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Journey to Realization Chapter 18
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Legend of Korra


Journey to Realization


Chapter 18

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January 20, 2013

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Chapter 18

"Ugh." The Avatar sighed in disappointment. "We're never going to find a place to stay at this rate!" Korra frowned towards Pema, who was taking her time in the various shops. The village the gang had stopped in was a quiet, little community- nothing like Republic City. It was really old fashioned. There were no giant buildings or vehicles. Just cottages, a tiny market, and vast farm land. Raina tapped Korra's shoulder.

"There was this man Jinora saw, but Tenzin didn't even give him a second look..."

"Something tells me we're going to end up camping tonight." Korra laughed. Lin turned around interested in their conversation.

"What man?" she questioned.

"Over there!" Jinora pointed. "Back at that small house!"

"I'll talk to your father." Lin said as she walked towards Tenzin and Pema. They argued for a minute and then she came back. Lin's face was red.

"So...? What happened?" Korra questioned.

"Sometimes I wonder how much more annoying that man can get! He won't even try to reason with me, he's too worried that this guy is associated with the Dragon Men. Anyone could have a scar!" Lin started walking in the direction of the elder's home.

"Where are you going?" Raina raised her hand.

"To go find out. You coming?" Raina nodded and Jinora smiled. Korra came along. Asami, Mako, Bolin, and Sahara noticed Korra strolling away and decided to follow. Meelo glanced at his sister.

"What are they doing?" Ikki shrugged in confusion.

"Dad!" Ikki shouted. "I want to go with them!"

"Me too!" Her brother agreed. Their parents raised eyebrows.

"Do what?" Tenzin asked. He then realized... Korra had gone to that house!

"Criminy!" He mumbled. "Pema we have to go, Korra's getting into trouble."


"The Tea Weevil?" Asami read. There was a large sign hanging on the roof of the little cottage. It was made of wood and was peeling due to aging. She reached for the door handle when a bright red letter from the sign began to swing as its nails gave way.

"Are you guys sure about this?" Asami asked worriedly. Raina stepped forward.

"Well the writing says what the writing says; it looks like a nice place. I think we should check it out." With that, the old wooden door creaked open and the old man appeared in the doorway. He smiled.

"Come in, come in! He motioned with is wrinkled hand. The gang, minus Tenzin, his wife, Ikki, and Meelo, agreed to go in. The cottage was nothing they imaged. It looked small on the outside, however was quite spacious on the inside.

"Welcome to my inn!" the old man said. Korra stared at him. She knew it was rude. She knew it was wrong. But, something felt strange between her and the old man.

"This is an inn!?" Jinora shouted. Raina gave her "a look" and she quieted down.

"Yes, well it was...It used to be the finest place in town! People would come for tea and shelter, but now no one has even taken a chance with this place. It's not what it used to be." Korra and her friends looked around. He was right. The tables were rough at touch and the walls were molding. The lights hanging from the ceiling flickered with irregular patterns. There was awkward silence.

"Um, why don't you guys sit..." the man offered them chairs. "I'll be back with some tea!" He left the table and disappeared into the back of the inn. Bolin shuffled uncomfortably in his seat.

"Does anyone else feel this guy giving them the creeps?" Mako nodded.

"I don't even know why I'm here!" Sahara agreed. The Avatar was staring where the old man had left. I recognize him, but who is he? Korra thought.

"Korra?" Lin called. "Korra!" She snapped back to reality.

"Oh, yeah what?" Korra questioned eyeing her friends back and forth.

"Are you doing okay?" the fire bender took her hand. She felt a sudden surge of energy as he did so and she let go rather quickly.

"Mhm," she answered nervously. The old man came back with a tray of tea. He gave each of them a cup and grabbed a chair to sit down himself.

"So what brings you travelers here?" Korra took a sip out of her cup and replied.

"We're on our way to the North Pole." The old man nodded. "We wanted to stop at the Palace, but..." she continued. "Some things just didn't go as planned and now we need to look for a place to stay." The man's eyes sparkled as she said those words.

