?" he asked. Korra nodded.

"How?" Tenzin said scratching his beard. Korra sighed.

"He's Zuko."

"Thank you." Zuko said as he paid for his fish.

"No, thank you...former Fire Lord Zuko," said the merchant. As Zuko walked the streets of the market he felt a sharp pain in his knees. I'm getting old. He thought. The sun was high in a blue sky. A small wind was blowing and birds had created a symphony. Zuko was well-known throughout this little village. Many addressed him as Former Fire Lord or just Zuko. The old ladies who passed him by would giggle and flirt with him. After all the years, he still had his good looks- despite the wrinkles. He approached the last stand of the market.

"A basket of peaches, please!" Zuko asked and handed the salesman some pieces. He picked up the basket and set on home. A few more ladies smiled at him and bid him a good day. Oh, Mai, He thought. How I miss you.

"Zuko?" Tenzin inhaled sharply. Korra nodded.

"Doesn't it make sense?" she explained. "He knows us and that's why he's nice to us! And, I've seen him before, back in Republic City!"

"Republic City?!" Mako questioned suspiciously. "Back there? How?" Korra took a bite out of her food and swallowed. The pointy ends of unchewed biscuit cutting the skin in her throat a bit.

"The statue of Fire Lord Zuko." Korra said. "The old man is Zuko. I mean, why else would I have felt a connection to him?" she coughed and continued, "Plus, he has a scar. That makes it even clearer!" A blue bird landed on the sill of the window. It started tweeting a song.

"Bird!" Meelo shouted and ran to it along with Ikki and her sister.

"When he comes back," Korra began. "I'm going to confront him."

Asami moaned uncertainly. "Um, I don't think that's a good idea, Korra." She argued, "He doesn't even know who we are-"

"Oh, he knows." The Avatar said confidently.

The minute Zuko stepped onto the steps of his inn he knew something was wrong. He could feel uneasiness in the atmosphere. Zuko's heart stopped suddenly. They know! He thought to himself. He looked up to the sky again. Clouds were forming. Clouds. Forming. Storm. A big one was coming and he could tell. Zuko stepped into his inn and was pushed into the wall. His grocery bags dropped to the floor. The peaches rolled under tables and chairs.

"Aagh!" the old mad groaned. Korra pushed him into a seat.

"Look, we want to know who you are and why you didn't tell us!" she yelled.

"What do you mean?" Zuko asked faking.

"You know what we mean!" Mako came in from the kitchen. "You knew who we were all along." The old mad sighed.

"You are right. I did," he said.

"Then tell us what you know." Korra commanded.

"Not until you tell me your story first...Avatar." Zuko mocked. The word "Avatar" made a burning sensation in Korra's chest.

"Why should we go first?" she puzzled angrily.

"Because I have information about the Dragon Men." He described. Korra's eyes lit up.

"Fine." She resigned in defeat. The others showed up through the kitchen door. Thunder crackled outside and it started to rain.

"Have a seat." Zuko pointed to an empty table to the far left of the inn. Pema ordered the children to help and pick up Zuko's bags and fruits off the floor as she, her husband, Lin, and the teens sat around Zuko. Once they were settled down, Korra cleared her throat.

"It started at the South Pole."

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