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Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

The sun didn't shine through Korra's window like it usually did. It was a cloudy day and the Avatar lay awake in her bed, thinking. Thinking about what happened. Thinking about everything. Facing the window, she stared at the slow moving clouds. Korra didn't notice that Mako sat on a chair by her bed waiting for her to wake up. She tossed and turned around. There was Mako right in front of her.

"Good morning." He whispered with a smile spread across his face. Korra didn't say a thing. She didn't know what to say. She had awoken to find a guy next to her bed. Was she supposed to feel the way she was feeling?

"I'll go get you some tea." Mako said getting up. He left the room and closed the door. Korra was embarrassed. She was nervous because someone saw her when she was in bed, not just someone, Mako. Waking up in bed is the one time where people don't always look their best. Korra was surprised that he didn't react to her messed up hair. In fact, Mako didn't mind it at all, but she didn't know that. Mako came back with a tray of tea.

"Here's some Jasmine Tea. There was no fire lit, so I heated it myself. Just tell me if it isn't enough..." He placed it on the side of Korra's bed. She sat up and grabbed the cup. The Avatar took a sip, returned the cup to its spot, and lay back down to sleep.

"Thanks, can go now..." Korra flipped back to face the window. Mako glanced at Korra's body in the bed.

"Are you sure you'll be fine?"

Korra didn't answer.

Mako sighed and left her room. Korra needed time to think; time to sort things out.

The Avatar didn't leave her room the whole day. She kept cycling between sleep and awake. One moment she was out, next her eyes were open. Korra was having troubling sleeping. She kept having nightmares about the Dragon Men and her parents. I'm the Avatar. I should be helping these people by getting rid of the Dragon Men! My parents. But, how am I supposed to do that? Korra rubbed her temple, Maybe I should ask Aang.... What exactly did Shin Shu mean in his letter? He said I ruined his life, but I technically didn't ruin his... Korra whimpered in frustration and threw her head into a pillow. After a few minutes, sleep finally came...

The sky was clearing and the largest star on Earth shone brightly. It was noon and Mako walked around the temple disorient. Ideas of Korra not happy with him wandered through his mind. Is she mad at me? Does she not feel the same way? I mean, she did say she loved me. Right? Not paying attention, the fire bender bumped into Sahara.

"Why, hello sleepy-head!" Sahara giggled.

Mako brushed himself off. "Oh, sorry about that..."

"Mind if I join you?" Sahara asked. "With whatever you're doing?"

"Sure," Mako said. They climbed down the rocky side of Air Temple Island towards the shore. They sat on the beach glancing at Yue Bay.

"Have you ever wondered what was going to happen next?" Sahara questioned with the ocean breeze blowing her hair into her face. Mako gave her a look of puzzlement.

"No, not really...I'm not sure..." Sahara nodded her head.

"My mother always used to tell me that whenever my sister and I got into messes. It was meant for us to think about what could happen or just about life. She always seemed to know, she was always right and that's what made her the best mother in the world. She taught me everything because I was eldest. Of course, she didn't know that I was going to have her stripped away from me... After my parents were taken away, I took on responsibility. I had to be like our mother and her only family left..." Sahara's blank expression washed off as a tear ran down her cheek.

"I know what you mean." Mako comforted. "We both had to mature to take care of our siblings. At least I had my bending. How did you ever manage?"

"My sister had to strengthen quickly too. She used her water bending to fight, but she still has a lot of childish fun in her. I lost that all...I learned how to fight without bending since I was 10. My father made sure I protected my sister and mother while he was out hunting for food."

"You've tried water bending, but it never worked. Right?" Mako looked over at her.

"Yeah," answered Sahara. "I was always so angry that I couldn't do anything!"

"Maybe because of all the emotions inside of you- all the anger, sadness, and frustration-you didn't have the feel of a water bender. Perhaps you lost your connection to water and its ability to stay cool at times? You're too tense and you're keeping all of those reactions bottled up inside of you..." Sahara burst out. She fell backwards against the sand with her hands over her face crying.

