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Journey to Realization Chapter 17
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Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

Feet of many sizes hit the ground. They were now on Fire Nation territory.

"We made it here, now what?" Korra asked. It was almost sundown and Tenzin and the gang jumped off of Oogi.

"We're going to the palace. I've informed the Fire Lady."

"Ah.." Korra nodded. Mako stepped up beside her. Their arms touched. She didn't move away.

"Let's get on going then!" Raina pushed forward.

It was a long walk to the palace. And it was very quiet.

"Why couldn't we ride on Oogi!?" Ikki complained.

"Ikki!" Pema scolded.

"Fine." She resigned. Ikki skipped over to the bison.

"You wouldn't mind us riding on you again, would you?" Oogi growled in fatigue. Ikki crossed her arms and continued to walk. When they got to the gates of the palace something was wrong. There were open.

"Why are they open?" Bolin questioned in worry.

"I'm not sure." Tenzin said scratching his bald head. Sahara sighed.

"Well didn't you send a hawk out? Maybe they knew we were coming and unlocked the gates for us."

"Whatever it is it's strange...." Mako agreed with his brother. Korra wiped beads of sweat of her forehead.

"Let's just go in already, it's soo hot!" The group went in and no one noticed the gate slowly close behind them. As they marched up steps, Asami stopped short.

"Okay, something is not right here at all! You'd figure there'd be guards here. There's not a living person outside this palace, but us!" She was wrong. There was a shuffle in a nearby bush and men started to spread around them. By instinct, the benders assumed fighting positions.

"We're being attacked!" shouted Korra. Pema screamed as a man approached her.

"Lin!" Tenzin called out. "Get Pema, Asami, and the children out of here!" Lin ran and shot her metal ropes at the attackers.

"We need to split!" said Tenzin. "Bolin and Raina, take those two!" He pointed to two guards coming from the outside gate. "Korra come with me! Mako, take Sahara!"

"Waitm what?" Korra disagreed.

"Go!" Tenzin ignored. Ugh. Korra thought to herself. The master air bender blasted four men into the nice gardening of the palace. Korra bent some water from a decorative fountain and drenched her followers.

"Why are you doing this?" Sahara asked as she was bringing down a man single handedly.

"Any enemy to the Fire Nation is an enemy to the royal palace!" He breathed heavily now. Sahara was winning.

"We are not enemies! We're- " She was cut short.

"Tell it to people who'll believe it." With that, the guard knocked her off her feet. Mako turned around from his fight and went to aid Sahara. Korra got distracted by this and was burned on the arm by another guard who had fire bended at her while she was distracted.

"No!" Korra screamed grasping her arm.

"We need to get out of here!" Bolin encouraged.

"Wait!" Korra said. "What about the Fire Lady? We need to find out what's going on!" She turned and ran towards the palace doors.

"But Korra, you're hurt!" Raina put our her hand. Though Korra kept running.

"Ugh!" Tenzin grumbled in frustration. "Everyone get to Oogi and fly over the Palace. I'm going to get Korra!" The rest of them went to find Oogi and the others. Tenzin used his air bending to outsmart the angered guards and catch up to the Avatar. Korra burst through the doors. There was the Fire Lady talking to a royal assistant.

"I'm sorry your highness! But, I think your people made a mistake?" Tenzin came in close behind.

"Korra!" he howled. However, it was too late. The Fire Lady rose her hand and said,

"Arrest them!"

Tenzin and Korra escaped through the roof destroying it. Oogi was atop waiting for them. Once they got on they flew into the afternoon sky. Rohan was crying as most babies do.

"Why did they do that to us?" Asami asked. Tenzin tightened his grips on the bison's reigns in anger. His knuckles turned white.

"Someone must have done this! Why would they think we were traitors?"

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm not going to stay around to worry about who did this or who did that. I'm turning in early." Sahara laid down and closed her eyes.

"What do we do now?" Bolin yawned. "We can't just keep flying, Oogi's just as tired as I am."

"We can stop at a village and see if anyone lets us stay for the night!" Korra suggested.

"That's a great idea, Korra" Pema smiled. "Let's do it." Raina got up to heal Korra.

"You were burned pretty badly." She noticed as she did her work.

Tenzin landed the Bison once he spotted a small town. They rain checked on finding a place to stay and went to a market. Pema wanted to fill up on supplies. As she observed a veggie stand, Jinora found an old man peering out at them through his little cottage window.

"Hey!" she tugged on Raina's pants. "Look at that guy, he looks friendly." Raina giggled.

"Maybe we should talk to him Tenzin? He can help us!"

Tenzin turned to look at the elderly man. "No, it is not fitting. His large scar has bad news written all over it."

"Fine..." Jinora accepted. The old man did have a large scar on his left of his face. He continued to watch the gang as they traveled the market and smiled. He left the window and sat at a table, pouring himself a cup of Jasmine tea. It'll be great to see you again...Avatar...He thought to himself.

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