"You can stay here!" He smiled, deepening the wrinkles around his eyes. He noticed the group in doubt about his inn. "I know it's a little this and that, however it's open to you."

"I got it!" Jinora screamed, jumping out of her chair. All eyes were on her. "We can help you get your inn back in business!"

Raina contradicted over the 10 year old's plans. "How are we supposed to do that?"

But before Jinora could answer the inn door slammed opened. There was Tenzin.

"How dare you disobey me!" A furious Tenzin scolded.

"You don't have to baby me, I'm the Avatar!!!" Korra shouted back. The two were outside the inn. The sun was slowly setting casting orange light against them.

"I am your guardian on this trip which means I have to make sure you don't get into any trouble!"

Korra frowned. "Tenzin I'm telling you! This guys isn't bad! Well...I know I don't know it yet, but I feel something about him!"

Pema walked into the discussion. "Honey, I think Korra's right. The man looks harmless, let's just get to know him before you start accusing him of being an enemy."

Her husband peered down at his feet and sighed. "Alright."

Back in the inn, Jinora was already setting up her strategy to bring The Tea Weevil back in progress.

"First we need to fix the inside of this place! Make it more exciting!"

"Exciting?" the old man questioned.

"Yes, exactly! We want people to come in and come back again. Not take one look and never dream about this place!" The group nodded their head stubbornly.

"Okay! I'm going to assign your positions, but before that any questions?"

Bolin raised his hand cautiously.

"Yes, Bolin?"

"Why are you yelling?" the earthbender asked. Jinora got down from her stool, which she had been standing on and marched over to Bolin.

"Never mind! Never mind!" Bolin squealed. Jinora nodded.

"I need all the girls for inside decorating!" The girls walked up to Jinora in a line. It was like military school and Jinora was General Jinora.

"Wait." She placed her palm on Korra's stomach. "Not you. You may be a girl but we could use you with the guys."

Korra grunted, "Oh, whatever."

Jinora smiled. "Perfect... Now get to work!!!"

While the woman worked on decorations and table cloths inside the inn, Bolin and his brother helped move and fix furniture.

"Hey Korra!" Jinora called from the doorway of the inn. "Could you help us with the lanterns?"

"Sure," Korra accepted. She got up from sitting on the ground outside and went in.

"So, what do you need me to do?" She said scratching her thigh. Raina placed a cushion on a chair and directed her friend.

"We need you to light up the lanterns." Raina explained.

"Oh!" Korra said. "That's easy!" the Avatar climbed atop a naked wooden table and shot tiny flames off her fingertips. The lanterns lit up the inn beautifully.

"Great!" Jinora beamed. "You better get to fixing that sign outside, it's going to get dark soon." Korra stepped back outside.

"Hey Mako? Could you help me fix the sign?" Mako looked up from his work.

"Sure," he replied. "Later Bo!" Mako said to his brother. The firebender went to aid Korra. They climbed up to the roof and sat there staring at the sunset.

"Korra-" Mako began.

"Yeah?" she looked into his eyes. His hand crept for hers and she noticed. What was she going to do?

"Korra, Mako!!!" Jinora yelled. Korra jumped nearly falling off the roof. Jinora spotted the two.

"There you guys are, now hurry up! It's time to see all the work we've done!" Korra and Mako got back to work on the sign. They didn't talk. Neither knew what to say.

"This is it!" Jinora cried gleefully. "We did it!" The entire gang admired the newly refurbished inn. It was inviting on the inside and the outside. The tables were set with nice red laced cloths and the walls were lined with flowers and vines. The floor was blanketed by green rugs and the lanterns were lit. The red letters on the sign outside were bright and lively.

"How can I thank you?" The old man asked.

"Can we have a place to stay?" Pema suggested.

"You are my honored guests!" the man agreed to happily.

It was night and the group was shown to their rooms. Korra lay in her bed contemplating on her day and who the old man could be. He has a scar and I've seen him before...but where? Was it Republic City? Why do I feel an attachment to him? She thought about it for an hour or so until she sat up in her bed. She knew who he was.

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