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Chapter 15

"Okay, has everyone got their bags set?" Tenzin asked.

"Yes, Tenzin," Pema answered. "For the last time, we're ready." Tenzin helped his wife onto Oogi and the teens came outside.

"Do you all have your stuff?" He asked them as they came out. Korra nodded.

"Yeah Tenzin, we've got it all under control."

"Okay then, let's get going." Team Avatar and the air benders were traveling to the Northern Water Tribe to search for Korra's parents. They needed to find them as soon as possible. When the group slowly boarded the bison, Mako walked towards the Avatar.

"Hey-" He was interrupted by Korra.

"Whatever." Korra said pushing him away. Bolin and Asami watched as the couple had their meet.

"What's up with her?" Asami questioned.

"I don't know." The earth bender replied.

Once the group began the course to the North Pole, Lin discussed what was going to take place. With Tenzin flying Oogi, she took over the saddle.

"Once we get to the North Pole we'll be staying at your uncle's house, Korra."

"Uncle Unalaq? Really?" Korra puzzled.

"Yes, there we can find out more about your parents... and the Dragon Men."

"Wow, it would be nice to meet your uncle, Korra," Asami smiled. Raina, sat behind them, nodded.

"Yup! I've always wanted to see the main part of the Northern Water Tribe seeing as I lived in a small village." She huddled close to Bolin and he grinned. It was close to dusk and the air became chilly.

"Where are we going to stop?" Korra asked.

"Well," Lin replied. "Tenzin said we might take a break in the Fire Nation. He has sent a letter to the Fire Lady and we'll be staying at the palace."

Ikki's ear twitched. "The palace? Awesome! Do we get to order servants around?!"

"No, Ikki," Pema said firmly as she turned her head. "You will behave. Is that understood?"

"Yes, mom..." Ikki obeyed. The darker it got, the more necessary it was to sit close to someone. Pema sat next to her husband and Rohan on the head of the bison. Lin sat with Asami watching over the air bender kids. Mako and Korra were the only ones not sitting together. I'm not going to sit with him. Korra thought. He's a traitor. Mako didn't dare approach the Avatar in her anger fest. He calmly walked over to the left and sat next to Sahara, who was staring down at the ground below. This was her first time flying and she was amazed. The Avatar eyed the two in disgust. She laid down for some sleep, her body fuming with hatred.

A pale woman sat shivering in cage next to her strong husband. He gently rubbed her face.

"Everything will be okay. I'll get us out of here." The woman looked her husband in the eye.

"What happens if we can't?"

"We will Senna, trust me."

The two had been captured and taken to an underground fortress during their trip to the Norther Water Tribe.

The sound of an opening door surprised the couple. Three men appeared in guard uniforms.

"Get the prisoners ready for transport!" One of them said. Senna stared at her husband.

"Transport? Tonraq, what do they mean?" Senna fearfully asked. Tonraq stood up as the other two guards walked towards the cage door.

"It means it's time to knock some heads."

Senna shook her head. Oh no...

A dream. Korra's dream. She was standing on a hill next to Bolin, Asami, and Raina. She was wearing a beautiful dress similar to the rest of the girls. Was this a wedding? People including her family sat in the crowd. An announcer spoke aloud to the audience.

"I am very glad to be here on this special day. This is a time of happiness as we celebrate the wedding of Sir Mako." The crowd clapped. Am I getting married? Korra asked herself. Thinking that Mako wanted her back, she lunged towards him as he climbed up the hill. However, instead of reaching him she went right through him like air. She watched as her fire bender approached and kissed a dazzling girl. Sahara. Thoughts flooded her dream. What, how could he! No, no....Korra gasped awake choking on some damp air. She looked around. Everyone was asleep except for Tenzin and Pema.

"Is everything alright Korra?" Pema asked. Korra, who was still undergoing shock, nodded her head.

"Uh, yeah..." She lied. The Avatar laid back down for more sleep. Her heart aching for what she had temporarily lost.

Tonraq pounced on top of the first guard who opened the cage door.

"Hey!" the guard yelled. Tonraq struggled to get the man down, but quickly knocked him out with a few punches.

"Come on!" Tonraq shouted. "Get out of there!" Senna got up and ran for the cage door. Once she was out she was attacked by more guards brought in for back up.

"Tonraq" screamed Senna. She realized Tonraq was busy fighting two other men. One guard grabbed her by the throat, threatening to suffocate her. Senna quickly jabbed his side and pushed him away. Where would she go? Tonraq punched one man in the stomach and, with the second in a hot pursuit, went for his wife.

"Are you okay?" He questioned, breathing heavily.

"Yes, I'm fine. Let's just get out of here!" Senna ordered. The two ran for a door and out came a fire bender in black attire.

"Duck!" Tonraq howled at Senna as the fire bender kicked. The fire burned Senna's hand as she tried blocking her face.

"Ugh!" She grunted.

"Why you-" Tonraq sent a set of punches toward the fire bender, however it was no use. More and more kept coming. Tonraq spotted a back door clear of any obstacles.

"Senna over there! Run!" The two ran towards the door, but Senna was pulled back by a man holding a knife against her chest, the weapon just barely ready to lash through her clothing and skin.

"Stay where you are or your wife gets it." The man said. Out from the shadows came another with a scar.

"Hello, fellow civilians," he said slowly.

"Let us go! Now!" Tonraq's warrior instincts took over.

"Quiet!" He yelled. "Do you know who I am?" Silence filled the room.

"Well, here's an answer..." The man paused. "My name is Shin Shu and these are the Dragon Men." Tonraq attempted to get his hands free, but didn't succeed. The heat from the battle was too much to bear. Sweat was trickling down Tonraq's muscular body.

"What do you want with us?" Senna's husband asked furiously.

"Is it not simple?"

Senna glared at Shin Shu. "Leave Korra alone!"

Shin Shu walked over to her. "Release the knife!" he said to the man holding it in place. Shin Shu scanned every inch of Senna's body. Tonraq growled.

"Why, you're very nicely developed. Such nice features," he said, caressing her face. "You know, you could join me."

"Get your nasty hands off me!" Senna yelled. Shin Shu stepped back.

"Cut-to the chase, what have you done to my daughter?!" Tonraq questioned.

"Oh, we've managed to get her once....but the filthy peasant got away. However, we do intend to get her again. This time without underestimating her. In fact, we've even sabotaged some of her plans. Of course, she has no idea whatsoever." Senna bent over tearing up.

"What do you want with us? What did we do to deserve this?"

Shin Shu began backing away. "All in due time...all in due time..." He disappeared in the darkness. The head guard ordered the rest of them to get the prisoners ready for transport once again.

The only difference, is this time there was no way out.

"Get them in the Sato Mobile's!" bossed the chief. As the guards were placing the couple into a car the head gave a suggestion.

"Hold on, why don't you separate the two? There's no way one will escape without the other," he laughed wickedly. Senna didn't speak. Tonraq told her everything would be okay, but deep inside he did not really know.

After, the cars were set a figure strolled into the clearing.

"Great job, Shin Shu will be proud. Now get those mobiles out of here!"

"Yes sir!" The head guard bowed. The figure stood still watching as his and Shin Shu's plan took action. His plan for elimination, his plan for revenge.

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