"Your parents might be gone, but you still have a life. You still have more to go and you have to accept it to move on. It was hard for me too, but trust me. If you do, you'll see that great things come with a heavy price sometimes..." Mako paused and watched the 19 year-old cry. "Do it!" Sahara looked up in shock.

"Do what?"

"You know, do it! Water bend! Now!" Sahara blinked in confusion, however obeyed. She turned and faced the bay. Breathing in and out. Letting the wind blow past her face and body, drying her tears. Sahara stepped into the water. She felt as if all her pains were washing away. The water was calling her. She was feeling a connection stronger than ever before. Mako watched in amazement. She can do it...she can do it...Sahara, now waist deep into the water, raised her hands and arms. She concentrated deeply. With that, liquid in front of her rose into the air. Sahara moved her fingers and the liquid moved along with the nimble gestures. A wide smile crept onto her face.

"I...I...I water bended! I did it! I can bend!" She jumped out of the bay and ran to the fire bender. She hugged Mako ever so tightly.

"Thank you so much! I don't know how to thank you!" Mako hugged her back.

"You're a bender..."

The Avatar trudged slowly out of her room. She passed by Bolin and Raina.

"Hey Korra!" Raina greeted. "You have to hear this joke Bolin told me."

"No thanks..." Korra mumbled tiredly.

"You okay?" Bolin asked.

"Yeah, just sleepy. Too many nightmares and thoughts..."

Raina stared at the Avatar. She was not in good condition.

"I think you should go back and get some rest; you need it." Raina advised.

"I know, I just need to see Mako first. You know where he is?" Bolin replied telling Korra that his brother went down to the beach. Korra thanked the two and left. She searched the surrounding sand. There was Mako. And Sahara. Korra caught them at the wrong moment and comprehended everything differently. Sahara was in Mako's arms and Mako was smiling. What? How can he do that? I wasn't that mean to him this morning. It can't be! Korra was going to scream, but couldn't get a sound out of her dry mouth. Her shout was met by silence. A silence that sent her on an emotional overload. The Avatar choked up and ran back to her room. Ignoring Bolin and Raina and everything. She got into her bed and sucked in her desire to scream and cry. Korra went to sleep, once again thinking...

There was a knock on the Avatar's door. Asami pushed her way in and sat on Korra's bed.

"What's wrong Korra? Bolin told me he saw you run in here. He was worried about you. He said you looked upset."

Korra sat up slowly, "I saw Mako hugging Sahara...I'm confused now and I don't know what to do..."

Asami sighed, "I realized that if I kept complaining over Mako that I would never be happy. Raina taught me to let go."

Korra frowned, "I just don't know if I should let go!"

Asami got up to leave. "You have time. You can think about it."

"I've been thinking this whole day! I'm sick of everything! Why do I have to be the Avatar! Why do the Dragon Men have to be here? Why does it have to be this way!" Korra pushed Asami aside and stormed out of her room. She wanted to get away. She needed to talk to someone.

Korra fled down to the beach and prepared to dive into the water. Mako turned and saw Korra. He didn't know what Korra had seen.

"Korra! Hey!"

Korra flashed a look at the fire bender. It was look of hurt. Even Sahara knew something was terribly wrong.

"Korra! What's wrong?" Mako started walking to the Avatar.

Unhappy, Korra water bended a stream of ocean liquid at him, pushing him back. Mako hit some rocks with a thud.

"Ow!" He held his side. Korra swam into the Bay. She stroked all the way to Aang's statue.

Korra got out of the water and climbed onto the pedestal of the massive sculpture. She sat down and meditated. Then, her backdrop went white and out of the mist came Aang. Korra glanced up at her past life in awe.

"It's time to talk." Aang held out his hand. She grabbed it and the two disappeared into the light.

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