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Journey to Realization Chapter 14
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Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Sahara went charging towards Mako.

"Mako! Are you okay?"

He tried to get up, "Ugh!" He grunted and gripped his ribcage.

"You're hurt! We need to get help! Come on." Sahara took Mako's arm over her shoulder and they walked back to the air temple; with difficulty one could add.

"My goodness! What happened?" Pema gasped at the sight of the fire bender's wound. Mako sat on a chair in his room. Tenzin's wife lifted the side of Mako's shirt to take in the severity of his cut. There was a big and deep red mark right below his ribs. Every time Pema touched the spot Mako grimaced. Tenzin came into the room and stood by Sahara.

"What is it? Who did this to you?" Pema kneeled down to a bucket of clean water that she had brought. When she reached into it she pulled out a towel. Pema wrung it out and dabbed Mako's side.

" wasn't really on purpose...well I guess it kind of was...but, it was Korra." Mako answered.

"Korra?" Tenzin raised his eyebrows as if trying to lift them off.

"Yeah, she seemed mad..."

Tenzin stomped his foot on the ground. "I've had enough with this girl! She's always causing problems and getting into trouble!"

Pema pressed harder on Mako. Mako grit his teeth.

"Why exactly did she do this?" Pema scrunched her face in concentration while tending to the bruise.

"I don't know..." Mako said. His brother and Raina found their way to the situation and explained how Korra was so down earlier that morning. After Pema finished covering up the wound, Mako decided to get some rest and the others left.

As the light surrounding them disappeared, Korra let go of Aang's hand.

"Wh- Where are we?" Korra gasped and spun in a circle. There was green everywhere. Beautiful and bright greenery. Plants and animals of all kinds were running about.

"This is the Spirit World," Aang said. "This is where we will talk."

Korra faced her past life, "What do we need to talk about, Aang?"

"Come," Aang motioned his hand. "You have a lot to learn."

Korra followed. They walked up a hill.

"Sit," instructed Aang. Korra obeyed and sat down. The tips of his Air Nomad robe spread on the ground.

"Have you thought about what I told you the last time we met?" Aang asked.

Korra responded. "Yeah, but the people you talked about...I haven't seen them yet."

Aang frowned. "On the contrary, you have. Think about it." Korra concentrated, however nothing came to mind.

"You will figure out soon." Aang said calmly. "Being the Avatar is not always about helping people or being powerful. It's also about realizing who you are, what you want, and following your destiny. This is your journey. Your adventure to become a true Avatar."

"Yeah, I get it. But, sometimes I don't want all of it. I sometimes wonder why I have to go through all these things. Like all this stuff with the Dragon Men, I mean, they kidnapped my parents and now they're after me too?"

"Korra, things happen for a reason..." Korra didn't know where this was going.

"I know, I know! It's just I wish it didn't always have to."

"You are going to have to accept it. It wasn't any easier for me." Korra leaned forward with her chin in her hand.

"The only way you're going to be able to shape your destiny is if you accept what has happened and try solving it. This is the only way you will be able to save your parents and the ones you love." Aang tutored.

The ones I love... like Mako...But, he betrayed me.

"I see something is on your mind?" Aang questioned.

"It's nothing," she lied. "I'm just having trouble getting in and out of the Avatar State, that's all..." Aang could comprehend the expression on Korra's face and could feel her pain.

"You are lost in more than one way. I'm here for you- I am a part of you. Do you need advice?"

Korra shook her head. "It's just the Avatar State, nothing else..."

"Mmhmmm...." mumbled Aang in suspicion. "Well, keep trying. You will get it."

"But, what happens if I can't?"

Korra's past life placed a hand on her shoulder. "When the time comes, you will."

In the shadows of a forest a mysterious spirit lay eavesdropping on the Avatars. His name was Koh, the Face Stealer. Hmmmmm. Koh thought. The new Avatar is nice enough to present to me a new face. Bad mistake.

"You better watch your back Avatar... or, more accurately, your face." Koh whispered as he slithered into the brush.

Korra bowed to Aang. "How do I get back to the real world?"

Aang smiled. "My friend, or should I say our friend, is here to guide you back!" Korra turned around. A large panda bear stood behind her. Aang bid farewell.

"I'll see you again Korra." With that, the Panda stood on its hind legs and opened its mouth. A light shone on Korra's forehead. Korra's mouth formed an "o" as she disappeared. Aang walked over to the panda and patted its head.

"Good job, Hei Bai!"

Korra opened her eyes to find herself sitting in a meditating position. I'm back! She stood up and scanned the bay. Korra was still on Air Temple Island. I have to get back to Tenzin. I need to find my parents. The Avatar jumped into the water and swam to the island.

Back on the island, Sahara knocked on Mako's door.

"Come in," Mako said. He sat upright in his bed listening to the radio.

"Pema sent me here to give you some tea and check on you," she said as she placed a tray of tea on Mako's bed and sat in a chair.

"I'm doing better. Tell her I give her my thanks." Mako smiled weakly.

"Okay. Now let's see that cut." Sahara helped Mako out of his shirt and undid his bandages. The two didn't think of it in a romantic way at all. Sahara was like a good friend.

"Yup!" Sahara gladly said, "It's doing much better. Just let me rub in some herbs that way it doesn't get infected." Mako turned on his stomach and let Sahara place the treatment on his is back and side. As Sahara treated Mako she noticed his strong back muscles. She stood there, touching them.

It was impossible for her not to blush. No! This is wrong, Sahara! She thought to herself.

After 5 minutes, the herb's warm, stingy sensation settled in and Mako was ready to be bandaged again. Sahara didn't know that Korra was in the door way of Mako's room watching her every move. Sahara wrapped the bandage around Mako's bruise slowly and tightly. Korra watched as Sahara's soft fingers made contact with his skin. When Sahara was finished, Mako flipped over.

"Can I have some water? There's glass on my dresser."

"Of course," Sahara replied. She turned around and picked up the glass. When she turned back around Mako expected her to hand him the glass. Instead, it dropped to the floor with a sharp crash. Sahara's eyes were locked on the doorway. Mako faced it as well. There was Korra, motionless.

"Korra wait!" Mako yelled. Korra didn't want to hear it. She trudged right away from there and went to her room. The sound of a slamming door shook the hallway.

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