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Journey to Realization Chapter 16
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Legend of Korra


Journey to Realization


Chapter 16

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September 24th, 2012

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Chapter 16

Korra found the sun beating down on her face. She rubbed her eyes and looked around. Asleep. Everyone was asleep. Except for Tenzin, who was sitting on Oogi's head guiding the bison. She sleepily walked over and placed herself next to him.

"Hey," the Avatar greeted. Tenzin smiled.

"Good morning. How was your night? Any dreams or visions?"

The Avatar stopped breathing. "No..." Korra lied. "Um," she wanted to change the subject, "so, what's the plan for our stop in the Fire Nation?" Tenzin stroked his beard.

"Well, I've sent a messenger hawk to the palace and asked for the Fire Lady to let us stay in her home. It's the safest place to stop for now." Korra nodded her head.

"How much longer till we get there?"

"One more day and we'll arrive," Tenzin replied.

"Okay, thanks," Korra said as she walked back to the saddle. The group started to wake up.

"Awwwww!" Yawned Bolin. "Such wonderful weather..." He stretched watching the clear skies. Raina giggled. Mako was sitting with one arm leaning against his knee. His expression was blank. The air bender kids arose and began their usual activities.

"Dad, are we there yet? Please say we're there, please!!!" Ikki bounced gleefully.

"No, Ikki..." Tenzin sighed. "Not yet."

Korra took a seat rather despondently. A darkness hovered over her.

"Hey," The figure spoke. "We need to talk."

The violent movements from the bumpy road made Senna dizzy. Oh great! This is just what we needed, more trouble! She gazed around the metal box she was in. How I wish I had bending abilities. It's going to take more than Tonraq's skill to get us out of this! It's time for some girl power other than's time to remember...

Korra stood up and turned around. Mako placed a hand on her shoulder. She turned away.

"You have to listen!" he yelled in a whisper.

"Why don't you go talk to Sahara?" Korra urged bitterly. The fire-bender grabbed her by the arm and pulled her in close. Before she could push Mako back, he smacked his lips onto hers. All her painful feelings burned away as her love's heated breath breezed past her nose.

Senna moved her hands around the rope. I need to get free! But, how? She paused and thought. Quickly, she took her fingers apart and with one hand, reached for the rope on her wrists. Her left hand pulled it away from her wrists slowly. The gap was big enough for her hand to slide through. Now free, Senna needed a way out. The box was being jolted around by the car it was on. Hmmm. Senna thought. What if I knock it off the car? She knew it was risky, but she had no choice. I have to do it, for Tonraq. For all the times he was there for me.

Senna positioned herself in the box and hit the side. She heard it move over the sound of the mobile engine. A little more... She said to herself. One more time, she crushed her shoulder into the side. There was a deafening silence and then so many things happened at once. The box tumbled off the car and down a hill. Senna, trapped inside, held her arms over her neck for protection. Then, everything stopped. A tree made contact with the box, denting the corner open. Senna pushed on the open metal with all her strength and with success, it broke completely off. Now outside, she scanned her surroundings. She was in a forest and it was snowing. There wasn't any sign of the car. I have to find Tonraq's car! Senna trudged through the snow towards the road. She didn't know where she was, however, she knew she wasn't in Republic City anymore.

"Search for the hostage!" Came the sound of a man's voice.

The Dragon Men are looking for me! Senna thought, alarmed. She ran from the voice and hid behind a tree. She heard the terrifying noises of men walking through the woods. Good, if they're looking for me, I can get Tonraq.

Tonraq sat disappointed in his box wondering why the car had stopped. Poor Senna, this must be terrible for her!

Senna escaped the Dragon Men infested woods and continued on to the road. No one was by the car. She finnally saw the Sato Mobile. She knew, inside, was her husband.

When they finally broke free, Mako apologized.

"Listen, there's nothing between Sahara and I. Or at least I believe. It was all a misunderstanding. She found out she was a bender and she was thankful! Then Pema sent her to help me with my wound and-" he paused. "Why are you smiling? I thought you would be mad!" Korra laughed.

"It's just that, I was so stupid to think you would do that to me that it's funny!"

"So, you're not mad?" The fire-bender questioned.

"Not as much, but are you mad at me?" Korra replied. Mako grinned and hugged Korra for a long time. Finally he answered,

"I was never upset..."

How would she do it? How would she free him? Senna spotted a large rock on the side of the road. I can use that to hit Tonraq's box! She picked it up and was about to throw it. Wait! That won't do much! I need something to give it force. Senna glanced at her wrist bands. Perfect! She unraveled them and tied them around the rock. She moved it over her shoulder and swung it around as hard as she could. The rock in the metal with a big bang!

Inside, Tonraq looked up from the box floor. What's going on?

Senna swung the rock again and bent the box's front. Suddenly, two men came up and seized her. She wanted to scream, but they covered her mouth. No! I almost had it! She bit down hard on the man's hand that was covering her lips. In agony, the man let go of her face and she screamed.

"Tonraq! Kick open your box!" Confused, Tonraq went on all fours. What? He thought. Although unsure what was taking place, he took his right foot and kicked at the box wall. Out it popped and he crawled out. The second man holding Senna lunged towards Tonraq and the two began a brawl. As Tonraq threw punches, Senna had a fight of her own. With more and more of the Dragon Men called for backup from the forest search, Senna grew clever. Three men ran towards her and right before they crushed her, she jumped high into the air. The men collided and fell to the floor. One more rushed to her. He fire bended and scared Senna in the process. When his leg sliced the air to hit Senna she winked at him. Set off track, his leg froze midway to her face and she took it in her cold hands. Tonraq was about to smack his fist into one of the men, but when they turned around their jaws dropped. Gracefully Senna flipped over the man who attacked her and tossed him easily into a snow bank. Tonraq and the Dragon man, could not believe their eyes. Sadly, Tonraq finished his job and the man fell to the ground. He lifted his eyebrows as his wife proudly sprinted to him. Senna hugged her husband.

"I'm so happy to see you again!" Tonraq's expression didn't change.

"Did you do all of this?" He asked, smiling. Senna nodded.

"I was quite the rebel when I was a child; I guess I know some things." She laughed. Her husband's eyebrows lowered just a smidge.

"Why? Why didn't you ever tell me?" Tonraq whispered.

"You never asked..."

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